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The FDA Is Fast-Tracking A New Flu-Fighting Drug For Upcoming Season
Some Of Our Worst-Polluting Industries Could Get Greener With One Fix
NASA's James Webb Telescope Gets Delayed Again
Air Pollution Is Killing Thousands Of African Children, Study Says
'Unspecified' Overdoses Could Add To Opioid Epidemic Death Toll
Women With Chronic Illness Are Becoming Their Own Advocates
FDA, Big Tech Talk About Cracking Down On Illegal Opioid Sales Online
Voters In Oklahoma Approve Very Permissive Medical Marijuana Law
FDA Approves A Drug Derived From Marijuana For The First Time
Pop Culture Is Changing How We Talk About Mental Health
This Mosquito-Borne Virus Was Found In A Human For The First Time
House Passes Package Of More Than 50 Bills On Opioid Crisis
Trump Rolls Back Obama-Era Water Protections
Report: Water Contaminants Once Thought Safe Linked To Cancer
What NASA Plans To Do About Asteroids
Technology Has The Power To Help People With Autism Cope
Maker Of OxyContin Has Fired The Rest Of Its Sales Team
What WHO's Gaming Addiction Diagnosis Means For The US
Sports Fans Shake The Ground So Much, It Spawned A New Kind Of Science
A New VA Report Examines The Suicide Rate Among Veterans
Report: 2.4M US Homes At Risk Of Chronic Flooding By End Of 2100
Have A Weakened Immune System? Reconsider That Tattoo
Trump Orders The Creation Of A 'Space Force' Military Branch
Video Game Loot Boxes Hook Players The Same Way Gambling Does
WHO Says Playing Video Games Persistently Could Be Bad For Your Health
Single Fathers Are At Higher Risk For Health Concerns
How IUDs Became One Of Doctors' Top Contraceptive Choices
Federal Study On Alcohol To Be Canceled Due To Credibility Issues
3D Printing And Stretchable Skin Gel Could Change How We Heal Wounds
CDC: Multistate Salmonella Outbreak Linked To A Kellogg's Cereal
Study Says Some Animals Are Becoming More Nocturnal To Avoid Humans
Facing An Aging Population, Japan Lowers Its Legal Age Of Adulthood
Coastal Real Estate Is Already Feeling The Costs Of Sea Level Rise
Walgreens Is The Target Of A New Opioid-Related Lawsuit
Interior Dept. Hasn't Sufficiently Explained Why It Nixed Coal Study
California Has New Water Laws, And They've Been Wildly Misinterpreted
Study: Over One-Third Of Adults Take Meds Linked To Depression Risk
Dream Jobs: Urban Farmer
Just 100 Nuke Detonations Could Cause Worldwide Food Shortages
An 11-Year-Old Stranger Bought $115 Doll For Girl Fighting Rare Cancer
The Maker Of OxyContin Is The Target Of Yet Another Lawsuit
Pop Culture Is Influencing Women's Breast Cancer Decisions
Study: US Toddlers Are Getting Too Much Sugar Too Early
Doctors Are Prescribing Food As Medicine
Making A Detailed Map Of Earth's Oceans Is Harder Than It Looks
At Least 60 People Sick After Eating Potentially Contaminated Melon
Pope Francis: 'There Is No Time To Lose' On Climate Action
CDC: The Past Flu Season Broke A Record For Pediatric Deaths
Ikea Pledges To Stop Selling All Single-Use Plastic Products By 2020
Carbon Dioxide Levels In The Atmosphere Hit Record High In 2018
Suicide Rates Are On The Rise In Most US States
Why Trump's Administration Made Coal Plants A National Security Issue
There's Still No Life On Mars — But The Odds Are Getting Better
The White House Is Launching Ads To Help Prevent Youth Opioid Abuse
Lava Evaporated A Freshwater Lake On Hawaii's Big Island
High-Tide Flooding Is Reportedly Hitting Record Rates In The US
San Francisco Voters Uphold Ban On Sale Of Flavored Tobacco Products
Hurricanes May Be Getting Slower, Making Them Even More Destructive
Why Are The Kilauea And Fuego Volcano Eruptions So Different?
Why Does Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Keep Erupting?
Apple's Tools To Manage Screen Time Are A Step In The Right Direction
Report Finds More People Are Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs
Chile To Become First South American Country To Ban Plastic Bags
After Uproar, Volkswagen Says It Will Stop Conducting Tests On Animals
Study Says Many Women With Early Breast Cancer Might Not Need Chemo
Why Veganism Is Taking Over
3 Astronauts Back On Earth After 5 Months In Space
Some People Stranded As Lava Blocks Off Access To Parts Of Hawaii
Singing 'Macarena' Could Help You Perform CPR
More Dead In E. Coli Outbreak Linked To Romaine Lettuce
Hawaii Residents In Path Of Lava Told To Evacuate Or Face Arrest
How Wind Turbines Could Guard The Coast Against Strong Hurricanes
American Suicide Rates Keep Climbing — Silence Only Makes It Worse
Is Mindfulness Going Mainstream?
Jeff Bezos Expands On Plans For Humans To Live And Work In Space
The Trump Administration's Approach To Fitness Is Mostly Nonexistent
ACS Lowers Recommended Colon Cancer Screening Age To 45
President Trump Signs 'Right To Try' Bill Into Law
'What The Fact' Checks Trump's Claims On The Mueller Investigation
European Union Proposes Ban On Single-Use Plastic Products
Hormel Recalls More Than 200,000 Pounds Of Spam
Kilauea Volcano In Hawaii Has Covered Almost 4 Square Miles In Lava
Alan Bean, Astronaut And Fourth Man To Walk On The Moon, Has Died
The Growing Solar Industry Lacks Diversity
Swallowable Sensor Could Test Your Gut And Send Results To Your Phone
The Famous Marshmallow Test May Not Predict Success Like We Thought
Is The Machine That Can Snip And Swap Our DNA Awesome Or Ominous?
2018 Hurricane Season Could Be Another Active One
Lawmaker Says Climate Change Increases Antarctic Ice — Nope
Trump Signs Directive To Loosen Regulations On Space Commercialization
Wyoming Approves First Grizzly Bear Hunt In Over 40 Years
NOAA's New Satellite Has No Chill, And That's A Serious Problem
Doctors Start Testing Ebola Treatment In Humans For The First Time
Sea Turtles Have To Deal With Plastic Threats On Two Fronts
For A Healthy Brain, Exercise Your Legs
Young Americans Are Always Connected — And Desperately Lonely
An Egg A Day May Keep Cardiovascular Disease Away, New Study Says
Toxic, Glass-Filled Gas Puts Hawaii Residents On Evacuation Watch
China's Trying To Go To The Dark Side ... Of The Moon
China Joins Commercial Space Race With Private Company's Rocket Launch