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Why These US Businesses Want More Foreign Guest Workers
Senator Wants To Ban Video Game Loot Boxes And 'Pay-To-Win'
Why The US Is On High Alert Over Iran
How Much Do Federal Tax Breaks Help Out Fossil Fuel Companies?
US Seizes North Korean Ship For Alleged Sanctions Violations
Alabama Senate Gets Into Shouting Match During Abortion Bill Debate
Trump Promises $448 Million In Disaster Relief To Florida
Immigrants Fear Having Health Insurance Could Hurt Legal Status
Florida Gov. Signs Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns On Campus
More Than 100,000 Migrants Tried To Cross Southern Border In April
Denver Votes To Become First City To Decriminalize 'Magic Mushrooms'
State Senate In New York Passes 2 Bills, One On Trump's Tax Returns
Senate Intelligence Committee Reportedly Subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr.
A Precedent-Setter: Executive Privilege Vs. Congressional Oversight
Religious Generational Divide Could Affect Courting Of Black Voters
House Democrats Mull Their Options After Barr Contempt Vote
House Committee Votes Whether To Hold AG Barr In Contempt
Trump Invokes Executive Privilege Over Mueller Report, Subpoenaed Docs
Elizabeth Warren Unveils Plan To Fight The Opioid Epidemic
China Threatens To Retaliate If US Raises Tariffs On Friday
NYT Says 10 Years Of Tax Info Shows Trump Lost Over $1 Billion
Pompeo Makes Surprise Trip To Iraq Amid Tensions With Iran
Top Senate Republicans Push For Progress On Disaster Aid Package
Iran Says It's Reducing Its Commitments To The Iran Nuclear Deal
Appeals Court Says US Can Keep Sending Some Asylum-seekers To Mexico
US Lifts Sanctions On Venezuelan General Who Broke With Maduro
Presidents Have Wide Discretion When It Comes To Medals Of Freedom
White House Tells Lawmakers Don McGahn Will Not Turn Over Documents
William Barr Wouldn't Be The First Attorney General Held In Contempt
US Reportedly Refused To Sign Arctic Council Declaration
McConnell Calls For End To Investigations Into Trump
Chelsea Manning Formally Asks To Be Released From Federal Prison
Georgia Governor Signs Controversial Abortion Bill
Trump Pardons Former Soldier Convicted Of Killing Iraqi Prisoner
US Confirms It's Raising Tariffs On Chinese Goods This Week
Former Prosecutors: Trump Could Have Been Charged With Obstruction
Steven Mnuchin Refuses Congress' Request For Trump’s Tax Returns
Trump Administration Considers Plan That Could Tweak Poverty Threshold
Sanders Assails Big Ag Companies, Pledges Help For Small Farmers
Microsoft To Release New Tools To Fight Election Hacking
Washington Roundup: A Contempt Citation Might Not Mean Much For Barr
Cory Booker Lays Out An Ambitious Plan To Tackle Gun Control
Michael Cohen Starts His Three-Year Prison Sentence
House Committee Takes First Step To Hold AG Barr In Contempt
US Deploys Aircraft Carrier Strike Group To Middle East
New Guidelines For Asylum Officers Could Lead To More Rejections
Florida Legislators Pass Bill That Prevents Some Ex-Felons From Voting
Illinois May Be The Next State To Legalize Marijuana
CBP Opens 2 New Tent Facilities In Texas To House Migrants
This Presidential Candidate Wants The US To Run On 100% Clean Energy
Steep Drop In Visas For Afghans, Iraqis Who Helped U.S. Forces
Judges Order Ohio Congressional Map To Be Redrawn Before 2020 Election
Nadler Threatens AG Barr With Contempt Proceedings Over Mueller Report
Klobuchar Releases Plan To Combat Addiction, Prioritize Mental Health
WH Letter Criticizes Mueller For Lack Of Decision On Obstruction
US Economy Added More Jobs Than Expected In April
Baltimore Mayor Resigns Amid Scandal Around Her Children's Books
Pentagon Report Finds Military Sexual Assaults Increased In 2018
Critics Are Trying To Use Biden's Long Voting History Against Him
Senate Fails To Override Trump's Veto Of Yemen War Measure
Trump Approves Rule Letting Health Workers Act On Religious Beliefs
Jared Kushner Made A Wildly Inaccurate Claim About Russian Influence
California Is A Leader On Health Care Issues, But It's Not Alone
Trump's 2nd Pick For Fed Board Withdraws From Consideration
Pelosi Says Barr Lied to Congress, But DOJ Says He Did Nothing Wrong
AG Barr Skipped A House Hearing. What Can Democrats Do About It?
Attorney General William Barr Skips House Judiciary Committee Hearing
US Ramps Up Pressure On Russia And Cuba To Stop Backing Maduro
DHS Reportedly Plans To Use DNA Tests To Detect 'Fake Families'
Sen. Michael Bennet Enters The 2020 Presidential Race
Florida Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns
DOJ Files Formal Request To Strike Down All Of Obamacare
What You Should Know About Barr's Testimony To Senate Panel
AG Barr Dismisses Concerns Raised In Mueller Letter
Virginia Judge Rules Confederate Statues Are Protected By State Law
White House Refuses House Panel's Request For Security Clearance Info
Why Canada Wants A Weed Trade Deal With The U.S.
White House Asks Congress For $4.5B In Emergency Spending For Border
Mueller Criticized Barr's Memo To Congress On The Russia Probe
Barr 'Surprised' Mueller Didn't Come To An Obstruction Conclusion
Valerie Jarrett Shares Her Personal Journey
Judge Denies Trump's Motion To Dismiss Emoluments Lawsuit
House Committee Refers Erik Prince To DOJ For Potential Prosecution
Washington Roundup: Why Oversight Is Good For Voters
The Rise And Decline Of The American Labor Union
Immigration Judges Say Court System Needs Resources, Not Quotas
House Panel Holds First-Ever 'Medicare For All' Hearing
Top Congressional Democrats Will Pursue Infrastructure Plan With Trump
AG Barr's Pushing Back On A Pretty Common Congressional Procedure
Feinstein To Reintroduce Bill To Raise Age To Buy Assault Weapons
High-Level US Delegation In China To Continue Trade Talks
Valerie Jarrett Talks Trump
The Pentagon Will Send 320 More Troops To The Southern Border
Trump Orders Changes To The Asylum Process
Trump Sues Banks To Block Them From Complying With Subpoenas
Valerie Jarrett Looks Forward To 2020
'What The Fact' Full Episode: Reaction To The Mueller Report
SCOTUS Rejects Joe Arpaio's Challenge To Special Counsel Appointment
Indiana's Longest-Serving US Senator, Richard Lugar, Dies At 87
White House Concedes On Ex-Security Director's Testimony To Congress