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House Committee Approves Subpoena In WH Security Clearances Probe
Algeria's President Steps Down Amid Widespread Protests
How Chicago's Gun Violence Sits In Survivors' Bones
2020 Dems Pitch Progressive Ideas During We The People Summit
Pelosi Signals House May Delay Vote On New NAFTA Deal
Closing The US-Mexico Border Could Seriously Hurt The US Auto Industry
Pittsburgh City Council Approves Ban On Certain Assault-Style Weapons
NASA Says Debris From India's Anti-Satellite Launch Poses Risk To ISS
Turkish President's Ruling Party Challenges Local Election Results
Pope Francis Admits Church's History Of Male Domination, Urges Change
New Zealand Gun Control Bill Passes First Of Three Votes
Trump Calls Out Senate Dems For Voting Down Disaster Aid Package
US Cancels Shipment Of F-35 Fighter Jet Equipment To Turkey
Trump: Vote On GOP Health Care Plan Will Happen After 2020 Election
Astrophysicist Wants To See More Girls Studying STEM
Japan's Next Era Will Be Called 'Reiwa' — Here's What It Means
Washington Roundup: McConnell Wants To Keep Confirming Judges, Quickly
UK Lawmakers Reject More Alternative Brexit Plans
Another Woman Has Accused Joe Biden Of Inappropriate Touching
After 70 Years, NATO Looks A Lot Different
There Are More US Measles Cases So Far This Year Than In All Of 2018
Whistleblower Details Security Clearance Issues To Oversight Committee
NHTSA Investigates Millions Of Kias, Hyundais For Fire Risks
Sec. Nielsen Orders More CBP Personnel To Southern Border
House Democrats To Vote On Subpoena For Full Mueller Report
Accuses China Of 'Reckless' Action After Jets Flown Over Border
China Expands Its Drug Law To Limit All Types Of Fentanyl
Mulvaney Guarantees Americans Won't Lose Coverage If ACA Struck Down
Woman Accused Of Killing Kim Jong-Un's Half-Brother Takes Plea Deal
The Military Entertainment Complex Misrepresents Arabs And Muslims
China To Continue Suspending Tariffs On US Vehicles, Auto Parts
Disney's "Dumbo" Falls Behind Box Office Expectations In Debut Weekend
'InfoWars' Host Alex Jones' 3-Hour Deposition Made Public
House Democrats To Vote On Resolution Against DOJ's ACA Decision
Over 40,000 Palestinians Mark Anniversary Of Mass Protest In Gaza
State Department Will End Aid To Central America's Northern Triangle
Joe Biden Responds To Allegation Of Inappropriate Kiss
Judge Rules Trump Can't Reverse Obama-Era Off-Shore Drilling Ban
Navy SEAL Accused Of Murder May Move To 'Less Restrictive' Confinement
House Committee Considers Subpoenaing Former White House Official
President Trump Demanded North Korea Turn Over Its Nuclear Arsenal
Red Cross Will Start Delivering Humanitarian Aid To Venezuela
Officials Release Autopsy Report Of Girl Who Died In CBP Custody
Trump Admin. Awards $1.7 Million To Anti-Abortion Medical Clinics
Georgia House Approves 'Heartbeat' Abortion Bill
South Korea: North Korea Is Almost Done Rebuilding Rocket Test Site
Thousands Protest UK Parliament After Failed Brexit Vote
Chicago Wants Jussie Smollett To Reimburse City For Its Investigation
States Move To Require Presidential Candidate Tax Returns
What The History Of Tech IPOs Could Mean For Lyft's Public Debut
Justice Department Says It Will Release Mueller's Report In April
How The Economy Would Be Impacted If Trump Really Closed The Border
Trump Threatens to Close US-Mexico Border 'Next Week'
Cholera Cases Spike In Cyclone-Ravaged Mozambique
New York To Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags
American Airlines Stops All Venezuela Flights Indefinitely
UN Expert To Saudi Arabia: Make Khashoggi Death Investigation Public
Judge Blocks Trump's Expansion Of Small-Business Health Plans
British Parliament Rejects Theresa May's Brexit Deal A Third Time
Pope Francis Issues New Laws To Protect Minors And Vulnerable Adults
Pentagon Scouting Locations For New Barriers Along US-Mexico Border
Report: Stall-Prevention Feature Misfired On Ethiopian Airlines Plane
Maryland Becomes Next State To Approve $15-An-Hour Minimum Wage
Trump To Meet With South Korea's President In April
DHS Asks For Authority To Send Some Migrant Children Back Home
737 MAX Pilot: We're Not Taking Boeing At Its Word
Wells Fargo CEO Steps Down Amid Ongoing Scandals
Fundraising Fuels Campaigns, Would Public Funds Stop The Money Race?
Senators Introduce Bill To Stop Transfer Of F-35 Jets To Turkey
Disney Parks Are Banning Smoking And Certain Large Strollers
Trump Says The Government Will Continue To Fund The Special Olympics
Georgia Governor Expected To Sign Bill Overhauling State Voting System
May's Offer To Quit Probably Won't Salvage Her Brexit Deal
Twitter's Mulling A Way To Flag Offensive Content From Public Figures
U.S. Air Force Needs $4.9 Billion To Recover From Natural Disasters
Three Mile Island's Nuclear Legacy
Venezuela Bars Guaidó From Holding Public Office For 15 Years
The Herbicide Debate In Monsanto's Cancer Lawsuit Is Complicated
House Resolution Condemns Ban On Transgender Service Members
Supreme Court Won't Block Federal Bump Stock Ban
New York Adds Sackler Family To Its Lawsuit Against OxyContin Maker
HUD Charges Facebook With Violating The Fair Housing Act
A Greenland Glacier Is Gaining Ice, But Scientists Aren't Optimistic
Trump Says DOJ And FBI Will Review Jussie Smollett's Case
A Bill To Let Weed Businesses Use Banks Is One Step Closer to Passing
Plaintiff In Roundup Weed Killer Cancer Trial Awarded $80M In Damages
Appeals Court Reinstates Some Wisconsin Lame-Duck Laws
Passengers Stranded As Wow Air Abruptly Ceases Operations
House Committee Requests President Trump's Financial Records
UK Criticizes Huawei For Failing To Fix Security Flaws
US Border Agents Reassigned To Tackle 'Unprecedented' Border Crisis
Judge Rules To Void Medicaid Work Requirements In 2 States
Report: Trump Said Puerto Rico Aid Was 'Way Out Of Proportion'
Does Trump Want To 'Slash' Health Care To Pay For Tax Cuts?
No, Third-Grade Test Scores Aren't Used To Predict Prison Populations
White Supremacy Is A Global Issue That Needs A Global Response
Saying The Mueller Report 'Exonerated' Trump May Be Premature
UK Lawmakers Approve New Brexit Date
What Congress Is Doing To Ensure Boeing Max 8 Models Are Safe To Fly
Man Pleads Guilty To Kidnapping, Murder Charges In Wisconsin