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Turkey's Three-Week 'March For Justice' Protest Ends In Istanbul
Trump And World Leaders Agree On Something: Women Entrepreneurs
Chicago To Class Of 2020: Have A Grad Plan, Or We Keep Your Diploma
One Ohio Sheriff Says His Deputies Won't Carry Anti-Overdose Drug
Cabinet Member Under Fire For Possible Illegal Use Of Campaign Funds
President Trump Says It's Time To Work 'Constructively' With Russia
Iraq's Prime Minister Says Iraqi Forces Have Liberated Mosul From ISIS
The UK Press Association Wants Robots To Write The News
The US Air Force Sent Bombers To The Korean Peninsula
When It Comes To Climate Change, It's Just The G-19
Ivanka Trump Raises Eyebrows For Filling In At A G-20 Meeting
UN Members Sign Nuclear Prohibition Treaty — With Notable Exceptions
Congress Could Be Launching A New Branch Of The Military — Into Space
The US Is About To Test Its THAAD Missile Defense System
Despite Safety Concerns, International Student Enrollment Holds Steady
US And Russia Disagree On What Happened In Trump-Putin Meeting
Critics Say De Blasio 'Abandoned' New York City For Germany
Israel Pulls Funding From UN Following World Heritage Site Vote
The US And Russia Have Agreed To Implement A Cease-Fire In Syria
Facebook And Google Campuses Are Idyllic — But At What Cost?
Melania Trump Says G-20 Protesters Blocked Her From Leaving Her Hotel
Hunter Baits Might Be A Good Chunk Of Bears' Diets
TV Shopping Networks Aren't Doing Great — So QVC And HSN Are Merging
Trump 'Absolutely' Still Wants Mexico To Pay For Border 'Wall'
Talks On Reunifying Cyprus Fail — For Now
Tesla Claims It's Building The World's Largest Lithium-Ion Battery
Macron Can't Shake The Scandals Of French Politics
Senegalese Fashion Designer Brings High-Fashion To The Streets
St. Louis' Minimum Wage Just Went Up — Now It's Going Back Down
Experts Warn America's Power Grid Could Be Next Cyberattack Target
Sen. Mitch McConnell Seems To Doubt The GOP Vote To Replace Obamacare
Trump And Putin Meet For The First Time As World Leaders
Federal Judge Won't Be Making Changes To Trump's Travel Ban
Qatar's Neighbors Threaten To Take 'All Necessary' Measures Against It
Illinois Lawmakers Override Veto, Pass First State Budget In 2 Years
Trump Criticized For Skipping Traditional Warsaw Ghetto Monument Visit
Protests Against G-20 Summit Turn Violent In Germany
Elmer Fudd Is Hunting Someone Other Than Bugs Bunny ... In Gotham City
CDC Sees Drop In Opioid Prescriptions Since 2010 Peak
Microsoft Lays Off Thousands To Focus On Cloud Services
18 States Sue Betsy DeVos For Pausing Predatory Student Loan Relief
The EU And Japan Have Agreed On A Massive Trade Deal
Ava DuVernay To Direct Netflix Series On Central Park Five
Kids In France Will Have To Get About 4 Times As Many Shots Now
Mars' Toxic Surface May Prevent Humans From Living There
Amelia Earhart's Disappearance Is Still Producing New Theories
'Spider-Man' Might Just Swing In And Save The Summer Box Office
Police Say More Arrests Are Possible In Manchester Bombing
The Office Of Government Ethics Director Is Resigning
Meet The New Muppet Promoting Equal Opportunities For All Genders
An Artist Makes 'Guns' From Antique Typewriters
France Has Set A Date To Ban Gas And Diesel Vehicle Sales
Trump: 'Nobody Really Knows' If Russia Was Only Meddler In US Election
Turkish Police Arrest Local Director Of Amnesty International
A G-20 Challenge: How Do We Get More Food From Less Water?
Trump's Comments About North Korea Seem To Be Getting Stronger
Another Silicon Valley Company Is Facing Sexual Harassment Claims
This State Now Lets Any Resident Challenge What's Taught In Schools
House Majority Whip Is Back In Intensive Care
Hobby Lobby To Pay $3M Fine And Forfeit Artifacts In Smuggling Case
The Polish Government Is Working Hard To Give Trump A Warm Welcome
What President Trump Is Doing With His First White House Paycheck
Mob Storms Venezuelan National Assembly, Injures Opposition Lawmakers
Rayon May Be Cheap, But The Factories That Make It Are Harmful
CNN Says It Won't Expose Who Made The Video Trump Tweeted — For Now
More Than 100 People Shot In Chicago Over Holiday Weekend
The UN Security Council Is Struggling With Solutions To North Korea
Hospital Offers To Take In Charlie Gard, But It's Not That Simple
NASA's 'DART' Program Could Prevent Asteroids From Hitting Earth
These Percussive Cockatoos March To The Beat Of Their Own Drum
What Have We Learned In The Year Juno Has Orbited Jupiter?
This Map Plots Massacres Of Aborigines When Australia Was Colonized
A German City Is Bracing For G-20 Protests To Turn Violent
Australian Department Store Scrambles To Fix Katy Perry Ad
Trump Criticizes China Over North Korea: 'So Much For Working With Us'
Salary Disputes Might Be Why 'Hawaii Five-0' Looks Different This Fall
Italy Is Getting Some Help Dealing With The Influx Of Migrants
Volvo Is Going All-In On Electric And Hybrid Vehicles
2 More Airlines Become Exempt From The Laptop Ban
Scientists Scramble To Find Out Why The US Birthrate Hit Record Low
Why Some States Are Refusing To Hand Over Voter Info
Gov. Christie Signs Funding Bill, Ending New Jersey's Shutdown
North Korea Claims It Successfully Fired An Intercontinental Missile
Why Trump's Budget Cuts To US Soft Power Matter
Cuban-Born Umpire Sues MLB For Racial Discrimination
Here's How To Avoid A Hospital Visit This July 4th
Lawsuit Dropped After Grand Canyon Allows Creationist To Collect Rocks
Fox Sports Executive Fired Amid Sexual Harassment Investigation
Court Rules The EPA Can't Delay Obama-Era Methane Regulations
Pentagon To Decide On Ending Noncitizen Recruitment Program
France's New President Wants To Cut Parliament By A Third
Florida Judge Rules 'Stand Your Ground' Changes Unconstitutional
Why An Infant Has Gotten The Attention Of President Trump And The Pope
Traffic Jams Are Pesky, But Scientists Say They Know How To Stop Them
India Might Set Another Record For Most Trees Planted In 24 Hours
Gov. Chris Christie Went To The Beach And Got Blistered By Critics
The Long Wait For The Tesla Model 3 Is Almost Over
Qatar Gets 48 More Hours To Meet Neighboring Countries' Demands
Roman Cement Is Stronger Thanks To 2,000 Years of Seawater Exposure
China Lashes Out At US Navy Ship Reportedly In South China Sea