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Politico: Trump Intervened To Slash Medicaid Funds For Puerto Rico
President Trump Signs $1.4 Trillion Spending Deal, Avoiding Shutdown
President Trump Signs National Defense Authorization Act Into Law
Native Americans React To Task Force Launched To Solve Missing Cases
PolI: Impeachment Puts Relationships To The Test At Holiday Gatherings
Evangelical Magazine Calls For Removal Of President
What The Fact: America's History With Food Stamps
Investigators Say Washington State Rep. Engaged In Domestic Terrorism
'White Nationalist' Cut From Measure To Screen Military Recruits
Senate Confirms Stephen Biegun To No. 2 Spot At The State Department
House Passes President Trump's Trade Deal With Mexico and Canada
Congress Struggles To Address Sexual Assault On Tribal Lands
How Did America's Food Assistance Program Get Started?
A Glossary Of Key Health Care Proposals
House Democrats Stalling on Sending Articles to the Senate
One Way Or Another, Obamacare As We Know It Will Change
Senate Passes Nearly $1.4 Trillion Federal Spending Deal
Execution May Set Dangerous Precedent Of Overruling Native Nations
New Jersey Reinstates Voting Rights For Paroled Residents
Attorney General William Barr Defends FISA, Calls It A 'Critical Tool'
White House Says It Would Veto Democratic Bill To Overturn SALT Cap
Queen Elizabeth II Declares Brexit The Priority On Parliament's Agenda
House Votes To Impeach President Trump
Rep. Mark Meadows Won't Seek Reelection
President Trump Denounces Impeachment Vote At His Michigan Rally
U.S. Appeals Court Rules ACA's Individual Mandate Is Unconstitutional
What The Senate Impeachment Trial Will Look Like
Tennessee Governor Says The State Will Continue Accepting Refugees
More Than 300,000 Inactive Voters Taken Off Georgia Rolls
Trump Admin Proposes New Rule To Further Limit Asylum Seekers
U.S. Bet On Venezuela Opposition, But Maduro Tightening Grip On Power
SCOTUS Agrees To Hear Case About Catholic School Teachers
Sen. Susan Collins Officially Announces Reelection Campaign
Judge Dismisses New York Fraud Case Against Paul Manafort
Secret FISA Court Slams FBI Over Surveillance Of Trump Campaign Aide
President Trump Sends Scathing Letter To House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
House Rules Committee Sets Terms For Impeachment Floor Debate
NBC: Acting Ambassador To Ukraine Bill Taylor To Step Down
'Vote Your Conscience': Democrats Brace For Historic Decision
After Thaw In Relations With U.S., Cuba Fears A Return To Hard Freeze
How $25M Can Improve What We Know About Gun Violence
Democratic Debate To Go On As Scheduled Thursday
House Passes Nearly $1.4 Trillion Federal Spending Deal
Former Trump Campaign Aide Rick Gates Sentenced In Federal Court
New Jersey Senate Postpones Vote On Vaccination Exemptions
Bipartisan Spending Bill To Fund Gun Safety Research
Washington Roundup: What To Expect From Congress In Early 2020
Federal Judge Schedules Michael Flynn's Sentencing
U.S. Will Reportedly Soon Send Asylum-Seekers To Honduras
U.S. Says It's 'Not Too Late' To Resume Nuclear Talks With North Korea
Wisconsin Judge Says 234K Voters Should Be Purged From Rolls
Schumer Names 4 Possible Witnesses For Impeachment Trial
Rep. Jeff Van Drew Staffers Resign As He Prepares To Switch Parties
House Judiciary Committee Releases Full Impeachment Report
Appeals Court Strikes Down Mississippi's 15-Week Abortion Ban
A Detained Immigrant Is Suing ICE For Blocking His DACA Renewal
China Calls Off New Tariffs On U.S. Goods After Trade Deal
Lawmakers Call For FBI Surveillance Reform After Horowitz Report
Supreme Court Will Hear Trump's Tax Returns Cases
Trump's Executive Order On Anti-Semitism Draws Mixed Response
Upcoming Democratic Debate Will Have Fewer Voices Of Color
Lawmakers Attack DeVos Over Actions On Student Loan Relief Program
Judiciary Democrats Send Impeachment To House Floor
What The Fact: Bloomberg's Record On Crime
Kentucky Gov.'s Voting Rights Order Could Exclude Up To 170,000 Felons
President Donald Trump Approves Trade Deal With China
Requested Emails On Withheld Ukraine Aid Almost Completely Redacted
Report: President Donald Trump Approves Proposed Trade Deal With China
Judge Rules South Carolina GOP Can Cancel 2020 Presidential Primary
Former Obama Drug Official Sued In Addiction Fraud Lawsuit
Disinformation In UK Elections Is Similar To What We Expect In 2020
Lev Parnas' Attorney To Fight U.S. Prosecutors' Request To Revoke Bail
House Approves Paid Parental Leave For Federal Workers
Lawmakers, Trump Push for Paid Leave at White House Summit
What Did Bloomberg Do To Help Reduce Crime In New York City?
N. Korea Accuses U.S. Of Provocation After Criticism Of Missile Tests
House Passes Citizenship Bill For Farmworkers
Second Judge Blocks Trump From Using Pentagon Funds For Border Wall
Prosecutors Want Lev Parnas' Bail To Be Revoked
Judiciary Committee Debates Articles Of Impeachment
Critics: Trump's Executive Order Could Chill Criticism Of Israel
Impeachment Explainer: What Are The Articles Against President Trump?
Congress Finalizes Permanent Funding for Historic Black Colleges
U.K. General Election 2019: Here's What To Expect
Turkey Threatens To Pull U.S. Air Base Use If Sanctions Are Imposed
Pentagon Suspends Training For Saudi Military Students In U.S.
Trump Pays $2M To Charities To Settle Foundation Lawsuit
Prosecutors Don't Oppose Rick Gates' Request For Probation
Pentagon Will Evaluate Troop Deployment At Border
Judge Blocks Use Of Pentagon Funds For Border Wall Construction
House Democrats Unveil Two Articles of Impeachment
Russian Foreign Minister Has Second Oval Office Meeting With Trump
Democrats Back Trump's USMCA Deal After Winning Labor Protections
Israel Faces Potential Third Election
Federal Workers Would Get 12 Weeks Of Paid Parental Leave In New Deal
OCE Gives More Details About Duncan Hunter's Misuse Of Campaign Funds
House Judiciary Committee Presents Articles Of Impeachment
Washington Roundup: Impeachment Aside, Congress Is Plenty Busy
DOJ Watchdog Report Finds Russia Probe Was Legally Justified
Democratic, Republican Lawyers Take Questions At Impeachment Hearing