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Blood From World's Oldest Woman Suggests Life Limit
Shooter Kills 3 American Doctors At Afghan Hospital
4th Graders Busted For Selling Pot In Colorado
FDA Wants To Ban Sales Of E-Cigarettes To Minors
Monkeys Are Better At Math Than We Thought, Study Shows
Nuclear-Level Asteroids Might Be More Common Than We Realize
Scientists Warn Of Likely El NiƱo Event This Year
Study Says Most Crime Not Linked To Mental Illness
How Smaller Plates And Cutlery Could Make You Feel Fuller
Do We Get Nicer With Age?
Despite Warnings, Codeine Still Prescribed To Children In ER
Pain Threshold Could Be Genetic
Sorry, Guys, Only Women Can Make Their Voices Sound Sexier
Extremely Large Telescope Could Spot Alien Life
Mich. Boy Unearths 10,000-Year-Old Mastodon Tooth
Nine-Month-Old Baby Can't Open His Mouth
A Hoax? Cosmetics Company Wants To Brighten The Moon
Indian Man Swallows $16K Worth Of Gold Bars
Little Progress Made In Fighting Food Poisoning, CDC Says
'Holy Grail' Of Weight Loss? New Find Could Be It
First Ever 'Female Penis' Discovered In Animal Kingdom
Earth's Near-Twin Found Orbiting Red Dwarf
Scientists Create Stem Cells From Adult Skin Cells
Study On Artists' Brain Shows They're 'Structurally Unique'
Is Apathy A Sign Of A Shrinking Brain?
Thousands Of Vials Of SARS Virus Go Missing
Formerly Conjoined Twins Released From Dallas Hospital
Couples Who Sleep Less Than An Inch Apart Might Be Happiest
Could Even Casual Marijuana Use Alter Your Brain?
New Baby Moon 'Peggy' Spotted In Saturn's Rings
Cognitive Function: Is It All Downhill From Age 24?
Spacecrafts Could Use Urine As Fuel Source
How Mt. Everest Helped Scientists Research Diabetes
Google Patents Contact Lens Cameras; Internet Is Wary
App Fights Jet Lag With The Power Of Math
'Blood Moon' Attracts Stargazers, Conspiracy Theories
UN Panel: Time Is Running Out To Stop Climate Change
ISS Glitch Could Delay SpaceX Launch, Warrant Spacewalk
Bee Fossils Provide Insight Into Ice Age Environment
New Hepatitis C Treatment Boasts Over 90% Cure Rate
NASA's New 'Flying Saucer' Key to Mars Missions
Subway To Cut 'Yoga Mat' Chemical From Bread
Lab-Grown Vaginas Successfully Transplanted In Humans
Daddy Longlegs Once Had 4 Eyes
Is Stockpiling Tamiflu A Waste Of Government Money?
Kathleen Sebelius To Resign As HHS Secretary
Foodborne Illness More Likely In Restaurants: Study
Study: E-Cig Vapor Affects Cells Similarly To Tobacco Smoke
Were All These People Duped Into Making Geocentrism Film?
Teen Drinking Rates Linked To Alcohol Mentions In Pop Music
Men With Eating Disorders Wait To Get Help, Study Finds
Small Group Of Doctors Gets Lots Of Money From Medicare
'Dream Come True' Research Has Paralyzed Men Moving Again
Applebee's Customer Bites Into Slider, Gets Metal Bolt
Can Twitter Use Lead To Relationship Problems?
Blood Test Could Detect Common Cancers
New Volcanic Island Swallows Nearby Island
Child Obesity Costs $20K Over Lifetime
Chili's Cancels Fundraiser For Anti-Vaccine Charity
This Week's Space News Roundup
Mars Shines Brighter Than It Has In Six Years
Insomnia Might Raise Stroke Risk, Especially In Young Adults
Does TV Smoking Influence Real-Life Rates?
FDA Approves Heroin Overdose Antidote For Bystanders To Use
'Ocean' Of Liquid Water Found On Icy Moon Of Saturn
Organizations Work To Eliminate River Blindness In Africa
Why Are Cereal Mascots Staring At You?
Morning Light Exposure Could Help Keep You Thinner
Facebook Photo May Have Saved Girl's Vision
Party Drug Ketamine Could Be Used To Treat Depression
WebMD Survey Says Most Doctors Believe Medicinal Weed Works
NASA Cuts Contact With Russia For Everything Except ISS
Do Popular Kids Face Greater Risk Of Bullying?
Why Do Zebras Have Stripes? Scientists Blame Bug Bites
'Breakthrough' Stem Cell Research Might Have Been Fabricated
Happy Disgust? Humans Have 21 Facial Expressions, Study Says
Obama's 'Between Two Ferns' Bit Likely Boosted Obamacare
Affordable Care Act Reaches 7 Million Sign-Ups
Weight Loss Surgery May Put Diabetes Into Remission
Statins For High Cholesterol Could Improve Erectile Function
London's Lost Black Death Mass Grave Discovered
12-Year-Old Girl Recovering Quickly From Weight-Loss Surgery
Polar Vortex Might Mean Harsher Allergy Season
Marriage Is Good For Heart Health, Study Says
Can This App Help People Overcome Alcoholism?
CDC: Autism Rate Increases 30 Percent Between 2008 and 2010
Doctors To Suspend Patients Between Life And Death
WHO Declares India Free Of Polio
New Planet At Solar System's Edge Gets 'Biden' Nickname
Autism Could Begin Before Child Is Born
2 Giant Sea Turtle Fossils Fit Perfectly After 160 Years
Copenhagen Zoo Euthanizes Lion Family After Giraffe Killing
Using Facebook During Sex Happens More Than You Think
Marijuana Pills, Sprays Might Ease MS Symptoms
Blindness, Poor Vision Rates Falling In Developed Countries
NASA Lets The Internet Pick A New Spacesuit Design
WHO: 1 In 8 Global Deaths Linked To Air Pollution
Ebola Virus Spreads Quickly Across Guinea
Creationists Want Time On deGrasse Tyson's 'Cosmos'
New Program Turns DNA Into 3-D Mugshot