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Migrant Families Sue Trump Administration For Mental Health Costs
Alex Jones Is Now Permanently Banned From Twitter And Periscope
New Kavanaugh Emails Shed Light On His Thoughts About Abortion, Race
Proposed Rule Would Let Government Detain Migrant Kids Longer
Immigration Battle Lines Takes Shape Ahead Of Midterms
Kim Jong Un Throws A Military Parade To Celebrate Country's Founding
Why People Are Calling Brett Kavanaugh An 'Originalist'
US Slaps Sanctions On North Korean Hacker For Several Cyber Attacks
Several White House Officials Deny Writing Anonymous NYT Op-Ed
Just How Unprecedented Was The NYT's Trump Op-Ed?
Judge: Don't Mention Mueller Investigation During Manafort's Trial
Trump Calls NYT Op-Ed By Unnamed White House Official 'Gutless'
Jeff Bezos Donates $10 Million To A Nonpartisan Super PAC
Young Users Are Logging Off Facebook — Or Leaving It Entirely
Kavanaugh Sidesteps Presidential Powers Questions At Hearing
Syrian Government Attack On Idlib Poses More Crisis In Syria
Pompeo Vows To 'Reset' Strained U.S.-Pakistan Ties
South Korean Delegation Meets With Kim Jong-Un
Some Senators Set Up Empty Chair At Hearing To Shame Google
North Carolina To Use Gerrymandered Map For Midterm Election
Mueller Might Accept Some Written Answers From Trump In Russia Probe
Pressley Upsets 10-Term Incumbent In Stunning Massachusetts Primary
A Recap Of The First Day Of Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation Hearings
Russian And Syrian Airstrikes Hit ​Rebel-Held Idlib Province
Document Debate Monopolizes First Day Of SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings
Arizona Governor Appoints Sen. John McCain's Replacement
College Courtrooms: Why Assault Cases Use Low Standards Of Evidence
EPA Watchdog Releases Review Of Scott Pruitt's Security
The New Yorker Disinvites Steve Bannon From Festival After Backlash
Catalonia's President Will Reportedly Relaunch Independence Campaign
Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Off To A Contentious Start
Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing To Begin As Scheduled Tuesday
State Department Unit Hasn't Received Funds To Fight Election Meddling
Kansas High Court Rules Grand Jury Must Investigate Kobach
White House Holding Back Over 100,000 Pages Of Kavanaugh Documents
President Trump Threatens To Cut Canada Out Of New Trade Deal
DeVos Clarifies Her Position On Guns In Schools
Palestinians, UN React To US Cutting Aid To Relief Group
California Sends FCC-Defying Net Neutrality Law To Governor's Desk
Obama, Bush Speak At Sen. John McCain's Private Service
Lobbyist Pleads Guilty And Agrees To Work With Prosecutors
Trump Administration Will Cut Aid To UN's Palestinian Refugee Program
Trump Administration Hopes To Have New NAFTA Deal In 30 Days
Lawmakers Gather At Capitol To Remember Sen. John McCain
Mourners Line The Streets of DC To Honor Sen. John McCain
Fact-checking The President's Claim About South African Farmers
This Claim About Rep. Kevin Cramer's Health Care Stance Isn't Accurate
North Carolina Redistricting Ruling Could Upend Elections
Trump Says Jeff Sessions' Job Is Safe, Until November Anyway
USPS Apologizes For Releasing Congressional Candidate's Personal Data
Nearly 500 Immigrant Children Are Still In The US Government's Custody
What Does It Mean To 'Lie In State'?
Twitter Is Cracking Down On Ads Linked To Hot-Button Political Issues
How Colleges Are Handling A High-Risk Time For Sexual Assault
A Street In California Will Be Named After Former Pres. Obama
The Trump Administration Might Be Revving Up For Another Anti-Pot Push
Memorial Service Honors John McCain's Legacy Of Bipartisanship
Trump Cancels Pay Raise For Government Employees
US To Allow Relief From Steel, Aluminum Quotas On Case-By-Case Basis
Suing Women-Only Spaces In The Name of Men's Rights
Americans Want Medicare For All, But How Do We Pay For it?
Mueller's Team Asks For More Time To Decide On A Manafort Retrial
DeVos Reportedly Preparing New Campus Sexual Misconduct Policies
Report: US Embassy Issues Memo About South African Farmer Deaths
George Papadopoulos Will Stick With Plea Deal, Wife Says
Blankenship Denied Bid On West Virginia Ballot Under 'Sore Loser' Law
There's No Evidence Of A 400 Percent Rise In Black Business Ownership
FBI Refutes Trump's Claim That China Hacked Clinton's Email Server
Florida's Governor Race Pits A Progressive Against A Trump Fan
US Trade Commission Overturns Tariffs On Canadian Newsprint
Paul Manafort Asks For Upcoming Trial To Be Moved
Iran Might Leave Nuclear Deal
The Peace Corps Has A Sexual Assault Problem. A New Bill Could Help.
Judge Kavanaugh Gets Prepped For Hearing By Longtime Friend
White House Counsel Don McGahn Will Step Down This Fall
Democrat Andrew Gillum Makes History In Florida Gubernatorial Primary
Canada Has Until Friday To Make A Decision On NAFTA
House Democrats Urge DeVos Not To Let States Buy Guns For Teachers
Toomey: US-Mexico Deal Needs Canada On Board For 'Fast Track' Option
Venezuela's Government Says It Repatriated 89 Citizens From Peru
Mattis: US Has No Plans To Cancel Military Drills With South Korea
Trump Claims Google Search Results Are 'Rigged' Against Him
Republicans Run Towards Trump In Arizona, Florida Primaries
Dream Jobs: Political Cartoonist
North Korea Allegedly Sent 'Belligerent' Letter To Mike Pompeo
Newsy/Ipsos Poll Challenges Perceptions Of Guns And NRA
Federal Agency May Have Misled Congress About FBI Headquarters Plan
North Carolina Judges Rule Congressional Map Is Still Unconstitutional
USDA To Buy $1.2 Billion In American Crops To Offset Tariffs' Impact
Internet Groups Urge Court To Restore Net Neutrality Rules
Trump Releases Statement On McCain 2 Days After Senator's Death
Sen. John McCain Honored In Washington
LeBron's New School, Trump Watch And A Texas Race On 'What The Fact'
White House Returns US Flag To Full Staff Following McCain's Death
China, N. Korea Hit Back After US Diplomatic Visit Is Canceled
Colleagues React To Death Of US Sen. John McCain
US Senator John McCain Dies After Battle With Brain Cancer
How John McCain Became America's Maverick
Democrats Vote To Reform Nomination Process, Targeting Superdelegates
Houston Votes On $2.5B Flood Prevention Bond