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Man Arrested With Gun, Ammo And Non-Government Issued Credential
U.S. Executes 13th Inmate After 17-Year Pause In Federal Executions
Coastal Communities Fear Beach Erosion
NRA Files For Bankruptcy, Seeking To Evade NY Lawsuit, Probe
India Launches World's Largest COVID-19 Vaccination Drive
Secretary Of Defense 'Cannot Wait To Leave' Ahead Of Inauguration
Alex Azar Resigns Over Capitol Riots, Decries 'Assault On Democracy'
KMGH: Colorado Man Issues Warning After Surviving An Avalanche
The Power Of Asking 'How Are You Doing?'
WEWS: Mom Sacrifices Time With Toddler To Care For COVID Patients
KTNV: Nevada National Guard Members Head To D.C.
President-Elect Biden Lays Out COVID-19 Vaccine Plan
Millions Move To Encrypted Messaging Apps Amid Big Tech Crackdown
COVID-19 Death Toll Exceeds 2 Million Globally
COVID Vaccine Scheduling Struggles
KMGH: Doctor's Office Struggles To Keep Up While Staff Are Sick
Fast-Food Workers Strike To Raise Federal Minimum Wage
Lawmakers Push To Award Capitol Officer Congressional Gold Medal
Rules Against Flagpoles Did Not Cover Rioters Marching To Capitol
KNXV: Students Push For Honest Conversations After Capitol Attack
Analysts Say Growing China-Russia Alliance Presents New Threats
FBI Chief: Tracking Potential Armed Protest, Threats
McCarthy Backs Cheney After Impeachment Vote
WPTV: COVID-19 Testing Could Soon Become A Lot Easier
KNXV: Arizonans Struggle To Find Nearby Vaccine Appointments
President-Elect Biden Proposes $1.9 Trillion Relief Plan
WTVF: Many Older Americans Are Struggling To Find Work
President Trump Touts WH Record From Behind Closed Doors In Final Days
Pres.-Elect Biden's COVID Relief Plan Faces Uphill Battle In Congress
Florida Teachers Ask To Be Vaccinated Soon
President-Elect Joe Biden Announces COVID Plan
Inside The 'Ghost Kitchen' Phenomenon
KNXV: Researchers Develop 'Smell Test' To Detect COVID Quicker
Unemployment Claims Soar With 965,000 Jobless Claims Filed Last Week
Holocaust Survivor On Capitol Siege: 'History Repeating Itself'
WHO Scientists Search For Coronavirus Origins In Wuhan, China
'MLK/FBI' Spotlights Government Bias Against Martin Luther King Jr.
NASA Brings Back Wine From Space After Orbiting Earth
Pelosi Seeks To Fine Lawmakers Who Don't Screen For Firearms
Slate Of Celebrity Performances Planned For Inauguration Day
President-elect Joe Biden To Unveil Coronavirus Plan
Disneyland Hosts Mass Vaccination Site
Investigations Opened To Examine Capitol Security Breaches
WCPO: School District Makes Meal Time More Convenient
CDC Projects Up To 92K More Deaths Over Next Three Weeks
Early Trials: Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Prompts Immune Response
D.C. On Lockdown Ahead Of Inauguration Day
Washington D.C. Locks Down Ahead Of Inauguration
KSTU: Utah Highway Patrol Prepares For Protests
Biden Urges Senate To Balance Impeachment With Other Work
WFTS: Tracking How COVID-19 Spreads
Security Stepped Up On Capitol Hill
Rep. Cheney: 'I'm Not Going Anywhere'
WPTV: Dad Recovers After Spending 223 Days Hospitalized Due To COVID
D.C. Mayor Urges People Not To Attend Inauguration
2 Virginia Officers Charged In Capitol Riot
President Trump Impeached For A Second Time
For Immigrants Who Fled Tyranny, Capitol Siege Felt Painfully Familiar
Vaccine Rollout Struggles Amid Surge In COVID-19 Cases
Pentagon Authorizes National Guard Members In D.C. To Carry Weapons
Law Enforcement Prepare For Violence At State Capitols Nationwide
KNXV: Arizona Nurse Describes The COVID-19 Surge
Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $750 Million
Former Michigan Governor Facing Charges In Flint Water Crisis
Supreme Court Rules Women Must Get Abortion Pill In Person
Uber, Lyft Sue California Over Independent Contractor Measure
House Votes To Impeach President Trump For Incitement Of Insurrection
Florida Lawmakers Work To Fix Issues With State's Unemployment System
COVID Variants Raise New Challenges For Health Care Workers
Lisa Montgomery Is First Woman Executed Since 1953
Sen. Marco Rubio Calls For $2K Relief Payments
International Flights To U.S. Will Require COVID Test
WTVF: Some Seniors Struggle To Sign Up For Vaccine Appointments Online
Trump Administration Executes First Female Federal Inmate in 67 years
President-elect To Appoint Interim Agency Heads
Lawmakers Screened Before Entering House Chamber
WXYZ: The Push To Secure Michigan's Capitol Building
New York Joins Growing List Of Organizations Cutting Ties With Trump
KSHB: Pregnant Doctor Tells Patients To Look At The Facts On Vaccines
Pres.-elect Biden Taps Samantha Power To Lead USAID
Pentagon Authorizes National Guard Members In D.C. To Carry Weapons
Pelosi Names 9 House Impeachment Managers
House Approves 25th Amendment Resolution
Watchdog Groups Question Biden’s Inaugural Fundraising
How To Watch Newsy's Special Coverage Of The Presidential Inauguration
More Than 170 Cases Opened In Connection With U.S. Capitol Riot
Active-Duty Military, Veterans Under Investigation After Capitol Riot
Leaked FBI Memo Shows Armed Protests Planned In All 50 States
House Could Impose Fines For Members Who Don't Wear Masks
HHS Expands Operation Warp Speed, Releases Entire Vaccine Supply
WPTV: Cancer Patient Raises Money For Animal Shelters
U.S. Sanctions Ukrainian Officials Over 2020 Election Meddling
Trump Administration Redesignates Cuba As State Sponsor Of Terrorism
Police Use Of 'Less-Lethal' Munitions Has Exploded
Divers Recover Black Box From Indonesian Jet Crash
COVID Disrupts Nursing Pipeline With Graduation, Education Delays
Video: Capitol Officer Seems To Work With Rioters To Aid More Officers
WTVF: Medical Examiner's Office Struggles To Keep Up
Moderna Says Vaccine Provides Immunity For 1 Year
Airbnb To Ban Hate Groups From Booking