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France Just Opened The World's First Solar Panel Road
Ebola Vaccine Provides 100 Percent Protection During Human Trials
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Hong Kong Really Wants To Get Rid Of Its Ivory Trade
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This Robot Can Turn Thoughts Into Actions — With Mind Control
Female Physicians May Provide Better Care Than Their Male Counterparts
'Best By,' 'Use By' And 'Sell By' Dates May Get A Lot Less Confusing
Trying To Stop The Opioid Epidemic Is An Uphill Battle
Deep-Sea Fishing Ban Aims To Give Coral A Surviving Chance
Colorado's $4.5M Plan To Save Mule Deer Involves Killing Predators
Doctor Credited With Creating The Heimlich Maneuver Dies At 96
We Could Someday Slow Aging If This Study Is On The Right Track
Trainees At Federal Facility Practiced With Deadly Strand Of Ricin
Earth's Animals Are Dealing With More Roads Than Ever
How Will President-Elect Donald Trump Affect Access To Birth Control?
Ceres Has Been Hiding Water Ice In Its Darkest, Coldest Craters
We're Taking Our First Close Look At Undersea Volcanoes
Trump Taps Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke To Lead Department Of The Interior
Turns Out 'Pokémon Go' Wasn't A Great Replacement For Going To The Gym
Energy Department Defies Trump Before He's Even Inaugurated
The EPA Finds Fracking Can Contaminate Drinking Water
The US And World Took Key Steps For Animal Conservation In 2016
Department Of Energy Won't Give The Trump Team Some Info It Requested
The Brightest Supernova Ever Was Really A Black Hole Shredding A Star
2016 Space Exploration Was Enlightening And Kinda Weird
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Trump's Energy Department Questionnaire Has Some People Worried
A Japanese Spacecraft Could Make Space A Little Cleaner
The Underwear Oversight Of The Early US Space Program
Monkeys Could Talk If They Had The Brains — But It Would Sound Creepy
Heroin-Related Causes Are Killing More Americans Than Gun Homicides
John Glenn, Astronaut And Former US Senator, Dies At Age 95
Meet The People Battling For Better Access To HIV-Fighting PrEP Drugs
Paris Bans Cars To Fight Pollution — Again
In Case You Forgot, Dinosaurs Were Actually Feathery
Life Expectancy In The US Has Dropped For The First Time In Decades
Giraffes Are Under Threat Of Extinction
A Hexagonal Storm Really Is Over Saturn's North Pole
Trump's Choice To Lead EPA Has A History With The Agency
Climate Change Is Melting Away Polar Bears' Chance Of Survival
One Way To Help The World's Overfishing Problem: Buy American
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Leader Asks Activists To Go Home
Google Sets Goal To Be 100 Percent Green By 2017
Modern Life Is Too Clean For Fighting Allergies
AAA Wants You To Know Just How Dangerous Drowsy Driving Is
C-Sections Could Be Changing How Humans Evolve
Al Gore Had An 'Extremely Interesting' Meeting With Donald Trump
Experts Have Finally Identified These Ancient Mummified Knees
The Battle Over The Dakota Access Pipeline Might Not Be Over Just Yet
These Four Major Cities Want To Ban Diesel Vehicles
DAPL Protesters Plan To Stay Despite The Risks Of A Harsh Winter
The Right Volcanic Eruption Can Cancel Summer
Want To Design A Rocket? Here's Your Chance
We're Trying To Use Gravitational Waves As Cosmic Tape Measures
Domino's Tries (And Fails) To Deliver Pizza Via Reindeer In Japan
7 In 10 Americans Are Overweight, And Many May Not Even Realize It
Australia Is Going To Spend A Lot Of Money On The Great Barrier Reef
House Passes Cures Act And Obama Administration Supports It
Stephen Hawking Says Only Cooperation Can Save The Planet
Ivanka Trump, Chief Climate Change Advocate?
Tornado Outbreaks Are More Common — But We Don't Know Why
Teenagers Recreated A $750 Drug For Just $2 Per Dose
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Magic Mushrooms Could Help Treat Severe Depression And Anxiety
4 Newest Elements On The Periodic Table Just Got Their Names
Philip Morris International Could Snuff Out Traditional Cigarettes
Nestle's New Process Will Make Chocolate Sweeter With Less Sugar
Residents Won't Be Able To Smoke In Public Housing Much Longer
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Losing Sleep Isn't Just Bad For Your Health — It's Bad For The Economy
At Least Three Dead In Tennessee Wildfires
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Republicans Might Fight To Keep One Part Of Obamacare
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Melting Arctic Ice Could Cause Major Changes Everywhere
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