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KGTV: W.H.O. Updates Protocol For Naming COVID Variants
KMGH: Colorado Teens Help Hundreds Get Vaccinated
Pandemic Helps Doctors Rethink Some Practices
NASA Announces 2 Missions To Study Venus
FDA Says Don't Eat Cicadas If You're Allergic to Seafood
Half of States End Extra COVID Jobless Benefits
Appeals Court Leaves CDC Eviction Ban In Place
Biden Admin. Launches Month Of Action To Meet Vaccinations Goal
COVAX Summit Secures Additional $2.4B For COVID Vaccine Distribution
Osaka's Candor On Anxiety, Depression Could Help Reform Elite Sports
KGTV: Researchers Study Length Of Immunity After COVID Shots
WEWS: Ohioans Prepare For Looser COVID Regulations
Israel Seeks Possible Link Between Pfizer Vaccine And Myocarditis
Krispy Kreme Has Given Out 1.5M Doughnuts To Vaccinated People
What To Expect This Hurricane Season
Tourists Celebrate Full Las Vegas Reopening, Capacity Limits Lifted
KTNV: Vegas Wedding Bells Are Ringing As Demand Spikes
Moderna Requests Full FDA Approval For Its COVID-19 Vaccine
Pentagon To Release UFO Report
W.H.O. Proposes Global Treaty To Prepare For Next Pandemic
Why The U.S. Has More COVID Vaccines Than People Who Want Them
WKBW: Separated Families Protest The U.S.-Canadian Border Closure
Artist Helps His Community Embrace Cicada Season
Study Says One-third Of Heat Deaths Directly Due To Global Warming
WFTS: Tips To Help Transition Back To The Office
CDC Says No Masks, Social Distance Needed At Vaccinated Summer Camps
Anti-Government Protests Continue In Colombia
Protesters In Brazil Call For President Bolsonaro's Impeachment
WEWS: Man Who Can't Get Vaccinated Asks For Compassion From Others
First Olympic Teams Land In Japan Ahead Of Tokyo Games
India Reports 152K Daily COVID Cases, Lowest in 50 Days
U.S. Travel Spikes as More States Lift COVID-19 Restrictions
KGTV: U.S. Efforts To Track COVID-19 Variants Face Key Limitations
Veteran Suicide Rate Could Spike Further After COVID-19
Program Helps Teens Who Aged Out Of Foster Care During Pandemic
WTVF: Students Create A Pandemic Time Capsule
Record-Breaking Climbers Safely Return From Mount Everest
KGTV: Scientists Create A COVID Test That Gives Results In Seconds
The Push To End Organ Transplant Discrimination
U.S. Sees Holiday Weekend Travel Rebound, Fewer Mask Mandates
WFTS: Experts Offer Tips To Improve Kids' Social Skills
Researchers Track Herd Immunity Using Wastewater
Pres. Biden Pushes Vaccinations As More States Lift COVID Restrictions
KGTV: Researchers Develop Antibody Test That Predicts COVID Severity
WTMJ: Wisconsin Vaccine Demand Reaches Lowest Point Since January
WEWS: Meet Ohio's 22-Year-Old Vaccine Lottery Winner
Malaysia To Tighten COVID Restrictions As Cases Surge
U.K. Approves Fourth COVID-19 Vaccine, Johnson & Johnson
California Offering $116.5 Million In Prize Money To Get Vaccinated
Japan Extends State Of Emergency
Breakthrough: Pandemic Habits
Influencers Offered Bribes To Discredit Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine
COVID-19 Long Haulers Seek More Help From Government
Naomi Osaka Prioritizing Mental Health During French Open
WFTS: In Florida, Unvaccinated Concert-Goers May Pay An Extra Price
WKBW: Doctors Debunk Myths About COVID-19 Immunity
WXYZ: What Will It Take To Reopen The U.S.-Canada Border?
WMAR: Lung Transplants Give COVID Patients Another Chance At Life
Calls To Cancel The Summer Olympics Grow
President Biden Orders More Intel Investigation Into COVID Origins
WXMI: Water Levels Cause Devastating Erosion Along Lake Michigan
CDC Approves Test Trip For Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
NFL Lifts Restrictions For Preseason, Capacity
KGTV: San Diego County Announces Program To Vaccinate Tijuana Workers
Court: Shell Must Cut Carbon Emissions By 45% By 2030
President Biden Orders New Intelligence Report On COVID-19 Origins
WPTV: Nurse's Family Fights For Her Life Amid Grim COVID-19 Battle
Alabama, Georgia Ban Vaccine Passports
WH: More Than 50% Of American Adults Fully Vaccinated
WFTS: Cruise Lines Prepare For Alaska Trips
KMGH: Colorado Announces $1M Drawings For Vaccinated Residents
DHS, FAA Emphasize The Federal Mask Mandate Ahead Of Holiday Weekend
White House Calling On W.H.O., China For COVID-19 Origin Information
Breakthrough: Sleep's Impact On Our Mental Health
KMGH: Denver Couple Forced To Quarantine While Traveling Abroad
WXMI: Teens Explain Why They Signed Up For Moderna Vaccine Trial
Cyclone Barrels Toward India's Eastern Coast
WXYZ: CDC Investigates Heart Problems In COVID Vaccine Recipients
MLB Stadium Hosts A Pop-Up Vaccine Site For Fans
Racial Disparities Persist In Vaccinations Across U.S.
Moderna Says Vaccine Highly Effective in Adolescents
WTMJ: Nurse Aims To Bridge Gaps In Care Through Language And Culture
Providers Make Vaccination House Calls To Homebound Seniors
United Airlines Vaccine Giveaway: Year Of Free Travel
NYC Public Schools To Fully Reopen This Fall
Nearly Half Of U.S. Population Has Received 1 COVID Shot
WXYZ: Michigan Explores Incentives To Boost Vaccination Rates
WFTS: Pediatrician Sees More Families Eager To Get Kids Vaccinated
India Becomes Third Country To Hit 300,000 COVID Deaths
KSTU: An Implant Could Help Travelers Fight Jet Lag
WFTS: A Look At COVID Hospitalizations In Florida
More States Drop Residency Requirements For COVID Vaccines
Breakthrough: Finding Treatment That’s Right for You
Struggling With Reentry Anxiety? You're Not Alone
Climate Change Forces Some Americans To Relocate
KGTV: What Science Says About Delaying The Second COVID Dose
Small Businesses Face A Long Road To Financial Recovery
National Award Honors Caregivers For Their Work During The Pandemic
More Breweries Join Effort To Recycle Plastic Beer Tops
Online Conspiracy Theories Contribute To Vaccine Hesitancy