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Far-Right Candidate Bolsonaro Wins Brazilian Presidential Election
George Papadopoulos Wants Immunity To Testify Before Senate Committee
Iran's Parliament Approves 4 New Ministers Amid Economic Reshuffle
'Up For Debate' Full Episode: Automation Will Crash Democracy
Migrant Caravan Rejects Mexican President's Offer To Settle In Mexico
Mattis To Send More Troops To US-Mexico Border
Putin Invited To Visit Washington Early Next Year
Mexican President Offers Caravan Incentives To Seek Asylum There
Trump's iPhone Use Leaves Him As Vulnerable As The Rest Of Us
Suspect Arrested In Pipe Bomb Mailings Publicly Identified
Ahead Of Midterms, Facebook Announces Takedown Of More Fake Accounts
Caitlyn Jenner: 'I Was Wrong' About Trump's Commitment To LGBTQ Rights
President Trump Says Saudi Arabia Sends $450 Billion To US. It Doesn't
Fact-Checking The Debate In Missouri's Senate Race
No, This SCOTUS Ruling Doesn't Strip Native Americans Of Voting Rights
Trump Reportedly Weighing Closing The Southern Border To Migrants
It'll Soon Be Legal To Hack Your DRM-Locked Devices For Repair
Trump Unveils Plan To Rework US Drug-Pricing System
US Imposes New Sanctions On Entities Supporting North Korea
Study Says Americans United On Being Divided
Young Voters Say They're Ready To Have An Impact On Midterms
Senate Showdown: Meet The Players From Tennessee
The Number Of Suspicious Packages Keeps Growing
China And Russia Are Reportedly Spying On Trump's Phone Calls
Gov. Watchdog: HHS, DHS Weren't Ready For 'Zero Tolerance' Policy
FBI Sending Suspicious Packages To Quantico For Analysis
Federal Reserve Banks Say The New NAFTA Won't Help US Dairy Farmers
FBI Confirms Similarities Between Suspicious Packages
Do George Soros Conspiracy Theories Promote Anti-Semitism?
Court: Georgia Can't Reject Ballots Over Perceived Signature Mismatch
Putin Warns European Countries Not To Host US Nukes
The Breakup Of A US-Russia Treaty Might Be All About Chinese Missiles
Trump Signs Sweeping Opioid Legislation Into Law
Social Media's Misinformation Crackdown Falls Flat Ahead Of Midterms
NATO Head Doesn't Think Alliance Will Deploy More Nuclear Weapons
US Conducting Cyber Operation Against Russian Interference In Midterms
Facebook Launches New Database That Shows US Political Ad Spending
HHS Reportedly Wants To Narrow The Definition Of Sex Under Title IX
HHS Partnering With States To Help Moms, Babies With Opioid Addiction
Trump Administration Weakens Obamacare Waiver Guidelines For States
G7 Leaders Condemn Khashoggi's Death In 'Strongest Possible Terms'
Sandra Day O'Connor Says She Has Dementia, Likely Alzheimer's
SCOTUS Rules Ross Does Not Have To Answer Questions In Census Suit
Trump Says There Won't Be Any New Tax Cuts Before Midterm Elections
Why Trump Believes Migrant Caravan Is 'A Great Republican Issue'
Activists Respond To Reported HHS Proposal On Title IX Protections
Midterm Matchup: 'What The Fact' Checks Florida Governor Race
Texas Democrats Vie To Turn State Blue In 2018 Midterms
Trans Rights Protesters At Rally: 'We Will Not Be Erased'
Trump Threatens To Cut Aid To Central American Countries Over Caravan
Video Shows Saudi Body Double Dressed In Khashoggi's Clothes
Bolton In Moscow As Tensions Rise Over Nuclear Treaty
Saudis Call Khashoggi's Death A 'Mistake,' As Turkey Speaks Out
Mnuchin Heads To Saudi Arabia Amid Backlash Over Journalist's Death
Trump Announces US Will Leave Nuclear Treaty With Russia
Nearly A Million People Protest For A Brexit Revote
Saudis Say Jamal Khashoggi Is Dead, But Their Story Draws Skepticism
107,000 Georgia Voters Purged Because They Didn't Vote
Federal Judge Sets Sentencing Date For Paul Manafort
US Agencies Warn Of Interference Attempts Ahead Of Midterm Elections
Khashoggi Case Forces US To Choose Between Interests And Values
House Dems: Trump Might've Had Financial Motive In Halting FBI HQ Move
This Border Policy Option Is Being Called 'Separation 2.0'
Charlotte Pence On Broken Friendships, Lessons Learned Post-2016
Did Andrew Gillum Refuse Help To Get Power On After Hurricane Hermine?
White House Aides Reportedly Got Into 'Explosive' Shouting Match
Trump Commends Congressman Who 'Body Slammed' Guardian Reporter
Does The President Owe Elizabeth Warren A $1 Million Donation?
Internal Investigation Finds Interior Secretary Violated Travel Policy
U.S. Merges Consulate For Palestinians Into Israel Embassy
Florida Tweaks Voting Rules In Counties Affected By Hurricane Michael
Why Honduran Migrants — Especially Women — Are Heading North
Trump Admits Khashoggi Is Probably Dead, Promises 'Severe' Punishment
Mnuchin Won't Attend Upcoming Economic Summit In Saudi Arabia
Pompeo: Saudis Should Have More Time To Finish Khashoggi Investigation
Senate Showdown: Meet The Players From Missouri
Facebook Sets Up 'War Room' To Avoid Another Election Scandal
Timing Of Saudi Arabia's $100 Million Payment To US Seems Suspect
Women In NV 65% More Likely To Be Shot To Death By Intimate Partner
Theresa May Could Extend Post-Brexit Transition Period
Don McGahn's Tenure As White House Counsel Is Reportedly Over
After Talks Over Khashoggi Case, Pompeo Emphasizes US-Saudi Alliance
CDC: Nearly 100 People Are Sick In Drug-Resistant Salmonella Outbreak
How Filipinos Shaped An American Labor Movement In The '60s
Former Ed. Secy. Arne Duncan Talks Teachers Running In Midterms
Midterm Matchup: 'What The Fact' Checks West Virginia Senate Race
U.S. Treasury Employee Arrested For Alleged Manafort Leaks
After Deficit Report, Trump Asks Cabinet Leaders For 5% Budget Cuts
This Doc Explores 'The Year Of The Woman' From The Ground Up
2018 Midterms Could Be 'Year Of The Woman' For Only One Party
Trump Is Pulling The US From Another International Agreement
Queensland, Australia Legalizes Abortion
Twitter Releases Millions Of Tweets Linked To Russia, Iran Campaigns
Honduran Migrant Caravan Continues Trek Toward US-Mexico Border
Canada Legalizes Recreational Marijuana
Trump Defends Saudi Arabia Following Journalist's Disappearance
How The US Could Hold Saudi Arabia Accountable In Khashoggi Case
GOP's Kavanaugh Win Could Inspire Midterms Revenge For Dems
Obama-era Student Loan Relief Program Can Now Take Effect
Australia PM Takes A Cue From Trump Ahead Of Local Election