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Johnson & Johnson Loses Suit Over Claim Baby Powder May Cause Cancer
CDC Says Half Of Gay Black Men Will Get HIV Over Their Lifetime
NY Mayor Proposes Government-Funded Injection Site For Heroin Users
Gorgeous New Milky Way Image Maps Our Galaxy's Dust
Study Shows HPV Infection Rates Are Plummeting Thanks To Vaccines
CDC Investigates New Cases Of Sexually Transmitted Zika Virus In US
NASA Says A Fireball Crashed Into The Atlantic, But No One Noticed
President Obama Asks Congress For $1.9B To Combat The Zika Virus
Sen. Claire McCaskill Says She Has Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
'The Charlie Sheen Effect' Sparks Greater Interest In HIV Prevention
CDC Says It Miscalculated Cancer Risk For Lumber Liquidators' Products
This Year's Most Popular Dog Breeds List Looks A Lot Like Last Year's
Rattlesnake Island: Mass. Officials Are Planning A Snake Colony
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Does Drinking More Coffee Lower Your Risk Of Liver Cirrhosis? Maybe
Why Almost Half The World Is Projected To Be Nearsighted By 2050
What's Ahead For The Few Who Make NASA's 2017 Astronaut Class?
Virgin Galactic Unveils Its First Spacecraft Since Deadly 2014 Crash
Even On eBay, Women Are Paid Less Than Men For The Same Product
Water Distribution, Like Wealth, Is Uneven
A Boiling River In Peru Is So Hot, It Cooks Anything That Falls In
Sugary Drinks Might Hurt Our Brains As Much As Stress Or Abuse
CDC Still Says Americans Aren't Getting Enough Sleep
Detroit Tiger Mike Aviles Announces His Daughter Is Cancer-Free
The Pope's Comment On Contraception And Zika Is Big News
Rare 'Super Bloom' Could Happen In One Of The Hottest Places On Earth
SoCal Gas Leak Is Sealed, But Company Is Still Under Investigation
Is Salt Bad For You? Scientists Are Too Polarized To Figure It Out
The Really (Really) Long-Term Climate Implications Of 2016's Elections
A Group Of Gamers Just Published A Molecular Biology Breakthrough
Cute Alert! Rescued Sea Otter Pup Arrives At Shedd Aquarium
China Uproots Thousands Of People For Alien-Hunting Telescope
'Unprecedented' Cancer Treatment Making Patients Symptom-Free
Organic And Conventional Milk Have A Few (Small) Differences After All
'Boot Camp' Could Help Brain Grow, Prevent Dementia
The Florida Coast Is Full Of Sharks And Scientists Want To Know Why
What King Henry VIII And Some NFL Players Might Have In Common
Giant Iceberg Traps Penguin Colony, Killing 150,000 Birds
Philae Lander Is Likely Silent Forever On The Dark Side Of A Comet
Apparently, Teachers Aren't Sure How To Teach Climate Change
Breast-Feeding Mom Shares Moment With Orangutan At The Zoo
Severe Air Pollution Might Have Killed Millions Worldwide
Hawaii Governor Signs Emergency Measure To Fight Zika Virus
Want To Get Your Research Paper Some Press? Tie It To Valentine's Day
Belief In A 'Punishing' God Might've Helped Societies Get Bigger
Kids Might Build Their Prostheses With Lego Bricks In The Future
Ending Racism Means Integrating Daycare
A New Group Is Dedicated To Double-Checking Scientists' Work
Looking To The Ocean Floor For New Antibiotics
What's So Exciting About Gravitational Waves?
What NASA Would Fund With Its Tiny $19B Wish List
Why Are Elephants Wandering Into Indian Towns?
Einstein Was Right: Scientists Just Showed Gravitational Waves Exist
Parents Share Horror Stories After Toddlers Swallow Button Batteries
High School Degree, Healthy Heart Might Lower Your Risk For Dementia
Hundreds Of Galaxies Were Hiding Behind The Milky Way
Medical Marijuana Might Be Legalized In Australia Really Soon
Researchers Say Horses Can Recognize Our Facial Expressions
Why Fixing Racial Biases Starts With Babies
Why Live Forever? Life Is Long Enough
Want To Live Forever? We Should Cure Aging
Store Hopes 'Wonky Veg Box' Will Reduce Waste Of Imperfect Vegetables
Scientists Offer Theory As To What Killed 30 Sperm Whales
Cockroach-Inspired Robot Can Squeeze Into Some Tight Spaces
Surprise! This Baby Green Turtle Isn't Green At All
The White House Is Asking For $1.8B To Counter The Zika Virus
Your Brain Is A Decoding Machine; Give This Message A Try
Study Says Droughts In The Southwest Could Become More Frequent
Some Trees Might Slow Climate Change Better Than Others
People Who've Passed The Bar Are More Likely To Drink At The Bar
Fentanyl Abuse, Overdoses On The Rise In New Hampshire
What Zika Virus Is — And Isn't
France Now Won't Let Its Grocery Stores Throw Away Unsold Food
More Couples Aren't Sleeping Together, But Lost Love Isn't Always Why
There's A Tarantula Species Named After Johnny Cash
Gulf Coast States React To Growing Cases Of Zika Virus
Why Are There So Few New Antibiotics?
The Only Known Wild Jaguar In The US Caught On Camera In Rare Video
Here's What People Are Saying About That New CDC Guideline
New Deal Protects 85 Percent Of Canada's Massive Great Bear Rainforest
Tornadoes Reported In Mississippi And Alabama
First Case Of Sexually Transmitted Zika Virus Confirmed In US
Your Deodorant May Be Messing With Your Body's Microbes
This University Now Requires New Students To Wear Fitbits
When Owls Bob Their Heads, They're Not Trying To Be Creepy
President Obama Announces $755 Million In Cancer Funding For 2017
The Zika Outbreak Is Officially An International Health Emergency
Until You Can Go To The Moon, These Photos Are The Next Best Thing
Bedbugs Are Developing A Strong Resistance To Most Common Insecticides
50,000 Years Ago, Humans Ate A 500-Pound Bird Into Extinction
Shark Gives Herself More Personal Space By Eating Tank-Mate
Zika Virus Prompts Brazilian Petition For More Legal Abortion Access
Super-Fast Space Laser Satellites Could Help Save Lives On Earth
United Nations Had To Help Israel Get Its Vulture Back From Lebanon
Ancient Babylonians Might Have Used Geometry To Track Jupiter
The Zika Virus Might Interrupt The 2016 Rio Olympics
Breastfeeding Could Save More Than 800,000 Children's Lives A Year
The Truth Is In Here: CIA Organizes UFO Files For 'The X-Files' Reboot
Zoologists Who Said Spider-Man Can't Climb Walls Were Wrong
More Water Won't Solve The World's Water Crisis