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AG William Barr Reportedly Dismisses Key Findings In Russia Report
Trump Administration Seeks Permission For Federal Executions
Jimmy Carter Is Back In The Hospital For An Infection
U.S. May Tax French Goods; France Ready To Retaliate
Rep. Duncan Hunter To Plead Guilty To Misuse Of Campaign Funds
Study: Proposed Changes To SNAP Could Cut Millions From Program
Trump Campaign Bans Bloomberg News Reporters From Events
Impeachment Inquiry Heads To Judiciary Committee
YouTube And Google Reportedly Pulled More Than 300 Trump Campaign Ads
Washington Roundup: What To Know As The Impeachment Inquiry Continues
SCOTUS Questions Whether NYC Handgun Case Is Still A Live Controversy
Zelenksyy Denies Quid Pro Quo But Questions Hold On Aid To Ukraine
What's On President Trump's Agenda For The NATO Leaders Summit?
Israel's Attorney General Files Indictment Against Netanyahu
Trump Imposes Steel And Aluminum Tariffs On Brazil, Argentina
WH Counsel Declines Participation In First Judiciary Committee Hearing
Two Democratic Presidential Candidates Drop Out Of Race
House Intelligence Committee Set To Vote On Impeachment Report Tuesday
Fox News: Carter Page Accuses Justice Dept Of 'Orwellian Overreach'
AP: Trump To Meet With Merkel, Macron During NATO Summit
First SCOTUS Guns Case In A Decade Could Help Expand Gun Rights
Trump Says Taliban Wants To 'Make A Deal' — Here's Where Talks Stand
U.S. To Reduce Its Contribution To NATO's Central Budget
South Korea Accuses North Of Launching More Missiles
Fired Navy Secretary Criticizes Trump For Meddling In Gallagher Case
Michelle Obama Pushes For More Voter Participation In 2020
President Trump Signs Bills Supporting Hong Kong Protesters
Buttigieg Campaign Returns Money From Brett Kavanaugh's Lawyers
Senate May Look To Clinton Case If Trump Faces Impeachment Trial
Trump Seeks 'Terrorist' Designation For Mexican Drug Cartel Networks
Syrian Refugees Seek Way To Avoid Serving In Hostile Military
A Look Back At The Impeachment Of President Bill Clinton
Federal Judge Blocks Bid To Deny Visas Without Health Insurance
Dems Release More Transcripts From Closed-Door Impeachment Hearings
President Trump Denies Sending Rudy Giuliani To Ukraine
2 Budget Staffers Resigned Over Frustrations About Hold On Ukraine Aid
House Judiciary Committee Invites Trump To Attend Impeachment Hearing
Judiciary Committee Schedules Its First Impeachment Inquiry Hearings
House Panel Sues William Barr, Wilbur Ross Over 2020 Census Documents
Amid Civil War And Famine, Yemen Is Facing A New Killer: Dengue Fever
Don McGahn Appeals Ruling That He Must Obey Congress' Subpoena
Rep. Nunes Could Face Investigation Over Alleged Meetings In Ukraine
Customs And Border Protection Ignored CDC's Call To Vaccinate Migrants
U.S. Restarts Large-Scale Operations To Fight ISIS In Syria
Judge: Ex-White House Counsel Must Comply With Congressional Subpoena
Supreme Court Won't Intervene In Climate Scientist Defamation Suit
President Trump Signs Bill Making Animal Cruelty A Federal Crime
Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Subpoena For Trump's Tax Records
Schiff: Impeachment Report To Come After Thanksgiving Recess
Washington Roundup: Capital Readies For Wild End To 2019
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Released From Johns Hopkins Hospital
Fmr. Gov. Martin O'Malley: Transparency Key To Future Of Government
Washington Post: Emails Show Effort to Justify Ukraine Aid Withholding
Yazidi Family Finds Safety In Syrian Refugee Camp
Trump White House Taking On Health Care Ahead of 2020
A Rudy Giuliani Associate Gave Tapes To House Intelligence Panel
How The Small Donor Boom Drives Millions To Credit Card Processors
Amazon Sues Pentagon After Losing $10 Billion Contract To Microsoft
White House Notifies Navy It Can Continue As Planned To Expel SEAL
Sec. Mike Pompeo Spoke With Giuliani Twice Before Ousting Yovanovitch
5 States Resisting Recommendation To Make Census Promotion Committees
What Exactly Is A 'Safe Third Country' Agreement?
DOJ Report Expected To Say Russia Probe Started Legally But Sloppily
AG Barr Is Prepared To Fight To Bring Back The Federal Death Penalty
President Trump Weighing Whether To Sign Hong Kong Bill
Report: Chilean Security Forces Seeking To Injure, Punish Protesters
Trump's Request To Zelenskyy Was Inappropriate, Ukrainian Analysts Say
What The Fact: Understanding Polls
Twitter Political Ad Ban Goes Into Effect
White House Officials, GOP Senators Discuss Impeachment Trial Strategy
CNN: Former FBI Lawyer Under Investigation For Altering Document
U.S. Now Sending Some Asylum-Seekers To Guatemala
Trump Signs Short-Term Spending Bill, Averting Shutdown
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Indicted On Corruption Charges
Hill And Holmes Testify, Rounding Out The Week's Impeachment Hearings
Biden Taking Heat For His Stance On Weed
Israel's Leadership In Doubt After Second Failure To Form A Government
Michael Bloomberg Files Paperwork To Run For President
Tennessee Asks Trump Administration To Approve Medicaid Block Grant
Supreme Court To Consider Climatologist's Suit Against Magazine
Over 200 Lawmakers Push EPA To Rethink Union Contract
China Urges Trump To Veto Hong Kong Legislation
Study: Men Are Promoted More Often Than Women Early In Their Careers
Energy Department Pushes Back On Sondland Testimony
10 Democratic Candidates Square Off In Atlanta Debate
Key Takeaways From Ambassador Sondland's Impeachment Testimony
Which 'Qualifying Polls' Does The DNC Use To Name Debate Candidates?
Gordon Sondland Reveals Explosive Details In Impeachment Testimony
Experts: Cyberattack And Disinformation Threats Loom For 2020 Election
House Judiciary Committee Passes Historic Marijuana Bill
Navy To Review Whether Edward Gallagher Should Be Removed From SEALs
Trump Threatens To Up China Tariffs If It Doesn't Budge In Trade Talks
U.S. Senate Passes Bill Supporting Hong Kong Protests
NBC: U.S. Sen. Menendez Calls For Diplomat Cell Phone Investigation
Tuesday Impeachment Hearing Recap: 'It Was A Moment Of Shock'
Asylum Officers Union Tells Congress 'Remain In Mexico' Is 'Illegal'
Bureau Of Prisons Director Answers To Congress For Epstein's Death
Politicians Are Using Impeachment-Focused Facebook Ads To Drive Growth
Williams, Vindman Kick Off 2nd Round Of Public Impeachment Hearings
Impeachment Inquiry: Who Is David Holmes?