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Vaccine Mandates Increase Across The Country
40+ Countries Pledge To Cut Heavily Polluting Coal, With Caveats
20 Nations Pledge To End Funding Fossil Fuels Abroad
U.K. Authorizes Merck Antiviral Pill, 1st Shown To Treat COVID
GOP State Officials Push Back On Employer Vaccine Mandate
U.S. Mandates Vaccines Or Tests For Big Companies By Jan. 4
Moderna Lowers Forecast For 2021 COVID-19 Vaccine Deliveries
U.S. Children Ages 5 To 11 Now Receiving COVID Vaccines
Dr. Fauci And Dr. Walensky To Testify On COVID-19 Response
U.S. Surpasses 750,000 COVID Deaths
Hong Kong Village Tries to Stay Afloat Amid Rising Sea Levels
Rising Sea Levels In East Africa Threatening Home Evacuations
COP26 Discusses Transitions To Cleaner Technologies
W.H.O. Authorizes Indian-Made COVID-19 Vaccine
Health Experts Track Potential New Strain Of COVID
COVID Vaccine OK'd For Younger Kids, But Many Parents Still Skeptical
Experts Are Preparing Forests For Wildfires With Purposeful Blazes
World Leaders Vow To End Deforestation By 2030
Aging Population Is Causing A Climate-Related Issue In Florida
A Megadrought Is Killing Protected Elk In California
Families Of Children With Disabilities Create A Community
CDC Advisers Recommend Pfizer Vaccine For Children 5-11 Years Old
Navigating Life When You Have A Child With Disabilities
Hospitals Crippled By Supply Chain Shortages
Vaccine Mandate For Private Companies To Be Released
State Psychiatric Facilities Face Severe Staffing Shortages
'COVID Vigilantes' Step Up To Share Pandemic Safety Tips
Thousands Of NYC Workers On Unpaid Leave Over Vaccine Mandate
Seafarers Get A Shot At Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine
World Leaders Urge Action Against Climate Change
Catholic Communities Want To Be Good Stewards Of The Earth
Thousands Of NYC Workers On Unpaid Leave After COVID Mandate
Airlines Continue To Struggle With More Cancellations, Delays
Military Weighs Penalties For Members Who Refuse COVID Vaccine
Leaders Talk Doomsday To Kickstart Climate Talks
Shanghai Disneyland Closed, 33K People Tested Over One COVID Contact
Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver Calvin Ridley Steps Away From Football
COVID Vaccine For Younger Kids Already Being Packed, Shipped
White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Says She Has COVID-19
Can Public Health Tools Help Prevent Gun Violence?
NYC Fire Commissioner Criticizes Vaccine Mandate Call-Outs
FDA Delays Decision On Moderna Vaccine For Adolescents
Global COVID-19 Death Toll Tops 5 Million In Less Than 2 Years
New Paving Methods Can Repurpose Tons Of Plastic Waste Into Roads
Vaccination Deadlines Loom For City Workers
FDA Approves Pfizer's COVID Vaccine For Children 5-11 Years Old
Retired Col. Moe Davis Talks Military Vaccine Mandate
NASA's SpaceX Crew-3 Mission To Launch This Weekend
How Commercial Companies Are Advancing Space Exploration
Supreme Court Declines To Block Maine Vaccine Mandate
NYC Municipal Workers Face Friday Evening Deadline To Get Vaccinated
American Wages Just Saw Their Biggest Jump In At Least 20 Years
Pentagon Says 86% Of Active-Duty Military Members Are Fully Vaccinated
Global Vaccination Efforts Slow With Multiple Issues To Blame
The Lack Of Mental Health Services In Rural Areas
Big Oil Executives Testify, Deny Spreading Disinformation
U.K. Polar Climate Change Ship Makes Its London Debut
Australia Won't Be Able To Reach Methane Gas Goal
U.N., U.S. Officials Urge Action To Avert Climate Disaster
CDC: Seven-Day Daily Average Of COVID Cases Has Gone Down
Cheap Antidepressant Shows Promise Treating Early COVID-19
Some NYC First Responders Are Protesting COVID Vaccine Mandate
India Rejects Zero-Emissions Target, Says Other Nations Must Step Up
U.S., U.N. Officials Urge Action Ahead Of Climate Summit
Oil Executives Testify On Climate Change, Alleged Disinformation
U.S. Economy Slowed To A 2% Growth Rate Last Quarter
Rural America Sees Rise In Infant Mortality
Parents React To Possibility Of Their Kids Getting COVID Vaccine
FDA Sets Stronger Safety Warnings For Breast Implants
Rural Hospitals Under Increasing Strain Because Of Pandemic
La Palma Island Braces For More Quakes As Volcano Roars On
Federal Judge Upholds Southwest Airlines Vaccine Mandate
Merck Agrees To Let Other Drug Makers Make Its COVID Pill
CDC Says Some May Need Fourth mRNA Shot
Experts Are Studying Past Wildfires To Aid Future Forest Survival
White House Working On New Climate Change Strategies
Russia, Ukraine See Record Daily Deaths, Low Vaccinations
Moderna To Supply Africa With Up To 110 Million COVID Vaccine Doses
Hong Kong To Tighten COVID-19 Rules, Hopes China Reopens
FDA Panel Recommends Pfizer Vaccine For Kids 5 To 11 Years Old
CDC Extends Cruise Line Health Rules Until Mid-January
U.N.: Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit A New Record, Cuts Fall Short
Longer Wait Times At Animal Clinics Due To Staffing Shortages
Queen Elizabeth II Won't Visit U.N. Climate Conference In Person
NYC Police Union Sues Over Mayor's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
FDA Panel To Review Pfizer Vaccine For Children
Rural Counties See Lower COVID Vaccination Rates, Higher Death Rates
COVID Cases Falling, But Trouble Signs Arise As Winter Looms
Russia Closing All Non-Essential Business For A Week Amid COVID Spike
Singer Ed Sheeran Tests Postive For COVID-19
Manatee Deaths In Florida Expected To Reach At Least 1,000 This Year
Scientists Work To Replicate Moderna Shot And End Vaccine Inequality
Moderna: Vaccine Produced Strong Immune Results In Kids
Average Price Of Gas Spikes To $3.44 Per Gallon In The U.S.
China To Begin Vaccinating Children As Young As 3 Years Old
NIH To Vanity Fair: A Nonprofit It Funded Worked With Wuhan Institute
Scientists: It's Crucial For COVID To Move From Pandemic To Endemic
MBS Pledges Net-Zero Carbon Emissions, Intel Report Stokes Doubts
'Cow Power' Helps Dairy Farm Run On Renewable Energy
Pfizer Says Its COVID Vaccine Is 90.7% Effective In Kids Ages 5 To 11