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Two 'Bridgegate' Officials Are Heading To Prison
The 'Failing' NYT Fact-Checked The President On Its Election Coverage
The Fight To Repeal Obamacare Might Not Be Over
White House Staff Also Plans To Skip The Correspondents Dinner
Anti-Abortion Activists Face Charges For Filming Planned Parenthood
Government Watchdog Agrees To Look Into Trump's Mar-A-Lago Trips
A Woman's Debrief: 'Sister Scientist' Brings New Perspective
After A Rough 2016, Democrats Are Cleaning House
President Trump Will Decide If Internet Providers Can Sell User Data
Kansas And Other Red States Push To Expand Medicaid Under ACA
Trump's Treasury Secretary Might Have 'Jokingly' Broken Ethics Rules
Republican Congressman Cancels Hearing About Trump's Ties With Russia
Scottish Parliament Supports Independence Referendum Ahead Of Brexit
Trump Signs Order To Roll Back Obama's Clean Power Plan
President James K. Polk's Body May Be Moved For A Fourth Time
Canada Might Legalize Recreational Weed In 2018
Trump's Travel Ban Gets Support From 13 States
Trump Taps Son-In-Law Jared Kushner To Head New White House Office
DOJ Takes Aim At Sanctuary Jurisdictions Through Funding Cuts
House Intel Chairman Met Trump Surveillance Source Near White House
How Corporations Could Soon Buy And Sell Your Online History
'Let America Vote' Counters Trump's Call For Tighter Voting Laws
Trump Will Sign Executive Order To Undo Obama Power Plant Regulations
Bernie Sanders Will Reintroduce 'Medicare For All' Single-Payer Plan
New Report Puts Michael Flynn's Foreign Ties Under More Scrutiny
California Could Square Off With The White House Over Auto Emissions
Reeling From Health Care Loss, Trump Administration Turns To Taxes
Democrats' Obamacare Celebrations Might Be Short-Lived
Virginia Court Gives Trump His First Win On Updated Travel Ban
GOP Pulls Obamacare Replacement Bill After Failing To Muster Votes
Paul Manafort Agrees To Interview On Russian Ties
In Lower Courts, Trump Could Reshape The Judiciary From The Ground Up
US Marshals Sent To Protect Judge Who Blocked Latest Travel Ban
Federal Agency Says Trump's DC Hotel Lease Is In 'Full Compliance'
US To View Social Media History Of Some Visa Applicants
CBO: New GOP Health Care Bill Is More Expensive, Not More Effective
Top Democrat Says 'No' To Neil Gorsuch Confirmation
'Vaping Congressman' Hunter Investigated For Misusing Campaign Money
House Republicans Delay Vote On Bill To Repeal And Replace Obamacare
This Federal Agency Will Soon Allow Dogs At Work
Senate Votes To Let Internet Providers Sell Your Info To Advertisers
'Borked': How A 1987 SCOTUS Nominee Still Affects Nominations Today
The Secret Service Wanted A $60M Budget Increase To Protect The Trumps
House Intel Committee Leads Split Over Trump Surveillance
SCOTUS Rules In Favor Of Students With Disabilities
Tillerson On Why He's Different: 'I Didn't Want This Job'
These Women Broke Ceilings To Change The Rules Of Politics
Former Trump Campaign Chief Promoted Russia's Interests, Report Says
Trump And Gorsuch Feel Very Differently About Criticizing Judges
North Korea's Latest Missile Test Exploded Within Seconds
Fox News Pulls Judge Napolitano Off The Air After Wiretapping Claims
Anti-Muslim Activist Says She Had A Meeting At The White House
Manafort Back In Hot Seat Over Payments From Pro-Russian Party
What Neil Gorsuch Could Mean For Roe V. Wade And The Abortion Debate
Schwarzenegger Trolls Trump On Approval Ratings, Proposed Budget Cuts
Trump Gives NASA The Go-Ahead To Get Humans To Mars
Neil Gorsuch Tells Senators He Wouldn't Bend To Trump On Supreme Court
Rex Tillerson Is Skipping A NATO Meeting, And Critics Are Concerned
Republicans Make Some Big Changes To Their Health Care Bill
Women Protest New Texas Abortion Bills With Silent Demonstration
Ivanka Trump Is Getting An Office At The White House
Donald Trump Attacks Obamacare In A State Where It Had Success
White House Defends Trump's Golf Outings As Business Trips
Trump Administration Will Boycott UN Council, Citing Anti-Israel Bias
FBI Director Fact-Checks Trump's Live Tweet During Hearing
Two Magazines Cancel Regular Correspondents' Dinner Party
Neil Gorsuch Faces Criticism From Dems During Confirmation Hearing
FBI Confirms It's Investigating Any Russian Links To Trump Campaign
FBI Director Shoots Down Trump's Unproven Wiretapping Claims
Neil Gorsuch Accused Of Saying That Women 'Manipulate' Maternity Leave
John Oliver Takes Issue With The President's Proposed Budget Cuts
Meet George Conway: Kellyanne's Husband, Rumored DOJ Hire
US Treasury Secretary Moves G20 Away From Avoiding Protectionism
The Artist Behind This Anti-Trump Billboard Is Getting Death Threats
Trump Says Germany 'Owes' The US And NATO For Defense
Fox News Contradicts Its Own Contributor On British-Spying Claims
Its Funding In Danger, Meals On Wheels Sees Donations Skyrocket
Justice Department Hands Over Report On Trump's Wiretap Claims
Stolen Secret Service Laptop Could Pose A National Security Risk
EPA Gives Michigan $100M To Help Fix Flint's Water Issues
Irish Leader Gives Trump A History Lesson With Immigration Remarks
Trump Tried To Bond With Merkel Over Unproven Wiretapping Claims
Project Exile: What To Know About Jeff Sessions' Plan To Reduce Crime
Donald Trump And Angela Merkel's First Photo Op Was A Bit Awkward
Poll Finds Many People Want A Plan To Help Immigrants Become Legal
US Officials Reportedly Apologize To The UK Over Spying Claims
The Budget Blueprint Would Give Trump's Border 'Wall' A Boost
The Slow Demise Of NASA's Plan To Take Humans To An Asteroid
The White House Wants To Privatize Air Traffic Control
It Might Be Their First Meeting, But Trump And Merkel Have A History
Budget Proposal Would Hurt Local Stations More Than NPR Or PBS
Trump Plans To Cut $6 Billion In Development And Housing Grants
The White House Promises A Court Battle Over Second Blocked Travel Ban
Former Acting CIA Director Doubts Trump-Russia Collusion
Chelsea Clinton's New Book Takes A Page From Sen. Elizabeth Warren
US Diplomacy And 'Soft Power' Face Big Cuts In Trump's Budget
Congress Fails To Find Proof For Trump's Wiretapping Claims (Again)
Senator Says The EPA Is 'Brainwashing Our Kids'
Trump's Words Are Back To Haunt Him As His New Travel Ban Stalls
Trump's First Budget Plan Would Take An Ax To The EPA's Funds