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France Awards Grants To US Scientists Studying Climate Change
Trump Signs Declaration To Send American Astronauts To The Moon, Mars
Manned Moon Missions Ended After Apollo 17 — That Was 45 Years Ago
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Flint Could Soon Lose Its State-Supplied Bottled Water Program
Lawmaker Proposes Protecting Bears Ears Land From Mineral Mining
California's Wildfires Are Forming A Newly Classified Type Of Cloud
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Dozens Of Mayors Expected To Sign Their Own Climate Accord
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What Do You Do When A Demolished Stadium Won't Fall? Blow It Up Again
Ripple Effect: Water Reuse
Amazon Could Have Sparked The Merger Between CVS And Aetna
CVS Health To Buy Health Insurer Aetna For $69 Billion
NASA May Have Added Years To Voyager 1's Life
Trump Donates $100,000 Third-Quarter Salary To Fight Opioid Crisis
This 'Living Ink' Degrades Pollutants And Helps With Organ Transplants
Humanity's Code: Medicine Gets Personal
Scientists Are Really Excited About This Discovery Of Pterosaur Eggs
Unwrapping Mummy Secrets With X-Rays
Trump Is Expected To Announce He'll Shrink 2 National Monuments
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How Coral Transplants Could Save The Great Barrier Reef
You Can Soon Own The Record NASA Created For Aliens
Humanity's Code: Power Of Numbers
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What Is The Kigali Amendment, And Why Are We Hearing About It Now?
Flies Carry Even More Bacteria Than You Might Think
Full Circle: How One Man Turned His Recovery Into A Business
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We're Lighting Up Earth At An Alarming Rate
The FCC Plans To Roll Back Net Neutrality Rules
Debriefing 'Revolt': Media Shouldn't Ignore Religion
NASA Says This Asteroid Is A First For More Than One Reason
Turkey Poop Might One Day Power Your Home
Revolt: The Kingdom And The Power
Earthquakes Could Get Worse In 2018 Due To Earth's Slowing Rotation
Scientists Throw Cold Water On Mars Water Finding
Keystone XL Pipeline Gets The Green Light From Nebraska Regulators
Trump Pauses The Decision On Importing African Elephant Trophies
A New NASA Time Lapse Shows 20 Years Of Life On Earth
Having A Canine Companion Could Help You Live A Longer, Healthier Life
Researchers Are Trying To Talk To Extraterrestrials Using Music
Canada And The UK Form International Alliance To Fight Against Coal
Keystone Pipeline Temporarily Shut Off After South Dakota Oil Leak
Debriefing 'Revolt': Will Utility Companies Join Clean Energy Push?
Something Else, Not Gluten, Might Be Making Some People Sick
Texas Leads The Country In Wind Energy
Scientists Don't Know Where All This Extra Antimatter Came From
The US Will Allow Imports Of Elephant Trophies From Zimbabwe, Zambia
Secretary Zinke Questions His Department's Loyalty
Chimps Can Spread The Alert About Danger Just Like Humans Do
New Planetary Discovery Is An Important Step For Finding Another Earth
FDA Warns About 'Deadly Risks' Of Taking Kratom For Opioid Addiction
You Could Have High Blood Pressure Under These New Guidelines
Revolt: Bigger In Texas
More Than 15,000 Scientists Have Issued A Warning To Humanity
Bill Gates Wants To Find A Cure For Alzheimer's
CDC: Drinking Water Contaminated By Algal Toxins Made People Sick
All Those Bugs In Your Home Are Picky About Its Interior
Henry Red Cloud Brings Solar Energy To Tribal Lands
The Head Of The EPA Is Waging War On The Agency From Inside
WHO To Farmers: Stop Giving So Many Antibiotics To Healthy Animals
Wounds Can Heal Faster Depending On When The Injury Happened
Plane In Roy Halladay Crash Marketed For 'Non-Pilots' And Low Flying
Air Pollution In New Delhi Reaches Dangerous Levels
Could China Be The New Global Leader On Climate Change Reform?
Debriefing 'Revolt': Why Native American Tribes Need Capital
The US Is Now The Only Country Not On Board With The Paris Accord
Buying Cannabis-Based CBD Medicines Online Is A Gamble
NASA Thinks You Can Come Up With A Cooler Name Than (486958) 2014 MU69
Revolt: A Tale Of Two Tribes
Lawmakers May Soon OK Drilling In The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Spending Too Much Time In Space Could Literally Mess With Your Brain
A New Climate Report Has Some Worried About The White House's Response
Laika The Canine Cosmonaut First Orbited Earth 60 Years Ago
Treating Diseases With Young People's Blood??
The Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Just Did Something It Hasn't In Decades
Following Misconduct Allegations, Kevin Spacey Is Seeking Treatment
We Shouldn't Turn Our Clocks Back If We Want To Save Energy
The New Mars Rover Has More Cameras Than Any Before It
Scientists Found A Secret Chamber In The Great Pyramid
The White House Now Has A Plan To Fight The Opioid Crisis
When Terror Attacks Become 'Part Of Life,' Many Can Succumb To Fatigue
A Brief Explainer On Obamacare Enrollment For 2018
US Officials Accuse More Drugmakers Of Overcharging For Certain Drugs
How To 'Listen' To The Eerie Sounds Of Space