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Eliminating Racial Disparity in Maternal Mortality
North Korea Rejects Further Peace Talks With South Korea
Taiwan Increases Defense Budget Amid Tensions With China
FCC Proposes A New Suicide Prevention Hotline Number
U.S. Appeals Court Upholds Sanitary Conditions For Children At Border
Advocates Drop Effort To Put Missouri Abortion Law To A Public Vote
Philadelphia Shootout Increases Pressure For State Gun Control
Israel Bans U.S. Reps. Omar And Tlaib From Entering The Country
U.N. Security Council To Hold Meeting On Kashmir's Status
O'Rourke Relaunches Presidential Bid, Championing El Paso Cause
Amid Kashmir Dispute, Bollywood's Messages Carry More Weight
Report: Connection Between Mental Health & Mass Violence Is Overstated
July Was The Hottest Month Ever Recorded
House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas Corey Lewandowski
Judge Orders Georgia To Update Voting Machines For 2020 Primary
FDA Proposes Adding Graphic Images To Cigarette Packaging
The Food Of The Iowa State Fair
How A 'Religious Exemptions' Proposal Could Impact Hiring Rules
China Says It Will Retaliate If U.S. Imposes New Tariffs
Gibraltar Releases Iranian Tanker Despite U.S. Request To Hold It
Hong Kong Unveils $2.4B Stimulus Package To Boost Slowing Economy
John Hickenlooper Ends Presidential Bid
U.S. Women's Soccer Team Ends Talks With U.S. Soccer Federation
Philadelphia Gunman In Custody After Nearly 8-Hour Standoff
Health Experts Seek Protocols to Prevent Maternal Death
Why Some Scientists Think Newborns Look More Like Their Dads
Trump Floats 'Personal Meeting' With China Over Hong Kong Protests
Planned Parenthood Could Leave Title X Program Unless Court Intervenes
Judge Denies House Democrats' Request To Combine 2 Legal Cases
Labor Dept. Rule Would Give Businesses Hiring 'Religious Exemptions'
New Law In New York Lets People File Old Child Sexual Abuse Claims
Epstein Is Just One Of Many Problems Facing The Bureau Of Prisons
New Bill Would Make Domestic Terrorism A Federal Crime
Reuters: Senator Warns Against Crackdown On Hong Kong Protests
Walmart Removes 'Violent' Merchandise From Its Website
Iowa Farmers Hear Out Candidates Amid Trade War
Hong Kong Protesters Fight To Keep Public Support After Airport Chaos
FDA Approves New Treatment For Drug-Resistant Forms Of Tuberculosis
Potential End Of Germany's 'Golden Decade' Fuels Global Economic Fears
The U.S.-Guatemala Immigration Agreement Faces Steep Obstacles
FCC Chairman Approves Proposed Merger Between Sprint And T-Mobile
Facebook Suspends Human Review Of Messenger Audio
California Counties Sue Over Trump's 'Public Charge' Rule
Measles Cases Worldwide Have Almost Tripled In The Last Year
Virginia Community Remembers Charlottesville Two Years After Riots
Swedish Court Finds A$AP Rocky Guilty Of Assault
Preventing Maternal Mortality Calls For More Data
Hong Kong's Airport Resumes Operations
DOJ Temporarily Reassigns Warden Of Jail Where Epstein Died
Verizon Sells Tumblr For A Fraction Of Its Buying Price
Police Build Timeline Of Dayton Gunman's Actions Before, During Attack
Hong Kong's Airport Protests Turn Chaotic And Violent
Paris Closes Streets Near Notre Dame For Lead Cleanup
New Endangered Species Act Rules Could Threaten Grizzlies, Monarchs
22 States Sue Trump Administration Over New Climate Rule
CBS And Viacom Will Merge — Again
Iowa Voter Who Chose Obama, Then Trump Grapples With 2020
Epstein Is Dead, But The Case Around His Alleged Abuse Continues
U.S. Delays Tariffs On Certain Chinese Imports
Bolton Says The U.K. Is First In Line For Trade Deal With The U.S.
UN Reportedly Investigating Dozens Of North Korean Cyberattacks
Tulsi Gabbard Steps Away From Campaign To Report For Active Duty
Barr 'Appalled' By Failure At Federal Jail Where Jeffrey Epstein Died
DOJ To Propose Bill To Fast-Track Executions In Mass Murder Cases
Scientists To Use Successful Treatments To Combat Ebola In Congo
Protests Disrupt Hong Kong Airport Operations For Second Straight Day
Report: 2018 Ranks As The 4th-Hottest Year On Record
Jeffrey Epstein's Accusers Still Want Justice After His Death
This Year's Budget Deficit Has Already Exceeded 2018's
EPA Says Newark Should Give Residents Bottled Water Amid Lead Testing
Trump Administration Moves To Weaken The Endangered Species Act
Democratic Candidates Court Voters At Iowa State Fair
New Rule Could Curb Legal Immigration From Central America
Friend Of Dayton Gunman Faces Federal Firearms Charges
How Suicide Watch Works
Washington Roundup: Explaining Mitch McConnell's Power
German Environment Minister Calls For Ban On Plastic Bags
Acting DHS Secretary Says Timing Of ICE Raids 'Was Unfortunate'
Hong Kong's Continued Protests Are Taking A Toll On The Economy
Trump Calls Into Question Next Round Of Trade Talks With China
Simone Biles Becomes First Woman To Land Triple-Double In Competition
Typhoon Lekima Death Toll Continues To Rise In China
New York’s First Lady Talks Mental Health and Wellness
Here's What The Democratic Frontrunners Are Saying About Gun Safety
Rhode Island To Allow Nonbinary Gender Option On IDs
U.S. Service Member Dies In Iraq While Advising Iraqi Security Forces
At Least 61 Dead, 70 Injured After Oil Tanker Explosion In Tanzania
Twitter Unlocks McConnell's Campaign Account After Blocking Video
Judge Rules In Favor Of Gavin Grimm In Transgender Bathroom Case
North Korea Sends President Trump Letter, Continues To Fire Missiles
Senators Urge Tech Execs To Crack Down On Gun Accessory Sales
WaPo: Trump Org. Construction Companies Hire Undocumented Workers
El Paso Suspect Reportedly Told Police He Was Targeting 'Mexicans'
U.K. Power Outage Affects About 500,000 People
Fukushima Plant Is Running Out Of Space To Put Radioactive Water
How Do Companies Lose Billions And Still Stay Afloat?
China Braces For Typhoon Lekima
Walmart Removes Displays For Violent Video Games After Store Shootings
Bayer Might Pay $8 Billion To Settle All The Roundup Lawsuits
Uber Shows Record Loss In Q2 Earnings Report