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Kids Separated From Parents At The Border Could Be Put Up For Adoption
Midterm Matchup: 'What The Fact' Checks Florida Senate Race
Midterm Matchup: 'What The Fact' Checks Florida Senate Race
Netflix Announces A New Production Hub in New Mexico
Miss America Organization Strips The Licenses Of 4 States
Nikki Haley Unexpectedly Resigns From Post As UN Ambassador
After Reporter Disappears, Turkey Will Probe Inside Saudi Consulate
Officer Who Shot Tamir Rice Is Hired By Another Ohio Police Department
Who Makes The Rules In Space?
Interior Secretary Zinke Signs 20-Year Mining Ban Near Yellowstone
Kim Jong Un Set To Invite Pope Francis To Visit North Korea
Gates Sought Social Media Influence Plans To Help Trump Campaign
President Trump Advocates For Use Of 'Stop-And-Frisk' In Chicago
Trump Apologizes To Kavanaugh For Tense Confirmation Process
Amid Privacy Fallout, Facebook Announces New Smart Home Device
Turkey Asks Saudi Arabia To Prove Missing Journalist Left Consulate
Californians To Vote On Making Egg-Laying Hens Cage-Free By 2022
With Kavanaugh Addition, Supreme Court Marks New Conservative Era
Pompeo And Chinese Foreign Minister Trade Jabs During Meeting
Addressing The Dire Climate Straits Could Mean Leaving Coal Behind
Google Shuts Down Google+ For Consumers
Pompeo: N. Korea Ready To Let Inspectors Into Nuclear Testing Site
Same-Sex Marriage Ban Referendum Fails In Romania
Pope Francis Orders Vatican Investigation Into Ex-Cardinal McCarrick
Apple Denies Hacking Report In Letter To Lawmakers
Trump Says He Doesn't Have Any Plans To Fire Rosenstein
Taliban Vows To Disrupt Upcoming Afghanistan Election
N.Y. Limo Crash Is Deadliest US Transportation Incident Since 2009
Why The Stock Market Boom May Not Impact The Ballot This November
UN Warns Of Consequences If Global Warming Continues The Way It Is Now
Florida Gov. Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Hurricane
Brazil's Far-Right Candidate Leads Presidential Election
What Would It Be Like To Live On Mars?
China Says It's Investigating Ex-Interpol Chief For Corruption
Death Toll After Indonesia Earthquake, Tsunami Reaches Almost 2,000
"Venom" Defies Bad Reviews And Breaks October Box Office Record Anyway
Sara Netanyahu's Fraud Trial Begins
The US And North Korea Have Agreed To Another Trump-Kim Summit
People Are Filing Complaints About Kavanaugh's Conduct During Hearing
Vulnerable Dems Weigh Political Cost Of Kavanaugh Vote
HPV Vaccine Approved For Ages 27 To 45
Senate Confirms Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court
Pompeo Starts East Asia Trip In Japan
The $3 Million Crowdfunding Effort To Unseat Sen. Collins In 2020
SCOTUS Justices Worry About Politicization With Big Cases Looming
Judge Rules DOJ's Funding Cuts To Sanctuary Cities Unconstitutional
Lawsuit Alleges LaCroix Is Misleading Consumers About Its Ingredients
Pentagon Report Calls China's Trade Policies A Threat To US Military
Trump Signs Bill Aimed At Regulating Airline Seat Sizes
Japan Pulls Out Of Korean Naval Event Over Flag Concerns
Key Swing-Vote Senators Say They'll Approve Kavanaugh
Report: Majority Of Twitter's 2016 Fake News Accounts Still Active
The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Has A New Name
Your Guide To Medicare And Social Security, Just In Time For Midterms
How This Organization Is Trying To Save Local News
The US Unemployment Rate Is The Lowest It's Been In Almost 50 Years
Officer Jason Van Dyke Found Guilty Of Murder In 2014 Shooting
Popular Beaches Reopen As Florida Struggles To Deal With Red Tide
Venezuela's Crisis Is Rooted In Oil Prices — And Authoritarianism
Toyota Recalls 2.4M Hybrid Vehicles Worldwide Over Software Issue
Another Former South Korean President Convicted Of Corruption
Ireland Passes Landmark Bill To Curb Alcohol Consumption
Gun Rights Advocates Say Nothing Has Changed One Year After Vegas
Afghanistan Rejects Proposal To Privatize The War
Senate Votes To Move Forward With Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination
Ride-Hailing Services Will Offer Free Transportation On Election Day
From 2011 To 2017, More Than 250 People Died While Taking Selfies
2 Share Nobel Peace Prize For Work To End Wartime Sexual Violence
Kavanaugh Says He'll 'Keep An Open Mind' If On Supreme Court
Hundreds Arrested At Protests Against Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination
The US Is Taking In Less Refugees. That Could Put It At Risk.
349 Votes For Higher Taxes? This Hit On Bill Nelson Doesn't Hold Up
Trump Says Veterans' Choice Was 44 Years Coming. He's 40 Years Off
Sorting Out The Mixed Signals On The FBI's Kavanaugh Probe
Suge Knight Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison For 2015 Hit-And-Run
Scientists Concerned Over Program That Enlists Bugs To Spread Viruses
Internet Trade Groups Sue California Over Its New Net Neutrality Law
US' New Counterterrorism Strategy Targets Iran, 'Islamist Terrorists'
Perseverance In Flood-Prone Princeville, America's First Black Town
The US Could Ease Certain Safety Standards For Self-Driving Vehicles
Australia To Get Rid Of Its So-Called 'Tampon Tax'
Juul Files Complaint Against Other E-Cig Makers For Lookalike Products
Here's Who The FBI Did And Didn't Talk To During Its Kavanaugh Probe
Midterm Matchup: 'What The Fact' Checks Ohio Governor Race
Demonstrators Protest Kavanaugh At Supreme Court Ahead Of Vote
Kavanaugh Awaits Fate As Senators Comb Through FBI Background Check
The Education Secretary's Security Detail Cost Expected To Increase
Americans' Trust In Politicians Reaches A 10-Year High
Pence Says Russian Meddling Threat 'Pales In Comparison' To China
6.5 Million Pounds Of Beef Is Being Recalled
Living In A Big City Can Change How And When You Get The Flu
What Cassini's Final Descent Into Saturn Taught Us About Its Rings
FBI Arrests Man Who May Have Sent WH, Pentagon Suspicious Envelopes
Amazon Cuts Some Pay Incentives As It Raises Minimum Wage
Ruling Protects Immigrants From 4 Countries From Deportation — For Now
Veteran Candidates Look To Shore Up Voters On Gun Issues
Daily Dose: How Do Experts Predict How Bad A Flu Season Will Be?
Senate Passes $1.7B In Aid For States Hit By Hurricane Florence
When You Buy A Song, How Much Of That Money Goes To The Artist?
Russia Faces Accusations, Charges Related To Multiple Cyber Attacks