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Hurricane Ian Ravaged Family Fishing Business Just Before Crab Season
Feds Vow Major Aid For Hurricane Ian Victims Amid Rescues
One Florida Captain Rode Out Hurricane Ian On His Houseboat
Worst Brazil Forest Fires In A Decade, Yet Election Silence
Dozens Dead From Ian, One Of Strongest, Costliest U.S. Storms
Tua Tagovailoa's Brain Injury Reignites NFL Concussion Safety Debate
Florida Airports Reopen, But Flights Will Be Affected For Weeks
Sarasota County Working To Get Power And Water Restored For Residents
Sanibel Island, A Popular Tourist Destination, Devastated By Hurricane
Finding Hope Through A Different Approach To Mental Health Care
Over 2 Million People Experiencing Power Outages From Hurricane Ian
Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall Again, This Time In South Carolina
Hurricane Ian Impacting Hospitals And Health Care In Florida
People Trapped, 2.5M Without Power As Ian Drenches Florida
Cuba Begins To Turn On Lights After Hurricane Ian Blacks Out Island
New York City Scientists Are Exploring History Through Tree Rings
More Than 1.5 Million Floridians Without Power Due To Hurricane Ian
What's Changed Since Tampa's Last Big Hurricane 100 Years Ago
EU Says Blasts Preceded Baltic Pipeline Leaks; Sabotage Suspected
Cuba In The Dark After Hurricane Ian Knocks Out Power Grid
Ian Nearly Category 5 Hurricane As It Nears Florida
Some Florida Transplants Are Preparing For Their First Hurricane
Holocaust Survivors And Their Descendants Share Generational Trauma
How Can We Prepare For Deadly Floods?
Teen Interest In Long-Lasting Birth Control Soars After Roe
President Biden's Strategy To End U.S. Hunger Includes More Benefits
Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall In Cuba; Florida Braces For Damage
NASA Successfully Crashes Spacecraft Into Asteroid
Volcanic Eruption Forms Baby Island In Pacific Ocean
Why Is It Taking So Long For NASA To Launch Artemis I?
Understanding Mood’s Role In Mental Health
Pfizer Seeks To Expand Omicron Booster To 5- To 11-year-olds
Lights Out, Ovens Off: Europe Prepares For Winter Energy Crisis
Hurricane Ian Nears Cuba On Path To Strike Florida As Category 4
Powerful Typhoon Hits North Philippines, Thousands Evacuated
Fiona Sweeps Away Houses, Knocks Out Power In Eastern Canada
Report: Americans To Pay More To Heat Their Homes This Winter
NASA Delays Moon Rocket Launch Due To Potential Hurricane
Counselors And Cops Working Together Can Save Lives
Why Is There A Shortage Of Psychiatrists?
4.4M Americans Roll Up Sleeves For Omicron-Targeted Boosters
Low Water Levels At Hoover Dam, Glen Canyon Dam Threaten Power Supply
States Begin Receiving Money From $26B Opioid Settlement
Breakthrough Device Could Ease Deep Depression
Hurricane Fiona Roaring By Bermuda, Then To Canada
Biden Vows Government Won't Walk Away From Storm-Struck Puerto Rico
Mental Health America: Texas Ranks Last In Mental Health Care Access
Puerto Rico Struggles To Reach Areas Cut Off By Hurricane Fiona
6.8 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Mexican State Of Michoacan
Hospital ERs Struggle To Treat Surge Of Mental Health Patients
NASA Working Through New Leak In Artemis Test Ahead Of Possible Launch
Teen Suicide Crisis: Colorado Parents Work To Reduce State's High Rate
Hurricane Fiona Strengthens As It Heads To Bermuda
Some 230 Whales Beached In Tasmania; Rescue Efforts Underway
How Disability Misunderstandings And Stigma Impact Mental Well-Being
This Year Marks The Fifth Anniversary Of Hurricanes Maria And Irma
Experts Are Expecting High Flu Numbers This Year
Advocates, Patients Push For Mental Health Resources In Mississippi
Fiona Barrels Toward Turks And Caicos As Category 3 Hurricane
President Joe Biden Claims The Pandemic Is Over
Why Do Some People Live So Long?
Carbon Farming Is A New Way For Farmers To Make Extra Money
Swedish Program Aims To Fight High Youth Suicide Rate In Montana
Doctors Are Still Hunting For The Cause Of Long COVID Brain Fog
Hurricane Fiona Slams Dominican Republic After Pounding Puerto Rico
Study Finds Doomsday Glacier Shrinking Faster Than Expected
Hurricane Fiona Rips Through Powerless Puerto Rico
Strong Earthquake In Taiwan Traps People, Derails Train
Puerto Rico Under Hurricane Warning As Tropical Storm Fiona Approaches
How One Woman Describes Living With Schizophrenia
How Live Storytelling Is Helping People Cope With Mental Illness
Why Is There New Interest In Fusion Energy?
Floods In Italy Kill At Least 10 People
U.S. Rate of Recycling Decreases
STD, STI Cases Rise Each Year. Why Isn't The U.S. Making Any Progress?
STIs In Newborns Have Significantly Risen Over The Pandemic
How The Power Of Music Is Helping Patients With Alzheimer’s
Why Does Our Vision Get Worse As We Age?
U.S. Moved Online, Worked From Home More Often As Pandemic Raged
Former Senior CIA Officers Describe Their Mental Health Struggles
Asthma Cases Are Getting More Severe In The U.S.
Why Is The U.S. West Experiencing A Megadrought?
President Biden Touts Electric Vehicles At Detroit Auto Show
Nonprofit Trains Black Barbers To Be Mental Health Advocates
Curbing People With Mental Illness Away From Jail
The EPA Is Investigating The Jackson, Mississippi Water Crisis
Where Do Front Line Workers Go For Help With Mental Health Challenges?
America's Breakdown: Confronting Our Mental Health Crisis
Some Musicians Play Through Mental Health Issues From Industry
Thousands Of Minnesota Nurses Launch 3-Day Strike Over Pay
How Christians Are Coupling Biblical Concepts With Mental Wellness
In Parts Of The Mideast, Power Generators Spew Toxic Fumes 24/7
Exonerees Share How They Cope With Mental Health Challenges
In A Nod To JFK, President Biden Pushing 'Moonshot' To Fight Cancer
Next Level: Do Video Games Help Or Hurt Our Mental Health?
Weather Helping, But Threat From Western Fires Persists
Kentucky Residents Work To Rebuild 9 Months After Deadly Tornado
European Union Leaders Divided On How To Curb Soaring Energy Costs
Former Journalist Recounts Battle With Burnout, Mental Health Struggle
Ketamine For Psychedelic Mental Health Healing Grows In Popularity