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Body Parts, Gear Found On Italian Glacier After Avalanche
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Supreme Court Limits EPA In Curbing Power Plant Emissions
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Scientists Discover New Furry Crab Species
COVID Vaccines Saved 20M Lives In 1st Year, Scientists Say
Former COVID Response Coordinator Criticizes Early Missteps
Aftershock In Afghanistan As Earthquake Death Toll Rises To 1,150
U.S. Importing Baby Formula From Mexico To Ease Shortage
Yellowstone National Park Partially Reopens After Historic Flooding
Labor Shortage Compounds Federal Firefighters' Staffing Woes
Biden Visits Clinic, Celebrates COVID Shots For Kids Under 5
Power Grids Across The U.S. Are Being Tested By High Heat
Erosion Is Turning Dream Homes Into Nightmares: Newsy Investigates
Pres. Biden Says Decision On Gas Tax Holiday May Come This Week
Body Neutrality Could Be A More Accepting Approach To Body Image
The Big Business Of Cannabis
Yellowstone National Park To Partly Reopen After Floods
8 More Dead As India's Assam State Reels Under Floods
U.S. Opens COVID Vaccine To Young Kids; Shots Begin This Week
Pres. Biden Hosts Climate Meeting Amid High Gas Price Pressure
FDA Authorizes 1st COVID-19 Shots For Infants, Preschoolers
Seresto Dog Collar Under Fire For Alleged Cover-Up
Montana Gov. Returning From Tuscany Vacation As Flood Disaster Grows
Senate Health Committee Held Hearing On State Of COVID Pandemic
Dr. Fauci Tests Positive For COVID-19, Has Mild Symptoms
Congress: Flea And Tick Collar Linked To Dog Deaths
Yellowstone Park Closed To Visitors Due To Severe Flooding
FDA Advisers Move COVID-19 Shots Closer For Kids Under 5
How Does Cancer Work In The Body?
Why Fertility Doctors Get Away With Using Their Own Sperm
The Mental Health Impact Mass Shootings Have On Survivors
Yellowstone Flooding Prompts 10,000 To Flee National Park
FDA Advisers Back Moderna's COVID-19 Vaccine For Older Kids
KMGH: Study Shows Video Games May Boost Kids' Intelligence
Why Do Cats Hiss At Us?
Underinsured Homeowners Struggle To Rebuild After Boulder Wildfires
Extreme Heat, Dry Conditions Supercharging Fires In Western U.S.
Virus Outbreak At Nightclub Sets Off New Beijing Clampdown
U.S.: Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Appears Effective For Kids Under 5
Cancer Treatment Trial Hailed As 'Breakthrough'
$5 Gas Is Here: AAA Says Nationwide Average Hits New High
How Has Our Approach To Treating PTSD Evolved?
What Makes Space 'Cold?'
Growing Efforts To Name, Categorize Heat Waves Point To Their Danger
NASA Launches UFO Study Despite 'Reputational Risk'
U.S. Lifts COVID-19 Test Requirement For International Travel
Officials: Millions Of Orders Placed For COVID Vaccines For Youngest
Uvalde Residents Struggle To Find Access To Mental Health Care To Cope
Moderna Says Updated COVID Shot Boosts Omicron Protection
FDA Advisers Back Novavax Vaccine As New U.S. Option
The Media And Suicide: Why Too Much Information Can Be A Bad Thing
The Vaccine Rollout
How City Planning Can Support Environmental Justice
Preventing The Deaths That Are Driven By Social Media
One More Orbit
DOJ Asks Court To Reverse Order Lifting Travel Mask Mandate
Southern California Under New Water Restrictions Amid Drought
Conservationist Helps South Florida’s Endangered Ecosystem
FAA Delays Environmental Review Of SpaceX Starship Again
Historic Site Of Jamestown, VA Threatened By Rising Sea Levels
Shanghai Moves Toward Ending 2-Month COVID-19 Lockdown
Bringing Better Mental Health To School Lockdown Drills
Mermaids Aren't Just Entertainers. Many Are Environmental Advocates
Congressional Bill Will Address Veterans Exposed To Toxic Burn Pits
Deaths Of 3 Women In Early Heat Wave Raise Questions, Fears
WHO: Nearly 200 Cases Of Monkeypox In More Than 20 Countries
Experts Say Community Support Can Help Mental Health After Trauma
Losing Bees Could Have Huge Implications For The Environment
CDC Issues Travel Advisory After 2 New U.S. Monkeypox Cases Confirmed
U.S. Making COVID Antiviral Drug More Available At Test Sites
Animals Are Gaining More Rights
Uvalde: Exploring The Symptoms Of Grief, Emotional Toll
Prenatal Testing Comes With Certain Risks
Racing Thoughts: Quadriplegic Man Drives Race Car With His Brain
Why Space Junk Is A Compounding Issue For Missions, Astronauts
Solving Clean Energy's Consistency Problem
Students Build Wind Turbines In Competition Promoting Clean Energy
Pfizer Says 3-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Is Effective For Children Under 5
Biden Says Monkeypox Cases Something To 'Be Concerned About'
Renewed Hope For Action On Climate Change
U.S. Sees Risk Of COVID Supply Rationing Without More Funds
Infants Hospitalized Due To Nationwide Shortage Of Baby Formula
Judge: COVID Asylum Restrictions Must Continue On Border
Summer Heat Expected To Strain Power Grid, Force Outages
Potential Case Of Monkeypox Being Investigated In New York City
Climate Change Is Threatening The Saguaro Cactus' Survival
Coast Guard Searches For Poachers From Mexico Stealing Fish From U.S.
VA Police Partner With Mental Illness Experts To Change Their Response
President Biden Hopes To Draw Scientists Fleeing Russia To The U.S.