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Asteroid 2004 BL86 To Make Record Near-Earth Pass
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Researchers Say Cancer Will Kill Few Under 80 By 2050
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These Mosquitoes Carry Malaria And Can't Be Killed By Poison
England's Cancer Fund Dropping 16 Drugs For 25 Treatments
It's Not Nessie, But Jurassic Predator Found In Scotland
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Traditional Family Planning Methods Gaining Awareness
Very Small, Very Far Away: Signs Of Microbial Life On Mars?
Out-Of-Pocket Health Costs Eat Nearly 10 Percent Of Income
Research Says Fossil Fuel Reserves Should Be Left Alone
New Antibiotic Kills TB, MRSA Without Building Resistance
Sun Cycle During Birth Could Affect Lifespan
Shoppers Buy More Food In The New Year Than During Holidays
Six Americans Die Every Day From Alcohol Poisoning
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U.N. Ebola Team Leader Says Outbreak Will End In 2015
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Spaceflight In 2014
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Healthier Lifestyles Could Prevent 4 In 10 Cancer Cases
Alarming CDC Lab Report Reveals Ebola Sample Mix-Up
Christmas Trees And Bugs Are Seemingly Symbiotic
300-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Fish Saw In Color
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LGBTQ Advocates Criticize FDA Gay Blood Donor Policy Change
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U.S. Has A Higher Preterm Birth Rate Than Libya. Here's Why.
Birds Might Be Better Meteorologists Than Us
NASA's Planet-Finding Kepler Mission Isn't Over After All
Dads-To-Be Also Experience Hormone Changes During Pregnancy
Prenatal Exposure To Pollution Might Increase Autism Risk
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Arctic Warming Twice As Fast As Rest Of Planet
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