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Theresa May: No Return To A Hard Border With Ireland And N. Ireland
Vietnam's Success Story Makes It A Model Host For Trump-Kim Talks
Senate Passes Bill Pressing Trump To Keep Troops In Syria, Afghanistan
Russia Plans New Missile Systems After US Plans To Leave Treaty
Top US Commander Says He Wasn't Consulted On Syria Troop Withdrawal
Taliban Snub Of Afghan Government Could Hinder Peace Talks
Washington Roundup: What To Watch For During The State Of The Union
White House Official Previews Trump's State Of The Union
Federal Prosecutors Subpoena Trump Inaugural Committee
How Dreamers Feel About Never-Ending Negotiations Of Their Fate
What To Expect In The Democratic Response After Trump's SOTU Address
'Skutniks' And The Art Of Name-Dropping During The State Of The Union
California Could Signal Start of Troubling Trend in Health Care
Sen. Bernie Sanders Questions Big Pharma On $375,000 Drug Price Hike
Hawaii Lawmaker Proposes Bill That Would Effectively Ban Cigarettes
Trump Admin. Says Reuniting Migrant Kids, Families May Not Be Possible
The Economic State Of The Union Is Not Strong For Most Millennials
More Top Democrats Call For Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam To Resign
NBC Analysis: Russian Propaganda Sites Are Promoting Tulsi Gabbard
Virginia's Gov. Resists Calls To Resign After Racist Photo Surfaces
SCOTUS Blocks Louisiana's Controversial Abortion Bill
In A Tit-For-Tat, Russia Suspends Nuclear Treaty After The U.S.
Beyond The Grave, 'Comfort Women' Activist Demands Justice
Judge Considering Gag Order In Roger Stone Case
Elizabeth Warren Apologizes To Cherokee Nation For DNA Test
Reports: Trump Jr. Didn't Call Father Before Trump Tower Meeting
INF Treaty's Demise Gives US, Russia Room For New Nuclear Weapons
Negotiations To Keep Government Open Might Be At A Standstill — Again
What You Need To Know About 2020 Hopeful Cory Booker
Fact-check: Are Wages Keeping Up With The Cost Of Living?
Trump Tweets Misleading Information About Voter Fraud In Texas
Does The Top 10 Percent Already Pay Their 'Fair Share' In Taxes?
Trump Administration Proposes Rules To Lower Prescription Drug Prices
ICE Says It Got Court Order To Force Feed Detainees On Hunger Strike
Senate Amendment Declares ISIS, Al-Qaeda Are Still Threats To The US
'The Why' Talks To The Last American To Make A Deal With North Korea
Trump: China and US Want A Trade Deal They Can Both 'Be Proud Of'
Chris Christie: 'Toxic Forces' Surround Trump Presidency
This Millennial Is Shaking Things Up In Indiana's State Legislature
Most Government Workers Are Finally Getting Paid After Shutdown
Virginia Gov. Defends Comments He Made About Late-Term Abortions
Trump Signs Executive Order Expanding 'Buy American' Effort
Becoming An American: Zaid Nagi
Undocumented Worker Who Worked At Trump Golf Club Attending SOTU
Watchdog Report Says Afghan Government Control Is Shrinking
House Democrats Reintroduce New Legislation On Equal Pay
'The Why' On What's Next In Afghanistan
'Tell Me More': National Security In The Disinformation Age
Trump Properties To Use E-Verify To Screen All Workers
Dem. Rep Aguilar Says Border Talks Should Be Based On 'Evidence'
Becoming An American: Teofilo Chavez
Venezuelan High Court Prevents Opposition Leader From Leaving Country
US Resumes Trade Talks With China Wednesday
Mitch McConnell Pushes Against Troop Withdrawal In Syria, Afghanistan
Could An Independent Candidate Break Through in 2020?
US Intelligence Community Testifies On Global Threats
Washington Roundup: Are We Headed Toward Another Shutdown?
Senate Committee Pushes Back William Barr's Confirmation Vote
Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone Pleads Not Guilty At Arraignment
Michael Cohen To Testify Before House Intel Committee Next Month
President Trump To Give State Of The Union Address Next Week
Furloughed Workers Take On Improv To Cope During Shutdown
US Commits To Ousting Maduro In Venezuela
Government Shutdown Is Over, But Employees Still Waiting For Paychecks
CBO Report Estimates Economy Took $11 Billion Hit During The Shutdown
Texas Officials Question Citizenship Of 95,000 Registered Voters
Bolton Condemns Violence, Intimidation Against Diplomats In Venezuela
Becoming An American: John Sandweg
Pelosi: State Of The Union Address Will Not Be On Tuesday
President Trump Signs Bill To Reopen The Government For Three Weeks
AFGE Still Moving Forward With US Government Lawsuit Over Shutdown
Despite Shutdown Compromise, Concerns Linger For Air Travel
With Shutdown Deal, Lawmakers Still Have Work To Do On Border Security
How Roger Stone Became The GOP's Most Unconventional Operative
At Least 14,000 IRS Employees Skip Work Ahead Of Tax Filing Season
White House Credits Trump For Some 'Historic' Economic Changes
No, The Trumps Didn't Donate $1 Billion To Pay For A Border Wall
Do A Majority Of Opioids Enter The US Through Ports Of Entry?
Exclusive: Air Marshals Fear Shutdown Jeopardizing National Security
Becoming An American: Nisrin Elamin & Tahanie Aboushi
US Orders Non-Emergency Personnel To Leave Venezuela
Report: DHS To Begin Sending Asylum-seekers To Mexico To Await Rulings
Why This Dreamer Opposes Trump's Wall-For-DACA Deal
Venezuela's Maduro Faces His Toughest Challenger Yet
Kamala Harris The Prosecutor: Progressive Or Tough On Crime?
What A Mexican And US Border Town Think Of Trump's Wall
Not Many US Twitter Users Spread Fake News During The 2016 Election
NTSB Unable To Investigate Dozens Of Crashes During Shutdown
Senate Intelligence Committee Subpoenas Michael Cohen To Testify
Pompeo Says The US Is Ready To Send Venezuela $20M In Aid
Wilbur Ross: US-China Trade War Resolution Is 'Miles And Miles' Away
Russia Warns US And Others Against Military Intervention In Venezuela
Ohio Gov. Pledges To Sign Anti-Abortion 'Heartbeat Bill'
Becoming An American: Lee Wang
Trump Says He Won't Give State Of The Union Until Government Reopens
Kim Jong-Un Orders Preparations For Second Summit With Trump
NY Lawmakers Vote To Offer Financial Aid For Undocumented Students
State Department Security Conference Canceled Over Shutdown
Study: Government Owes Furloughed Workers $6 Billion In Back Pay
African-American Voters Could Be Key to Success for 2020 Democrats