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Clooney, Alamuddin Wed In Venice
Flights Still Delayed After Chicago Flight Control Fire
Uber On Damage Control After Series Of Driver Attacks
Growing U.S.-Led ISIS Coalition Still Has Its Limitations
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'Daily Show' Joke Has One Direction Fans Terrorizing Twitter
Google Tightens Requirements For Android Manufacturers
Spain's Catalonia Region Calls Independence Vote
Yahoo's Directory Is Closing, But Where's The Send-Off?
Chelsea Clinton Gives Birth To Baby Girl
Mont. Teacher Gets 10 Years After Serving 30 Days For Rape
Marvel, Jack Kirby Heirs Settle Major Lawsuit Out-Of-Court
Protestors Break Into Hong Kong Govt. Headquarters
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Chicago Fire Grounds Flights, Causes Delays Nationwide
How The Media Described A Fatal Pedestrian Bridge 'Collapse'
Can A Blood Test Predict Psychosis Risk?
Clemson Suspends Fraternity Activities After Pledge Dies
France Takes On Tobacco, E-Cigs In Controversial Move
Where's Kim Jong-Un? North Korea Acknowledges Health Issue
San Francisco, LA Threaten Ride-Share Companies
Why The FAA Allows Choice Production Companies To Fly Drones
Derek Jeter Walks Away From Yankee Stadium With Walk-Off
FBI Chief Joins Law Enforcement Gripes On iPhone Encryption
Anti-Facebook Site 'Ello' Gets Boost From LGBTQ Community
Who's Obama's Next Pick For Attorney General?
Harry Potter Gets A Christian Retelling, Minus The Magic
FBI Has Identified 'Jihadi John,' But Says Little Else
Steve Ballmer Puts Ban On Clippers' iDevices
Nigerian Military Claims Progress Against Boko Haram
Apple Responds To 'BendGate,' Says Bend In iPhone Is Rare
Third American With Ebola Released From Hospital
Pornhub Flirts With Music Industry
South Park Season Premiere Takes On Washington Redskins, NFL
A Growing Waist Size May Increase Breast Cancer Risk
DHL Will Fly First Unmanned Drone Route in Europe
Urban Outfitters Claims To Be World's Top Vinyl Record Store
Holder’s Legacy From ‘Fast And Furious’ Through Ferguson
Police Shootings Of Unarmed Citizens Prompt Training Debate
Iraqi P.M. Suggests ISIS Terror Plot Involving U.S. Subways
Alzheimer's Researchers Watching Early Forgetfulness
Ferguson Police Chief Issues Video Apology Via PR Firm
Amazon Hashtags Its Way Into Twitter Shopping Experience
Pa. Troopers: Murder Suspect 'Playing Games' In Manhunt
JFK 'Big Things Happen Here' Tour Bus Criticized, Defended
Marine's Mother Accuses VA Of Covering Up Son's Death
Will Airstrikes On ISIS Oil Refineries Prove Effective?
Attorney General Eric Holder To Resign
Water Discovery On Small Planet Could Be Key To Earth 2.0
U.S. Will Pay $554M Settlement To Navajo Nation
Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Stays In Boston, Gets Delayed
Feds Will Investigate Role Of Race In Walmart Shooting
ESPN Suspends Bill Simmons For Blasting Roger Goodell
New 'Bash Bug' Could Be As Big As Heartbleed
Hannah Graham Disappearance Suspect Arrested In Texas
Kansas Joins 'Zombie Preparedness' Trend
Comcast Accuses TWC Merger Critics Of 'Extortion'
Apple Releases, Then Pulls Back, iOS 8 Update
'Simpsons'-'Family Guy' Episode Offends Some With Rape Joke
Is Soda Companies' Vow To 'Cut Calories' A Marketing Ploy?
Facebook Plans To Put 747-Sized Drones In The Sky
Emma Watson Nude-Leak Rumors Turn Out To Be A Hoax
Grand Jury Clears Tony Stewart Of All Charges In Ward Death
How The 'Reluctant Warrior' Became A Wartime President
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NYC Condo To Hit The Market For Record-Breaking Price
Starbucks Taking Full Control Of Starbucks Japan
ISIS-Linked Group Claims To Have Killed French Hostage
Wal-Mart Enters Banking Biz With No-Overdraft Checking
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The Clooney, Alamuddin Weekend Wedding Rumor Round-Up
From Death Sentence To Discharge: Cleric Abu Qatada Cleared
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Vaughn Skeptics, Keep Your 'True Detective' Hopes Up
Why Is Russia Going To The Moon?
Your Expensive iPhone 6 Plus Might Bend In Your Pocket
UPS Shooter Was Recently Fired, Targeted Co-Workers
Nigerian Military Retracts Claim It Rescued Chibok Girls
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Ebola Cases Could Reach 1.4 Million Within 4 Months
Former NFL Kicker Accused Of Erratic Driving Before Death
New Details About Miss America 2015's Sorority Expulsion
Dinosaur With Mysteriously Large Nose Discovered In Utah