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Why Obamacare Enrollment Has Dropped
EPA Proposes Rollback Of Parts Of Clean Water Act
CDC Warns Eating Raw Dough Could Make You Sick
The Slow, Careful Rise Of Climate Change Attribution
USDA Rolls Back School Lunch Nutrition Regulations
Walgreens Moves To Compete With Amazon, CVS In Drug Delivery Service
InSight Will Spend Months Surveying Mars Before It Starts Its Science
Why It's Hard For Doctors To Diagnose Polio-Like AFM
Department Of Interior Plans To Cut More Environmental Protections
EPA Plans To Roll Back Coal Plant Emissions Policy
EPA Could Loosen CO2 Rules For Coal Plants That Nobody's Building
California Can Now Officially Require Solar Panels On New Homes
Up For Debate: Can Retail Alliances Fix Health Care?
Watching How Bacteria Recover Could Make Antibiotics More Effective
Kilauea Volcano's 35-Year Eruption Streak May Be Over
Study Finds People In Poor Neighborhoods Wait Longer For Ambulances
Who Should Pay To Fix The Climate: Developed or Developing Nations?
The 'Missing Fourth Trimester Theory' Is Popular, But Is It True?
5.1 Million Pounds Of Beef Recalled Over Salmonella Concerns
Developed Countries Will Likely See Uptick In Carbon Emissions In 2018
Brain Food: Young Book Lovers Grow Brain Tissue As They Read
Paris Protests Preview The Challenging Transition To A Green Economy
CDC Says Cases Of Rare Polio-like Illness Seem To Have Peaked
David Attenborough Speaks Out On Climate Change At UN Conference
Shell Plans To Link Executives' Pay To Hitting Emissions Targets
Astronauts Successfully Launch To The International Space Station
US And China Reach Agreement On Fentanyl Classification
Gap In Vaccine Coverage Caused Surge In Measles, Say Health Officials
Trump Administration OKs Seismic Surveys That Can Harm Marine Life
More Blood Pressure Drugs Recalled Over Cancer Concerns
How Firefighters Use VR and Mindfulness To Tackle Stress
Every Hurricane Season Ends With A Single Number
Bloomberg Announces $50 Million Donation To Combat The Opioid Epidemic
Latest Ebola Outbreak In Congo Is The Second-Largest In History
NASA Outsourcing Next Moon Landing To Private Company
Study: US' Rate Of Uninsured Kids Rose For The First Time Since 2008
Chinese Authorities Halt Work Of Gene-Editing Scientist
Americans Are Dying Younger Because Of Drug Overdoses And Suicides
CVS And Aetna Have Officially Formed One Big Health Care Company
The European Union Wants To Go 'Climate Neutral' By 2050
Brazil Takes Back Offer To Host 2019 UN Climate Talks
Utility Company Asked To Explain Possible Role In Deadly Camp Fire
Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reached Record High In 2017
Shelf Stable Polio Vaccine Could One Day Help Eradicate Last Of Virus
Going Outside Boosts Your Immune System And Your Happiness
Tiny CubeSats Sent Word Of InSight's Landing All The Way From Mars
NASA Just Landed Another Probe On Mars
UN Climate Change Report Cites Concerns Over Illegal CFC Manufacturing
UN Report Warns Greenhouse Gases Hit Record Levels
Government Report Says Climate Change Will Devastate The US
London To Ban Junk Food Ads On All Public Transit
Distance Between New Zealand Islands Shrinking After 2016 Quake
Study: Millions Of Diabetics Won't Have Access To Insulin By 2030
US Abortion Rate Drops To Its Lowest In A Decade
Why Leafy Greens Are So Often Responsible For Foodborne Illness
Cigarette Companies Now Required To Put Risk Labeling On Packaging
For The Average American, 'Tis The Season To Eat More Than Usual
CDC Warns Romaine Lettuce Is Not Safe To Eat
NASA Decided Where It Wants The Mars 2020 Rover To Land
Finland Doesn't Have Many Forest Fires — But That's Due To Its Climate
'What The Health' On How The Midterm Elections Will Affect Health Care
The Number Of Those Unaccounted For In The Camp Fire Keeps Changing
New Research Shows Promise For Young Peanut Allergy Sufferers
WHO Says The Number Of Global Malaria Cases Is On The Rise
House Passes Bill To Undo Protection For Gray Wolves
Police Violence Is A Public Health Issue, Says National Health Group
Scientists Vote To Redefine The Kilogram
Trump To Tap Acting EPA Chief Andrew Wheeler For Permanent Role
FDA's E-Cig Proposal Could Backfire For Adult Smokers Who Want To Quit
Unneeded Donations Pour In After California's Deadliest Wildfire
FCC Lets SpaceX Increase Its Global Broadband Satellite Network
HHS Medicaid Waiver Could Boost Access To Some Mental Health Services
Another Report Says Eating Meat Is Bad For The Environment
Taking Stock After California Wildfires Is A Long, Dangerous Process
The FDA Is Cracking Down On E-Cigarette Sales To Minors
London's Air Quality Improved, But The Lung Health Of Children Did Not
EPA Considers Rule Changes To Reduce Heavy-Duty Truck Pollution
We're Still Learning How Music Helps Us Sleep
Scientists Miscalculated In Report Claiming Oceans Absorbed More Heat
G20 Nations Are Still Far From Reaching Paris Climate Goals
Cases Of Rare Polio-like Illness Continue To Increase
Study: US Has Highest Drug Overdose Death Rate Of 13 Developed Nations
Juul To Temporarily Stop Selling Certain Flavored Vape Pods In Stores
Blu E-Cigarettes Will Make Changes To Reduce Teen Vaping
Are The California Wildfires The Product Of Resource Mismanagement?
NHL, Retired Players Reach Tentative Settlement In Concussion Lawsuit
China Reinstates Ban On Using Tiger And Rhino Parts
New Federal Guidelines Encourage Americans To Move More
There Are 40,000 Job Openings At The Veterans Health Administration
Some Activists Claim Immigrants Carry Disease. Here's The Truth.
FDA Expected To Propose Major Restrictions On E-Cigarettes
The Cigarette Smoking Rate In The US Has Hit A Record Low
Our Most Widely-Used Insecticide Makes Bees Lazy And Causes Die-Offs
How One Community Is Tackling The Diabetes Gap In Its Backyard
Indian Capital Covered In Toxic Smog
Study Says 'Meat Tax' Could Save Hundreds Of Thousands Of Lives
Uganda Is The First Country To Vaccinate For Ebola Before An Outbreak
NASA's Solar Probe Just Made The Closest-Ever Flyby Of The Sun
Around 33,000 Europeans Die Every Year From Superbugs
CDC Warns Ebola Outbreak In Congo Could Become Uncontrollable