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Tesla Plans To Raise More Than $2B From Investors And CEO Elon Musk
Cruise Ship Under Quarantine For Measles Leaves St. Lucia
WH Letter Criticizes Mueller For Lack Of Decision On Obstruction
US Economy Added More Jobs Than Expected In April
Interior Dept. Announces Roll Back Of Rules Created After BP Oil Spill
Shifting Baselines: Consumers, Corporations And The New American Dream
Man Who Planned To Bomb NYC Subway System Gets 10 Years In Prison
CDC Shows Overdose Deaths Involving Cocaine Continue To Rise
Peter Mayhew, The Original 'Chewbacca,' Dies At 74
Kelly Craft Formally Nominated For Position Of UN Ambassador
Facebook Bans Several High-Profile Right-Wing Users From Its Platforms
McKesson, West Virginia Settle Opioid Lawsuit For $37 Million
Shift In ISIS Strategy Looks To Take Advantage Of Local Groups
Baltimore Mayor Resigns Amid Scandal Around Her Children's Books
Pentagon Report Finds Military Sexual Assaults Increased In 2018
Dream Jobs: Clinical Psychologist
Venezuelans Hold Out Hope For Guaido In May Day Protests
Critics Are Trying To Use Biden's Long Voting History Against Him
Senate Fails To Override Trump's Veto Of Yemen War Measure
Trump Approves Rule Letting Health Workers Act On Religious Beliefs
Jared Kushner Made A Wildly Inaccurate Claim About Russian Influence
California Is A Leader On Health Care Issues, But It's Not Alone
Trump's 2nd Pick For Fed Board Withdraws From Consideration
Pelosi Says Barr Lied to Congress, But DOJ Says He Did Nothing Wrong
USPS Wants To Reduce Mail Delivery To Five Days Per Week
AG Barr Skipped A House Hearing. What Can Democrats Do About It?
Attorney General William Barr Skips House Judiciary Committee Hearing
Russia Aims To Create Internet It Can Control
A French Law Continues To Keep Netflix Out Of Cannes' Lineup
US Ramps Up Pressure On Russia And Cuba To Stop Backing Maduro
DHS Reportedly Plans To Use DNA Tests To Detect 'Fake Families'
Sen. Michael Bennet Enters The 2020 Presidential Race
UK Lawmakers Declare Symbolic Climate Emergency
UK Sentences Julian Assange To 50 Weeks In Prison
Florida Lawmakers Pass Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns
DOJ Files Formal Request To Strike Down All Of Obamacare
What You Should Know About Barr's Testimony To Senate Panel
AG Barr Dismisses Concerns Raised In Mueller Letter
Virginia Judge Rules Confederate Statues Are Protected By State Law
Oregon Manufacturer Pleads Guilty To Selling Faulty Aluminum To NASA
White House Refuses House Panel's Request For Security Clearance Info
Violence Breaks Out In Paris During May Day Rally
The US May Have To Stop Borrowing Money Sometime This Year
High Sports Court Rules On Case About High Testosterone In Women
Why Canada Wants A Weed Trade Deal With The U.S.
Maine Will Be The First State To Ban Styrofoam Starting In 2020
White House Asks Congress For $4.5B In Emergency Spending For Border
FDA Issues New 'Black Box' Warning For Certain Insomnia Drugs
Mueller Criticized Barr's Memo To Congress On The Russia Probe
EPA Concludes Roundup Is Safe For Consumer Use
Barr 'Surprised' Mueller Didn't Come To An Obstruction Conclusion
US And Taliban Meet For Renewed Peace Talks In Qatar
Suspect Identified In University Of North Carolina Charlotte Shooting
Japan Has A New Emperor For First Time In Decades
Valerie Jarrett Shares Her Personal Journey
Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Says He's Quashed Coup Attempt
Judge Denies Trump's Motion To Dismiss Emoluments Lawsuit
House Committee Refers Erik Prince To DOJ For Potential Prosecution
Washington Roundup: Why Oversight Is Good For Voters
John Bolton Says Situation In Venezuela Is 'Clearly Not A Coup'
The Rise And Decline Of The American Labor Union
Immigration Judges Say Court System Needs Resources, Not Quotas
The Invisible World Of The 'Internet Of Things'
Indonesia Plans To Move Its Capital From Jakarta
House Panel Holds First-Ever 'Medicare For All' Hearing
Capital Gazette Murder Suspect Changes His Plea For Reason Of Insanity
Study: Your Favorite Show Might Say A Lot About Your Politics
Sri Lanka Authorizes A Return To Social Media After Attacks
KGTV: Border Patrol Reports An Increase In Family Crossings
Venezuela's Guaidó Claims To Have Military Support. Does He?
Top Congressional Democrats Will Pursue Infrastructure Plan With Trump
AG Barr's Pushing Back On A Pretty Common Congressional Procedure
North Korea Warns US Of "Undesired Consequences" Over Nuclear Program
US May Designate Muslim Brotherhood As A Terrorist Organization
Officials Declare Measles Outbreak Over In Clark County, Washington
Feinstein To Reintroduce Bill To Raise Age To Buy Assault Weapons
High-Level US Delegation In China To Continue Trade Talks
Valerie Jarrett Talks Trump
The Pentagon Will Send 320 More Troops To The Southern Border
Trump Orders Changes To The Asylum Process
NASA, FEMA Are Preparing In Case An Asteroid Hits The Earth
Trump Sues Banks To Block Them From Complying With Subpoenas
California Man In Custody After FBI Stops Terror Attack
Los Angeles Wants To Reach Zero Vehicle Emissions By 2050
Valerie Jarrett Looks Forward To 2020
Boeing CEO Says He Intends To Stay On, Suggests Pilot Error In Crashes
Director John Singleton Has Died At 51
President Trump Says NRA Is Being Illegally Investigated
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Submits Resignation Letter
Hulu's Original Comedy 'Ramy' Earnestly Depicts Muslim Worship
Lori Loughlin, Others Officially Plead Not Guilty In Admissions Scam
'What The Fact' Full Episode: Reaction To The Mueller Report
U.S. Warns Allies Of Using Huawei Technology For 5G
Michael Avenatti Pleads Not Guilty In Wire, Tax And Bank Fraud Case
New Video Suggests ISIS Leader May Still Be Alive
The Number Of U.S. Kids With Mental Health Issues Is Growing
Sánchez's Socialist Party Wins More Seats In Spanish Election
SCOTUS Rejects Joe Arpaio's Challenge To Special Counsel Appointment
Pilots Strike Cancels Thousands Of Scandinavian Airlines Flights
Boeing Faces Shareholders At Annual Meeting