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CBP: More Than 144,000 Migrants Taken Into Custody In May
Trump Relies On Emergency Powers For Tariff Threats Against Mexico
Emails Show Texas Governor's Office Played Part In Failed Voter Purge
Canada Announces $1 Billion In Reproductive Health Funding Worldwide
HHS Looking At Military Bases To House Unaccompanied Migrant Kids
House Passes Bill To Give 'Dreamers' A Path To Citizenship
Women Testify Before House Committee About Abortion Issues
Biden Pitches $1.7 Trillion Plan To Protect 'Livability Of Our Planet'
Kremlin Dismisses Trump's Claim It's Removing Military From Venezuela
Trump Brings Health Care Into US-UK Trade Talks
White House Directs Hicks, Donaldson To Not Turn Over Documents
House Lawmakers Launch Antitrust Investigation Into Big Tech Companies
US Makes It Harder For Americans To Visit Cuba
House Committee Seeking To Hold William Barr, Wilbur Ross In Contempt
China Warns Its Citizens About Traveling To The US
Judge Denies House Request To Block Border Wall Funding
Washington Roundup: Congress Finally Passes A Disaster Relief Bill
House Passes $19 Billion Disaster Aid Bill
Trump Boosts Boris Johnson For Prime Minister During UK Visit
Supreme Court Denies Request To Expedite Decision On DACA Case
China Blames The Trump Administration For Failed Trade Negotiations
Trump Meets Queen At Buckingham Palace In Official State Visit To U.K.
Top White House Economist Is Preparing To Step Down
Most US Visa Applicants Now Face Social Media Screening
US And Mexican Officials Begin High-Level Talks After Tariff Threat
FDA Warns Austrian Doctor To End Telemedical Abortion Services
Watchdog Report Finds Migrant Facility That's Dangerously Overcrowded
Shanahan Says US Won't 'Tiptoe' Around 'Chinese Behavior'
Admiral McRaven Talks Life, Saddam Hussein And Millennials
Admiral William H. McRaven Speaks On Iran And Foreign Policy
Missouri Planned Parenthood Can Keep Providing Abortions For Now
Cruz and Ocasio-Cortez Team Up To Ban 'Revolving Door' Lobbyists
Deceptively Edited Videos Misrepresent Nancy Pelosi's Speech
Trump Says US' Merit-Based Immigration Lags Behind Other Countries
Booker Makes Overly Broad Comment About Lack Of Federal Gun Laws
Trump Announces Tariffs On All Goods Imported From Mexico
Documents Suggest Census Citizenship Question Would Help Republicans
CBD Is Common. Is It Safe Or Legal?
China Calls US Trade Moves 'Economic Terrorism' As Tensions Grow
New Hampshire Has Abolished The Death Penalty
Activist Faces Trial For Giving Shelter, Water To Migrants In Desert
Former US Senator Thad Cochran Dies At 81
White House Reportedly Wanted USS McCain Hidden During Trump Visit
Overturning Precedent Is Not A Partisan Issue
Pelosi Calls Facebook A 'Willing Enabler' Of Russian Interference
DNC Toughens Requirements For Fall Presidential Debates
Here's How Joe Biden Wants To Tackle Education In America
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Responds To Mueller's Statement
Why A Trump Indictment Was Off The Table For Mueller
McConnell Says The GOP Would Fill Any Potential SCOTUS Vacancy In 2020
Trump Discourages Roy Moore From Running In 2020 US Senate Race
Robert Mueller Speaks Out Publicly About Russia Investigation
Disaster Relief Bill Held Up In House Again Over A Single Objection
Supreme Court Won't Hear Pennsylvania Transgender Bathroom Case
May's Exit Leaves UK At A Crossroads On Brexit And Trump
SCOTUS Upholds Indiana Abortion Provision On Disposal Of Fetal Remains
SCOTUS Could Decide If US Protections Extend To Foreign Citizens
Americans' Views On Abortion Aren't So Binary: Newsy Poll
Texas State Secretary Resigns Following Mishandled Voter Rolls Purge
Texas Bill Would Let People Carry Handguns After Natural Disasters
President Trump Wraps Up 4-Day State Visit In Japan
Roe V. Wade Attorney: 'The Opponents Are Going Way Too Far'
Mati Diop Is First Black Woman Filmmaker To Win Cannes' Grand Prix
Taiwan, US Officials Meet For First Time In 40 Years
House Panels Delay Enforcing Bank Subpoenas For Trump's Records
Trump Not 'Bothered' By Recent North Korean Missile Launches
EU Parliament Elections See Their Highest Voter Turnout Since 1994
Trump Says Japan And US Are 'Getting Close' To Trade Deal
Director Of US Citizenship And Immigration Services Resigns
House Bill Could Give Boost To Small-Business Retirees, Part-Timers
Nike's Future Contracts Will Protect Athletes' Pay During Pregnancy
Border Wall Construction Funding Temporarily Blocked
Texas To Approve $1.6 Billion For Teacher Pay Raises
Supreme Court Blocks Orders In Ohio, Michigan Gerrymandering Cases
Groups Ramp Up Messaging Efforts On Judicial Picks Ahead Of 2020
How Mental Health Parity Complications Are Hurting Patients
Survey Shows Most Americans' Views On Abortion Aren't All-Or-Nothing
House Committee Approves Amendment To Repeal 'Blank Check for War'
ACLU, Planned Parenthood File Lawsuit To Block Alabama Abortion Ban
North Korea Issues Ultimatum Over Denuclearization Talks With US
Missouri's Governor Signs 8-Week Abortion Ban Into Law
Judge Questions Whether House Can Sue To Stop Border Wall Construction
British Prime Minister Theresa May Announces Resignation
Trump Orders Intel Agencies To Help With Barr Review Of Russia Probe
Juncker Suggests UK May Be Headed For Another Brexit Extension
Senator Looks To Require Reporting of Contact with Foreign Agents
Half A Million Farms Have Received Federal Aid Amid China Trade War
Rep. Crenshaw Wrongly Says Vast Majority Of Asylum Claims Are Invalid
USDA Announces More Aid For Farmers Impacted By Tariffs
President Trump Keeps Saying China Is Paying The Tariffs. He's Wrong.
Here's How Trump's Tariffs On China Might Affect What You Buy
Student Debt Is Reshaping Lives — And The Campaign Trail
Harriet Tubman Won't Grace The $20 Bill Anytime Soon
Fact-Check: When Do 'Most Women' Find Out They're Pregnant?
HHS Says A Migrant Child Died In US Custody Back In September
Classifying 'Middle Class' Is Messy Business
Judge Rules Banks Can Release Trump's Financial Records To Congress
Calls Grow For Theresa May To Resign Over Latest Brexit Plan
Discussions On Infrastructure Fall Apart Over House Investigations
How One 2020 Candidate Wants to Help Veterans Get Medical Weed