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Volunteering Efforts Drop During Pandemic
Pfizer Plans To Deliver 2 Billion Vaccine Doses By End Of Year
KGTV: Small Vaccination Sites Target San Diego's Latino Community
CDC Director Urges Mask Mandates Remain
U.S. Averaging Fewer COVID-19 Deaths
WFTS: When Will Kids Get COVID-19 Vaccines?
How Are Working Moms Managing The Pandemic?
Biden Administration Amps Up Obamacare Registration Efforts
7.3 Magnitude Earthquake In Japan Causes Landslide
With Eye On Olympics, Japan Approves Pfizer Vaccine For Distribution
Once Praised For Virus Control, New Zealand Goes On Lockdown Again
U.K. Hits 15M Vaccination Target for Elderly, Health Care Workers
Study Tracks COVID-19 Survivors To Learn About Long-Term Impacts
WPTV: Tool Helps Patients Virtually Access Emergency Room Physicians
These Sensors May Help Cut COVID-19 Transmission Rates
Coronavirus Dulls Mardi Gras Festivities In New Orleans
Some Americans Are Donating Their Stimulus Checks To Others In Need
U.S. COVID-19 Deaths Top 480,000, But New Cases Falling In 40 States
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KJRH: Nurse Shares How A COVID-19 Patient Impacted His Life
WEWS: Ohio Students Build A Solution To Uncomfortable Remote Learning
What's Behind A Decline In COVID-19 Testing?
New Therapy Could Help Americans Suffering From Vision Loss
CDC Releases Clearer Guidance On Reopening Schools
This Community Works Hard To Get Seniors Vaccinated
Retail Pharmacies To Begin Giving COVID Vaccinations
WXYZ: Michigan Pharmacy Waits On Vaccines To Arrive
KMGH: Colorado Family Reunites After Being Separated By COVID
9,000 Recovering Patients Sent To NY Nursing Homes
KGTV: Is The Pandemic Causing A Spike In Childhood Obesity?
No Fans At Australian Open Under New Lockdown
WPTV: Would A Fine Limit PPE Litter?
Vaccine Shortage Slows California Vaccine Effort
KNXV: Inside The Push To Vaccinate On The Navajo Nation
CDC To Release School Reopening Guidelines
New York Reopens Indoor Dining For Valentine's Day
U.S. Secures 600 Million COVID Vaccine Doses
5 Mass Vaccination Sites In L.A. Temporarily Close Amid Shortages
Attacks On Elderly Asian Americans Spike In Northern California
Pandemic Isolation Cited In Drug Addiction Treatment Declines
Inside A Lab That Tests Products Against COVID-19
AP-NORC Poll Says A Third Of Americans Won't Get Vaccinated
Three New Mass Vaccination Sites To Open In Texas
20K Pregnant Women Vaccinated Without Complications
Fearing New Variants, Germany And UK Tighten COVID Restrictions
WGBA: Cancer Patient Says She Feels Forgotten In Vaccine Rollout
Meet Chicago’s Only Black Female Transplant Surgeon
Tracking Florida's Wasted Vaccines
Retail Pharmacies To Get COVID-19 Vaccine
WPTV: Independently-Owned Pharmacies Offer Help With Vaccine Rollout
Dr. Fauci: Vaccinations Available For Most By April
Researchers Train Dogs To Sniff Out COVID-19
Double-Masking's Effectiveness Against COVID Supported By CDC
Most Nursing Home Staff Opt Out Of Vaccines
WPTV: Why Are Nursing Home Employees Rejecting Vaccines?
South Africa To Give Unapproved COVID Vaccine To Health Care Workers
China's Mars Mission Begins As Spacecraft Enters Orbit
WXYZ: Detroit Leaders Focus On Expanding Vaccine Access
Canada To Require Negative Test For Land Crossings
KMGH: Colorado Teachers Line Up For COVID Shots
U.S. To Compare W.H.O. COVID Data From China With Intelligence Reports
KGTV: Doctors Say To Skip The Pain Meds Before Your COVID Shot
Johnson & Johnson CEO Says COVID Shot Might Need To Be Annual
WFTX: Vaccine Scam Targets People Waiting For Their Second COVID Shot
Chicago Teachers Vote To Return To Classrooms
FDA Approves Eli Lilly's Antibody Combo Treatment
California Surpasses New York For Most COVID Deaths
WH To Increase Vaccine Supply In Rural Communities
Democrats Aim To Push Through School Funding Relief
Rising Tides
How To Cope With The Current Political Climate
Teachers Reflect On Changes After Transitioning From Virtual Learning
Chicago Teachers Vote On Classroom Return Plan
Vaccine Equity: Will Those Who Need The Vaccine Get It?
COVID and Compassion: 'Our Brains Aren’t Apathetic, They’re Lazy'
California Works To Reach More Minorities
KNXV: Who Pays The Bills After COVID-19 Treatment?
Florida Residents Hopeful About New Vaccine Campaign
United Arab Emirates Space Probe Enters Mars Atmosphere
Dr. Fauci Stresses The Need To Take Two Vaccine Doses
Sec. Buttigieg Isolating After Security Agent Tests Positive
Over 32M Have Received First Vaccine Dose
KMGH: Colorado Woman Connects Seniors With Vaccine Appointments
KGTV: Study Says U.K. COVID Variant Will Soon Become Dominant In U.S.
Pres. Biden: Vaccine Rollout 'Beginning To Click'
KMGH: Is Teaching Still Worth The Challenge?
W.H.O. Studies Origins Of COVID-19 In China
Democrats Propose Child Tax Credits In Relief Plan
Teachers Can Deduct PPE Expenses On Their Taxes
Ebola Outbreak In Congo
Survey: Many Plan To Wear Masks, Socially Distance After The Pandemic
Pfizer To Cut Down Manufacturing Time
WRTV: Indiana Teachers Push To Be Added To Vaccine Eligibility List
South Africa Facing COVID-19 Vaccine Challenges
CDC To Announce New In-Person School Requirements
WPTV: Educators Weigh How To Approach Standardized Testing This Year
President Biden Plans To Accept NFL's Offer For Mass Vaccinations
Super Bowl Celebrations In Tampa Ignore COVID Guidelines
Fauci Uses Concern Over New COVID Variants To Promote Vaccinations
South Africa Seeks New Vaccine Strategy After Study