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U.S. To Compare W.H.O. COVID Data From China With Intelligence Reports
KGTV: Doctors Say To Skip The Pain Meds Before Your COVID Shot
Johnson & Johnson CEO Says COVID Shot Might Need To Be Annual
WFTX: Vaccine Scam Targets People Waiting For Their Second COVID Shot
Chicago Teachers Vote To Return To Classrooms
FDA Approves Eli Lilly's Antibody Combo Treatment
California Surpasses New York For Most COVID Deaths
WH To Increase Vaccine Supply In Rural Communities
Democrats Aim To Push Through School Funding Relief
Rising Tides
How To Cope With The Current Political Climate
Teachers Reflect On Changes After Transitioning From Virtual Learning
Chicago Teachers Vote On Classroom Return Plan
Vaccine Equity: Will Those Who Need The Vaccine Get It?
COVID and Compassion: 'Our Brains Aren’t Apathetic, They’re Lazy'
California Works To Reach More Minorities
KNXV: Who Pays The Bills After COVID-19 Treatment?
Florida Residents Hopeful About New Vaccine Campaign
United Arab Emirates Space Probe Enters Mars Atmosphere
Dr. Fauci Stresses The Need To Take Two Vaccine Doses
Sec. Buttigieg Isolating After Security Agent Tests Positive
Over 32M Have Received First Vaccine Dose
KMGH: Colorado Woman Connects Seniors With Vaccine Appointments
KGTV: Study Says U.K. COVID Variant Will Soon Become Dominant In U.S.
Pres. Biden: Vaccine Rollout 'Beginning To Click'
KMGH: Is Teaching Still Worth The Challenge?
W.H.O. Studies Origins Of COVID-19 In China
Democrats Propose Child Tax Credits In Relief Plan
Teachers Can Deduct PPE Expenses On Their Taxes
Ebola Outbreak In Congo
Survey: Many Plan To Wear Masks, Socially Distance After The Pandemic
Pfizer To Cut Down Manufacturing Time
WRTV: Indiana Teachers Push To Be Added To Vaccine Eligibility List
South Africa Facing COVID-19 Vaccine Challenges
CDC To Announce New In-Person School Requirements
WPTV: Educators Weigh How To Approach Standardized Testing This Year
President Biden Plans To Accept NFL's Offer For Mass Vaccinations
Super Bowl Celebrations In Tampa Ignore COVID Guidelines
Fauci Uses Concern Over New COVID Variants To Promote Vaccinations
South Africa Seeks New Vaccine Strategy After Study
WPTV: Pharmacies May Defer Vaccine For People Who've Had COVID-19
WPTV: Study Suggests Pregnant Moms Can Pass COVID Antibodies To Babies
This Shelter Encourages Struggling Seniors To Get Vaccinated
KMGH: Love Notes Encourage Health Care Workers To Keep Fighting
Over Dozen Dead In India As Glacier Breaks, Causes Flood
Restaurant Owners Explain Why They're Defying State COVID Restrictions
WTKR: Should Cancer Patients Get Vaccinated?
KSHB: Family Makes And Gives Away 2,000 Free Masks
Tips To Celebrate Valentine's Day Safely This Year
High School Student Supports Her Family Through The Pandemic
Experts Warn of Super Bowl Sunday Parties As COVID-19 Variants Spread
WRTV: Scientists Work On Breathalyzer To Detect COVID-19
WTMJ: Study Warns Of COVID's Toll On Mental Health
The Las Vegas Wedding Industry Fights To Survive
Despite CDC Recommendations, States Debate When To Vaccinate Inmates
Pres. Biden Says He'll Push For COVID Relief Bill Without GOP Support
President Biden Seeks Passing $1.9T Relief Package Without GOP Support
Wis. Gov. Issues Another Mask Mandate After First One Appealed
FDA To Streamline Process For New Booster Shots
KGTV: What Are The Differences Between The COVID-19 Vaccines?
WCPO: Ohio Mother Pleads For Care Providers To Get Vaccine Priority
Negotiations Over COVID Safety Drag On For Chicago Public Schools
The Importance Of Getting Vaccines To Rural America
Experts Say Misinformation May Be Causing Vaccine Disparities
Johnson & Johnson Asks FDA To Authorize Vaccine
For More Vacationers, It's Homes Over Hotels During Pandemic
Senate Approves Budget Bill, COVID Relief One Step Closer
World Cancer Day Raises Awareness Of Disease And Prevention
Kansas City Chiefs' Barber Tests Positive For COVID
COVID Antibody Treatments Sit Unused, May Not Work For New Variants
How To Prepare Your Dog For A Return To In-Person Work
President Biden May Be Flexible On COVID Relief
WPTV: Good Samaritan Connects Seniors To Shot Appointments
Britain Studying Mixing Vaccine Shots
Federal Government To Open 2 COVID Vaccine Sites In California
CDC Tool Provides 'Whole New View' of Health of Communities
U.K. Battling Worrisome COVID-19 Mutation
San Francisco Sues Its Own School District
The Long-Term Societal Impacts Of Life After COVID-19
KNXV: Arizona Health Leaders Demand Vaccine Distribution Data
U.S. Vaccinations Surpass Total Infections
Chicago Schools Delay In-Person Classes Again
WXYZ: Teacher Voices Concern About Rushing Back To School
KNXV: Arizona Hospitals Finally Feel Relief As COVID Cases Stabilize
WCPO: Cincinnati Leaders Aim To Educate About COVID Vaccines
Are We Closer To COVID-19 Herd Immunity?
Cautious Optimism In Cinema And Live Theater As Pandemic Continues
CDC Studying Double Mask Effectiveness
Advocates Cite More Guilty Pleas As COVID Disrupts Courts
WTMJ: Mom Meets Daughter She Gave Birth To While Fighting COVID-19
Select Pharmacies To Receive Vaccine Soon
Schools Facing Pressure To Reopen Despite Pandemic
Japan To Fine People Who Violate COVID Restrictions
WXYZ: Michigan Health Care Workers Head To The Super Bowl
KNXV: Arizona Couple Dies Seconds Apart After Fighting COVID
Senate Democrats 'Won't Dilute, Dither' On $1.9 Trillion Relief Plan
Tips For Keeping Kids Safe While Playing Spring Sports
KGTV: Girl Scouts Find New Ways To Sell Cookies
WTKR: Woman Celebrates Delayed Holidays After Beating COVID-19
Biden Administration To Ship COVID-19 Vaccines Directly To Pharmacies