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Ohio Attorney General: Drugmaker's Plan Is 'Too Little, Too Late'
Report: NASA Is Planning To Privatize International Space Station
Opioid Maker Says It Won't Market In Doctors' Offices Anymore
Jeff Flake Says John McCain Is 'Gaining Strength'
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New Budget Deal Includes Billions In Funding To Fight Opioid Crisis
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Why Officials Are Pushing For Sleep Apnea Testing For Train Engineers
Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea Is To Blame For 2 Train Crashes In NY Area
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A Shutdown Can Stall All Federal Science — Starting With Lab Rats
Nearby Exoplanets Appear To Be Pretty Rich In Water
Can Everyone On Earth Live Well Without Wrecking The Planet?
Cosmonauts Put Antenna On Wrong During Record-Setting Space Walk
Russian Cosmonauts Will Take Tourists On Spacewalks For A Modest $100M
India's Government Plans To Give Millions Of People Free Health Care
Cape Town Further Restricts Water Usage As Supply Runs Low
A California Lawsuit Wants Coffee Shops To Warn About Cancer
Polar Bears Are Swimming Themselves To Death As Sea Ice Melts
The Winter Olympics Have Been Slowly Melting
A New Device May Slow The Debilitating Effects Of Alzheimer's
Bill Gates Reveals His Father Has Alzheimer's
Astronauts Could One Day Eat Their Own Poop In Space ... Kind Of
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She Died In The Challenger Disaster. Now, NASA Will Finish Her Mission
Paris Is Partly Underwater, And It'll Likely Stay That Way For A While
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EPA Ending A Clean Air Policy That Helps Control Toxic Air Pollution
This Supermoon Is Actually Worth Checking Out
The Oceans Are Filled With Plastic, And The Problem Might Get Worse
An E-Tobacco Device Just Got A Mixed Review From FDA Advisory Panel
Plastic Pollution Is Likely Making Coral Reefs Sick
FDA: Flu Season Will Probably Peak In February
Fine Aerosols Are Spinning Up Fiercer Tropical Storms
The Humanity Star Is The Inspirational Satellite Nobody Asked For
The Trump Administration Could Cut International Space Station Funding
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Trump's Solar Panel Tariffs Probably Won't Stall The US Boom For Long
Tiny Crystals Might Be Key In Predicting Volcanic Eruptions
Geoengineering Earth Might Not Actually Help Combat Climate Change
The Government Shutdown Could Slow The CDC's Flu-Tracking Efforts
Trump Administration Renews Emergency Declaration For Opioid Crisis
Cape Town Could Become The First Major City To Run Out Of Water
You Can Easily Spread The Flu Just By Breathing
To Fight Rising Generic Drug Prices, Hospitals Form New Drug Company
A Blood Test For Common Cancers Could Be In The Works
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For The Love Of Ketchup
Meteorites Can Sell For A Lot — If You Can Actually Find One
Climate Threats Are Expected To Increase In 2018
Olympic Records Will Be Harder To Break As We Reach Physical Limits
Britain Has Appointed A Minister To Help Tackle Loneliness
Trump Got A Perfect Score On A Cognitive Assessment Test
CDC Confirms First 'Widespread' Flu Activity For Whole Continental US
Experts Predict What The World Will Look Like In 2050
Bipartisan Lawmakers Ask For Ocean-Drilling Exemption For Their State