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Scientists Discover Oldest Horned Dinosaur Of North America
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Despite Declining Smoking Rates, Cancer Deaths Continue
Laughing Gas Might Lift Depression Symptoms
BPA Now Linked To Increased Blood Pressure
Malaria Deaths Have Been Cut Nearly In Half Since 2000
Curiosity Rover Finds New Signs Of A Lake On Mars
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Obesity Could Cut Life Expectancy By Almost A Decade
China Says It Will Stop Harvesting The Organs Of Inmates
NASA's Second Orion Launch Attempt Goes Off Without A Hitch
Smoking May Cause Cancer In More Men Than Women
Did Columbus Bring Syphilis To Europe? Study Raises Doubts
DNA Pioneer Sells Nobel After Outrage Over Racist Remarks
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Foot-Powered Scooters Could Be The Most Dangerous Toys
World AIDS Day Events Praise Progress, But More Work Needed
Ebola Outbreak Worsens In West Africa, Death Toll Rises
WHO Says Male Ebola Survivors Should Abstain From Sex
Tryptophan Isn't Making You Sleepy On Thanksgiving
Experimental Ebola Vaccine Shows Promise In Human Trial
Scientists Find Invisible Space Shield Protecting Earth
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Supplements Might Not Prevent Memory Loss After All
Software Helps U.S. Army Spot Soldiers At Risk Of Suicide
Gene Mutation Might Protect From Heart Disease, Cholesterol
'Unprecedented' Ebola Drug Trials Set For West Africa
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