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Health Care Workers 'Chasing' Ebola Outbreak
'Magic Mushrooms' Could Help Smokers Quit
Solar Storm To Hit This Weekend, Scientists Not Worried
Spinosaurus Could Be First Semi-Aquatic Dinosaur
'Fat Shaming' Might Actually Cause Weight Gain
Even An Extra 10 Pounds Could Raise Blood Pressure
International Space Station Crew Returns Safely To Earth
FDA Approves Contrave, Third Weight-Loss Drug In 2 Years
The Ozone Layer Is Recovering, But It's Not All Good News
Gates Foundation Donates $50 Million To Combat Ebola
Gel Injection Could Be Vasectomy Alternative
Common Sleeping, Anxiety Pills Linked To Alzheimer's
Greenhouse Gases Rising At Fastest Rate In 30 Years
Prediabetes Increases Cancer Risk By 15 Percent
Short Walks Can Offset Damage Of Prolonged Sitting
Trout Could Be As Clever As Chimps When It Comes To Hunting
Health Officials Say Ebola Outbreak About To Get Worse
Sleeping On Animal Fur As A Baby Could Prevent Asthma
Waist-Height Ratio Key To Long Life: Study
Meteorite That Hit Nicaragua Might Have Broken Off 2014 RC
Humans Test New Ebola Vaccine After Promising Monkey Trials
Respiratory Virus Affecting Thousands Across U.S.
Scientists Use Internet For Brain-To-Brain Communication
Fla. Girl Commits Crime In Honor Of Slender Man
WHO Recommends Using Ebola Survivors' Blood To Treat Others
Calif. Blue Whales Back To Historic Population Levels
UN Report Shows Extent Of Child Abuse Worldwide
Perceived Link Between Bras, Breast Cancer Prompts Study
E-Cigarette Debate Gets Even More Confusing
Is Genetically Modified Coffee Coming?
Lava Heading Toward Hawaii Homes, Emergency Declared
Ebola Could Spread To U.S. By End Of Month
Meet Dreadnoughtus, One Of The Most Enormous Animals Ever
Ga. Father Charged With Murder In Child's Hot-Car Death
Pilots And Flight Attendants Have Higher Risk Of Melanoma
Science Demonstration Leaves 13 Injured At Nevada Museum
Minority Languages Threatened As Economies Grow
Google's Anti-Aging Venture Partners With Drugmaker AbbVie
Study Says Most Diets Have Same Results
Double Mastectomy Might Not Improve Cancer Survival Rate
Russian Zero-Gravity Experiment Killed The Sex Geckos
CVS Announces Name Change, Anti-Tobacco Push
Headlines Highlight Cricket 'Invasion' Of U.S. Basements
Snack Attack: Study Says Action Movies Make You Snack More
Did Neanderthals Play Tic-Tac-Toe?
Can You Train Your Brain To Eat Healthy?
Melting Ice Shelves Drive Rapid Antarctic Sea Level Rise
Coffee Then Napping: The (New) Key To Alertness
New Drug Could Reduce Cardiovascular Deaths
Space Shuttle Discovery's Legacy, 30 Years Later
We've Got Mites Living In Our Faces And So Do You
Co-Authors Of Ebola Study Die Of Ebola
Experimental Ebola Drug ZMapp Cures Lab Monkeys Of Disease
Baby Babbling Might Lead To Faster Language Development
Electrical Stimulation Boosts Brain Function, Study Says
3 Things To Know About The Ebola Outbreak's Progression
Huge Ancient Wine Cellar Found In Israel
How A 'Rule Of Thumb' Could Slow Down Drinking
Scientists Have Figured Out Why Rocks Move In Death Valley
CDC Director On Ebola Outbreak: 'It's Worse Than I Feared'
Minds Blown: Scientists Develop Fish That Walk On Land
Experiment Tests Whether Universe Is Actually A Hologram
Bad Memories Turn Good In Weird Mouse Brain Study
Do Couples Who Smoke Weed Together Stay Together?
Panda Might Have Faked Pregnancy To Get Special Treatment
Experiences Make Us Happy, Even Just Waiting For Them
Does Medical Marijuana Reduce Painkiller Overdose Deaths?
40,000-Year-Old Mammoth Skeleton Found On Texas Farm
Have You Ever Been 'Sleep Drunk?' 1 in 7 Has
Doctors Push For Later Start Times As School Year Kicks Off
Atlantic Ocean Might Be To Blame For Global Warming 'Pause'
Farmers' Almanac Predicts Another Harsh Winter
Nail Polish Could Detect Date Rape Drugs
Icelandic Volcano Alert Level Raised, Starts Erupting
Breakfast Might Not Be The Day's Most Important Meal
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes After Liftoff
Will Tightened Painkiller Regulations Reduce Drug Abuse?
Did Russia Really Find Plankton On The ISS? NASA Not So Sure
Study Suggests Children With Autism Have Extra Synapses
American Ebola Patients Released: What Cured Them?
Lost Brain Cells To Blame For Sleep Problems Among Seniors
Neanderthals Probably Died Out Earlier Than We Thought
Drug Used To Treat 'Ebola's Cousin' Shows Promise
Terrifying City-Dwelling Spiders Are Bigger And More Fertile
Thousands Of Species Found In Lake Under Antarctic Ice
Reasons Why Teen Birth Rates Are At An All-Time Low
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge And Sports Are Deeply Connected
Common Antibiotic Could Lead To Heart-Related Death
Do More Wedding Guests Make A Happier Marriage?
Unsustainable Elephant Poaching Killed 100K In 3 Years
Why Shanghai Subway Passengers Ran Away From Man Who Fainted
Kids' Drawings At Age 4 Linked To Intelligence At Age 14
American Ebola Patient Apparently Improving, Outbreak Is Not
Awesome New Camouflage Sheet Was Inspired By Octopus Skin
Tiny Satellites, Like The One Tossed From ISS, On The Rise
Bone Marrow Drug Regrows Hair In Some Alopecia Patients
Mental, Neurological Disabilities Up 21% Among Kids
Man Who Raised $100,000 For ALS Research Drowns
Ebola Isolation Clinic Looted, Up To 20 Patients Flee
A PhD In Chocolate? Cambridge Makes It A Reality