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CES Asks: How Do You Get Someone To Want More Self-Driving Cars?
Democratic Lawmakers Introduce Bills To Slash Prescription Drug Costs
CDC Says E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine Is Over
FDA Can't Conduct Most US Food Safety Inspections During The Shutdown
Trump Officially Taps Andrew Wheeler To Lead EPA
Study: US Cancer Death Rate Drops For 25th Straight Year
US Carbon Dioxide Emissions Shot Up In 2018 After Years Of Decline
Government Shutdowns Can Wreck The Rigid Timing Of Scientific Research
The 75 Trillion Microorganisms That Raised You From Birth
SNAP, Food Assistance Programs Could Run Out Of Funding Amid Shutdown
Inside The Gym That Combines Sobriety And Fitness
The CDC Says Flu Activity Levels Are High In 19 States
Rate Of Violence Against Nurses Climbs Again
What We Can Learn From China's Unprecedented Far-Side Moon Landing
Norway Sets World Record For Most All-Electric Cars Sold In 2018
Major Pharma Companies Are Reportedly Hiking Drug Prices In 2019
NASA Rang In The New Year With A Historic Flyby
'What The Health' Full Episode: 2018 Year In Health
EPA Proposes New Rules Regarding Mercury Pollution From Power Plants
Study: Opioids Killed Nearly 9,000 Young People From 1999 To 2016
How A NASA Probe Will Orbit An Asteroid With Almost No Gravity
2 Michigan Officials Accept Plea Deals In Flint Water Scandal
UK Wants To Double The Charge For Disposable Plastic Bags
Japan Condemned For Decision To Restart Commercial Whaling
England Will Ban Pet Stores From Selling Puppies And Kittens
Japan's Birthrate Hits All-Time Low In 2018
US Government Appeals Ruling Protecting Yellowstone-Area Grizzlies
SpaceX Launches Next-Generation GPS Satellite For Military
Deaths From Synthetic Opioids Like Fentanyl Spiked Again
Why The Myth That Suicides Increase During The Holidays Is Dangerous
Japan To Reportedly Pull Out Of IWC To Hunt Whales
Rage Rooms Feel Good, But They Might Make You More Stressed
FDA Considering Ways To Regulate Sale Of Cannabis-Based Products
Abortion Is About To Officially Become Legal In Ireland
The Federal Government Is Recommending More Naloxone Prescriptions
New Reports Find Americans Are Getting Heavier And Wider
How Apollo 8 Changed Spaceflight History In Only Four Months
Tobacco Giant Altria Invests $13 Billion In Electronic Cigarettes
The Science Of Spit
EU Agrees To Ban Single-Use Plastics Starting In 2021
Johnson & Johnson Loses Bid To Have $4.7 Billion Verdict Overturned
NASA Research Shows Saturn's Rings Are Disappearing
Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline Will Join Forces On Over-The-Counter Divisions
Ebola Outbreak In Congo Continues To Worsen
Study: Opioids May Not Help Those With Chronic Pain
The Whole-Person Approach To Opioid Recovery
DC Moves Toward 100 Percent Clean Energy By 2032
Trump Signs Memo Reinstating US Space Command
As More Teens Pick Up Vapes, FDA Looks For Effective Regulation Plan
One Sleepless Night Might Be Enough To Cause Unhealthy Cravings
EU Reaches Agreement For Cutting Vehicle Carbon Emissions
Scientists Say Antarctic Animals May Not Be Safe From Human Pathogens
What Myers Briggs Does (and Doesn't) Say About Your Personality
A Record Number Of Teens Are Vaping, But Their Opioid Use Has Declined
Air Force Finally Ready To Launch Next-Generation GPS Satellite
Countries Agree On New Climate Rules, But They May Not Be Enough
How Adaptive Climbing Is Helping Veterans Fight PTSD
Ex-Pharmacy Staff Convicted In Deadly 2012 Meningitis Outbreak Case
Virgin Galactic Successfully Tests Commercial Spacecraft
As Juno Nears Middle of Jupiter Mission, NASA Shares Newest Findings
Genetic Breast Cancer Testing Guidelines May Lead To Missed Cases
Daily Dose: Carded For Caffeine? Some May Try It.
Fentanyl Surpasses Heroin As Most Common Drug In Overdose Deaths
Why Obamacare Enrollment Has Dropped
EPA Proposes Rollback Of Parts Of Clean Water Act
CDC Warns Eating Raw Dough Could Make You Sick
The Slow, Careful Rise Of Climate Change Attribution
USDA Rolls Back School Lunch Nutrition Regulations
Walgreens Moves To Compete With Amazon, CVS In Drug Delivery Service
InSight Will Spend Months Surveying Mars Before It Starts Its Science
Why It's Hard For Doctors To Diagnose Polio-Like AFM
Department Of Interior Plans To Cut More Environmental Protections
EPA Plans To Roll Back Coal Plant Emissions Policy
EPA Could Loosen CO2 Rules For Coal Plants That Nobody's Building
California Can Now Officially Require Solar Panels On New Homes
Up For Debate: Can Retail Alliances Fix Health Care?
Watching How Bacteria Recover Could Make Antibiotics More Effective
Kilauea Volcano's 35-Year Eruption Streak May Be Over
Study Finds People In Poor Neighborhoods Wait Longer For Ambulances
Who Should Pay To Fix The Climate: Developed or Developing Nations?
The 'Missing Fourth Trimester Theory' Is Popular, But Is It True?
5.1 Million Pounds Of Beef Recalled Over Salmonella Concerns
Developed Countries Will Likely See Uptick In Carbon Emissions In 2018
Brain Food: Young Book Lovers Grow Brain Tissue As They Read
Paris Protests Preview The Challenging Transition To A Green Economy
CDC Says Cases Of Rare Polio-like Illness Seem To Have Peaked
David Attenborough Speaks Out On Climate Change At UN Conference
Shell Plans To Link Executives' Pay To Hitting Emissions Targets
Astronauts Successfully Launch To The International Space Station
US And China Reach Agreement On Fentanyl Classification
Gap In Vaccine Coverage Caused Surge In Measles, Say Health Officials
Trump Administration OKs Seismic Surveys That Can Harm Marine Life
More Blood Pressure Drugs Recalled Over Cancer Concerns
How Firefighters Use VR and Mindfulness To Tackle Stress
Every Hurricane Season Ends With A Single Number
Bloomberg Announces $50 Million Donation To Combat The Opioid Epidemic
Latest Ebola Outbreak In Congo Is The Second-Largest In History
NASA Outsourcing Next Moon Landing To Private Company
Study: US' Rate Of Uninsured Kids Rose For The First Time Since 2008
Chinese Authorities Halt Work Of Gene-Editing Scientist