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Doctors Start Testing Ebola Treatment In Humans For The First Time
Sea Turtles Have To Deal With Plastic Threats On Two Fronts
For A Healthy Brain, Exercise Your Legs
Young Americans Are Always Connected — And Desperately Lonely
An Egg A Day May Keep Cardiovascular Disease Away, New Study Says
Toxic, Glass-Filled Gas Puts Hawaii Residents On Evacuation Watch
China's Trying To Go To The Dark Side ... Of The Moon
China Joins Commercial Space Race With Private Company's Rocket Launch
Congo To Treat People With Experimental Ebola Vaccine Early This Week
One Person Has Been Injured In Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Eruption
Kilauea Eruption Sends Ash And Lava Bombs Flying, Forces Evacuations
Are Honeybees Endangered? Scientists Can't Give A Definitive Answer
FDA Approves New Drug To Stop Migraines Before They Start
Earth Had Its 400th Consecutive Month Of Above-Average Temperatures
Trump Administration To Effectively Ban Abortions At Some Facilities
Dream Jobs: Rooftop Farmer
Some Animals Are So Famous, People Don't Realize They're Endangered
Scientists Say Emissions Of Chemical That Degrades Ozone Are Rising
Number Of Babies Born In The US Dropped To A 30-Year Low
'Ballistic Blocks' Shoot From Kilauea Volcano As Eruptions Continue
Privatizing The International Space Station Might Be Hard To Do
Heads Up: The CDC Says Romaine Lettuce Is Safe To Eat Again
First Urban Case Of Ebola Confirmed In Congo Outbreak
FDA Approves First Non-opioid Treatment For Opioid Withdrawal
How The Laurel-Yanny Clip — Like 'The Dress' — Tricks Our Brains
More Than 3 Million Kids Take Meds For ADHD. Here's How They Work
FDA Report: Egg Farm Linked to Salmonella Outbreak Had Rodent Problem
Bitcoin Mining Eats Enough Energy To Power Ireland
Six States File Lawsuit Against Maker Of OxyContin
Volcano Alerts At Highest Level As Eruption Intensifies In Hawaii
NASA Finds Evidence Of Water Plumes On Jupiter's Moon Europa
WHO Has A Plan To Eliminate Artificial Trans Fats In World Food Supply
NASA's Sending A Helicopter To Mars In 2020
President Trump Declares Kilauea Eruption A Major Disaster
Congo Faces Another Ebola Outbreak After 18 Die, 2 Cases Confirmed
SpaceX Scrubbed Its Launch At The Last Minute
#MeToo Monologues: How Theater Empowers Survivors Of Trauma
CDC Says Mosquito, Tick And Flea Diseases Tripled Since 2004; But Why?
104-Year-Old Assisted-Dying Advocate Ends Life In Swiss Clinic
Up For Debate: Is Big Pharma To Blame For High Health Care Costs?
Hawaii Governor Requests Presidential Disaster Declaration For Volcano
SpaceX To Launch Final Version Of Its Falcon 9 Rocket
California Is On Track To Require Solar Panels On New Homes
The FDA Says There's An EpiPen Shortage
Health Officials Declare New Ebola Outbreak In Central Africa
Can A New Rule Requiring Menu Calorie Counts Help Fight Obesity?
As Tourism Brings In More Green, It's Not So Green For The Environment
Lava Flows Destroy 35 Structures, Displace 1,700 In Hawaii
Hawaiian Volcano Eruption Releases Toxic 'Vog' Into The Air
More Restaurants Will Have To Show Calorie Information
Officials: Hawaiians Can Go Home, Briefly, Amid Air Quality Warnings
Hundreds Of Earthquakes Hit Hawaii's Big Island After Volcano Eruption
NASA's New Explorer Is On Its Way To Mars To Study Marsquakes
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Pushes For Safe-Injection Sites
The Search For MH370 Dug Up Two Unlikely Discoveries
Some Businesses Use Brain Wave Detectors To Monitor Employees
Residents Forced To Evacuate After Hawaiian Volcano Erupts
How The Droids Of 'Star Wars' Could Inspire Artificial Intelligence
One Brewer Wants A Greener Way To Ship Beer
Health Officials Warn Of Norovirus Outbreak Linked To Canadian Oysters
Scientists Warn Hawaiian Volcano Could Be Close To Eruption
Someone Dies By Suicide Every 12 Minutes, And US Rates Are Rising
Dream Jobs: Doggy Daycare
What Stephen Hawking's Last Theory Has To Say About The Universe
A Huge International Mission Investigates Glaciers' Melting Problem
Indian Officials Upset By Lack Of Progress In Fighting Air Pollution
Excitement, Concern Surround Cancer Vaccine
China's Refusal To Take In US Trash Is Creating A Garbage Problem
Hawaii May Be First State To Ban Sunscreen Harmful To Ocean Ecosystems
The FDA Says Too Many Vaping Products Resemble Kid-Friendly Foods
California Sues EPA Over Plan To Roll Back Vehicle Emission Standards
With Google's Help, Fitbit Is Making Moves Into Health Care
The Emerging World Of Tech That Helps Treat Autism
Are Millennials Ruining Marriage? Or Playing It Smart?
Blue Origin Launches Space Capsule On Highest Test Flight Yet
Do You Know How Private Your DNA Data Is?
Australia Commits About $379M To Help Save The Great Barrier Reef
The Search For A Universal Flu Vaccine Just Got A Big Cash Influx
Romaine Lettuce-Linked E. Coli Outbreak Spreads
NASA Is Reportedly Canceling Its Only Planned Lunar Rover Mission
Congress Asks Scandal-Ridden Scott Pruitt If He Can Still Do His Job
CDC: More US Kids Have Autism — But Experts Don't Exactly Know Why
Why Experts Say We Should All Pay More Attention To Space Weather
Giving Antibiotics To Healthy Kids In Poor Countries Could Save Lives
Would The EPA's New 'Secret Science' Rules Promote Transparency?
Asteroids May Have Delivered More Of Earth's Water Than We Thought
Dream Jobs: Reclaimed Wood Craftsman
Proposed EPA Rule Would Ban Certain Research From Use In Policymaking
The FDA Is Serious About Stopping Young People From Vaping
Expensive Climate Change Policies Can Return Huge Economic Benefits
Bloomberg Promises To Help Pay For The US' Paris Climate Commitment
CDC Expands E. Coli Warning To All Romaine Lettuce
Legal Weed Growers Use Ridiculous Amounts Of Electricity
NASA Finally Gets New Administrator Following Contentious Confirmation
The US Military Has A Satellite Problem
An FDA Panel Recommended Approving This Marijuana-Derived Drug
No Injuries, Fatalities After Explosion At Texas Valero Refinery
Plastic: America's Indispensable Cultural Icon
'Social Camouflage' Might Lead To Underdiagnosing Autism In Women
'Miracle' Drug Reverses Overdoses, But Does It Fuel Addiction Cycle?