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Trump's Self-Made Image Undercut By NYT Tax Investigation
Supreme Court Takes Up LGBTQ Job Discrimination Cases
US Announces It Won't Reissue Iran Sanction Waivers
Supreme Court To Hear Arguments In Census Citizenship Question Case
US Rep. Seth Moulton Is Running For President
Democrats Reject DOJ's Offer To View Less-Redacted Mueller Report
Trump Praises Libyan General Amid His Attempt To Seize Tripoli
US Says Immigrants Can Be Denied Citizenship For Links To Marijuana
An Armed Militia Group Is Detaining Migrants At Gunpoint At The Border
Trump Campaign Says Donations Increased 250% After Mueller Report
Sen. Elizabeth Warren Calls On House To Begin Impeachment Proceedings
Trump Will Be First Foreign Leader To Meet With Japan's New Emperor
Mueller Report Details How Russia Used Facebook To Sway 2016 Election
Why People Of Color Are Being Shut Out Of The Cannabis Industry
Did Sections Of The Border Wall Cause A 90% Drop In Arrests? Not Quite
Cory Booker Incorrectly Says Trump Cut Terror Investigation Funding
HUD To Require Carbon Monoxide Detectors In Public Housing
How Does Turnover In Trump's White House Compare To Other Presidents?
Appeals Court Upholds Most Of California's Sanctuary Immigration Laws
House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Unredacted Mueller Report
Cain Refuses To Withdraw From Consideration For Fed Board
Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Report Is Out. What Now?
McConnell To Introduce Bill Raising Minimum Age To Buy Tobacco
Trump's Responses In Mueller Report Don't Tell Us Much We Didn't Know
US Falls In Press Freedom Global Ranking For 3rd Straight Year
Mueller Finds Multiple Cases Of Possible Obstruction
The Mueller Probe, From Start To Finish
Mueller Report Says Trump's Efforts To Impact The Investigation Failed
Mueller Report Lays Out Russian Interference, Without Links To Trump
White House Responds To Mueller Report Release
What We Know About The Mueller Report's Redactions
Barr Summarizes Mueller Report Again Ahead Of Public Release
Energy Department Denies Rick Perry Is Stepping Down As Secretary
Trump Administration To Allow Americans To Sue Companies In Cuba
Congress Pushes For Say On Overseas Fights With War Powers Resolution
53 Health Professionals Charged With Illegal Opioid Distribution
Border Patrol Requests 2 New Tent Facilities In Texas
Barr Rules Some Asylum-Seekers Aren't Eligible To Be Released On Bond
What Does Being Labeled As A Foreign Terrorist Organization Mean?
Washington Roundup: 'Spring Break' For Congress Isn't Always A Break
Andrew Yang Draws Young Voters To DC Rally
Interior Department Opens Investigation Into Secretary David Bernhardt
House Committees Subpoena Deutsche Bank For Information On Trump Loans
Republican Bill Weld Says He's Running Against President Trump
Some Achievable Fixes To The Asylum System
Trump Campaign Has Raised More Money Than Any Democratic Candidate
Pete Buttigieg Officially Announces He's Running For President
Moon Jae-In Says He's Willing To Be Part Of Another Inter-Korea Summit
Why Tax Day Is So Much Harder For Marijuana Businesses
Kamala Harris Releases 15 Years' Worth Of Tax Returns
Trump Won't Nominate A Representative For UN Committee On Racism
Democrats Criticize Trump For Posting Video Of 9/11 Footage, Rep. Omar
Central American Children Will Reunite With Parents In The US
Federal Judge Rules Against Trump's Plan To Send Haitians Back Home
House Democrats Set Deadline For IRS To Hand Over Trump Tax Returns
House Committee To Subpoena President Trump's Financial Records
Appeals Court Allows Government To Send Asylum Seekers To Mexico
Here’s Why Young Voter Participation Is On The Rise
Diplomacy And Fashion Can Often Go Hand-In-Hand
Trump Considering Releasing Immigrants Into Sanctuary Cities
Bloodstain-Pattern Analysis Is 'More Subjective Than Scientific'
Mitch McConnell: 'It's Long Past Due' For Bipartisan Immigration Talks
Lawmakers Want To Expand A Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program
Senate Confirms David Bernhardt As Secretary Of The Interior
Ohio Governor Signs 'Heartbeat' Abortion Bill Into Law
Former Obama White House Lawyer Indicted For Lying To Investigators
GOP Senators Reintroduce Bill On Pre-Existing Condition Coverage
Elizabeth Warren Floats A New Tax That Would Target Huge Corporations
TSA Chief To Fill One Of The Top Roles At DHS In Agency Shakeup
Assange's Arrest Leaves Lingering Questions About Press Freedom
South Korean Court Rules Decades-Old Abortion Ban Is Unconstitutional
Trump Wildly Inflates Money Puerto Rico Got For Hurricane Recovery
Trump Administration Appeals Judge's Asylum Policy Ruling
More Troops May Be Sent To The US-Mexico Border
Mnuchin: Treasury Dept. Won't Deliver Trump's Taxes On Time
The Grand History Of Broken Promises From Presidential Candidates
How Netanyahu Managed To Clinch Tough Election In Israel
Democrats Are Renewing The Fight To End Trump's Travel Ban
Americans' Income Hasn't Been As Stagnant As Pete Buttigieg Said
Sen. Bernie Sanders Introduces Revamped 'Medicare For All' Plan
Barr Says He Wants To Review How The FBI's Trump-Russia Probe Started
'Blood Will Tell' Exposes Flaws In Common Forensic Science Practice
Oregon Is One Step Closer To Joining National Popular Vote Movement
Acting DHS Deputy Secretary Claire Grady Offers Her Resignation
Trump Administration Looking To Change Asylum Screening Process
Pentagon Awards Almost $1 Billion To Build New Border Barriers
President Trump Says He Won't Resume Family Separation Policy
Barr Says Mueller Report Redactions Will Be Color-Coded
Affordable Housing For Low Income Rural Americans At A Tipping Point
YouTube Stops Chat During Hate Crimes Hearing Due To Hateful Comments
'Pain-Capable' Act Highlights GOP's Renewed Efforts On Abortion
Outgoing Secret Service Director Randolph Alles Says He Wasn't Fired
'Implant Files' Investigation Highlights Gender Bias In Medicine
Barr Says He Expects To Release Mueller's Report 'Within A Week'
Washington Roundup: The Push To See President Trump's Taxes
HHS Is Looking Into Setting Up New Shelters For Some Migrant Children
Rep. Eric Swalwell Announces 2020 Presidential Run
Federal Judge Blocks Trump Administration Asylum Policy
Young Progressives Are Increasingly Critical Of Israel. Here's Why.
Nielsen Ouster Sparks New Wave of Immigration Fears