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'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Might Not End Up Being Summer's Biggest Hit
Millions Of Venezuelans Vote Against Constitution Rewrite Plans
South Korea Extends A Rare Invitation For Military Talks With North
'Mission: Impossible' TV Show Star Martin Landau Dies At 89
Horror Movie Legend George Romero Dies At 77
'War For The Planet Of The Apes' Takes Top Spot From 'Spider-Man'
Elon Musk Likes Most Technology, But He Wants One Sector Regulated
After Almost 54 Years, 'Doctor Who' Casts Its First Female Doctor
3 Years After MH17 Was Shot Down, The Case Is Moving Closer To Trial
Macron Is Hopeful He'll Convince Trump To Rejoin Paris Accord
Trump's Approval Rating Hits A Historic Low Point
Turkey's Move Toward The Death Penalty May Be A Move Away From The EU
A Senator's Surgery Has Forced Another Delay To The Health Care Vote
Scientists Want To Release 20 Million Male Mosquitoes Here
Afghan All-Girls Robotics Team, Originally Denied Entry, Arrives In US
Congress Is Working To Get Horses From Stables Onto Dinner Tables
Facebook Live Nabs An Emmy Nom, Makes Plans For More Original Content
The Trump Administration Might Be Looking To Expand Deportation Powers
Disney Banks On 'Star Wars' Park To Compete With Wizarding World
Anniversary Of Turkey's Failed Coup Marked With More Firings
Loretta Lynch Didn't OK Russian Lawyer's Visas — These Agencies Did
Democrats Call To Strip Jared Kushner Of Security Clearance
Hong Kong Court Removes 4 Pro-Democracy Legislators From Office
Olympian: 'Passionately' Kissing Girlfriend Caused Failed Drug Test
Congress' Military Budget Is Even Bigger Than Trump Asked For
Over $200 Million Cut From Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs
DraftKings And FanDuel Choose Not To Gamble On A Merger
Illinois' Upcoming Race For Governor Is Expected To Cost $300M
Sessions Might've Used An Inaccurate Crime Stat For 'Sanctuary Cities'
9 In 10 Health Care Organizations Might've Faced A Data Breach
Republicans Still Lack Support For The Revised Senate Health Care Bill
Most US Voters Don't Seem To Know Much About Starvation Abroad
N. Korea To Take 'Corresponding Measures' If UN Imposes New Sanctions
'Slime Eels' Turned An Oregon Highway Into A Big Mess
At Least 5 Acid Attacks Happened Within 90 Minutes In London
A 5th Person May Have Been At Trump Jr.'s Meeting With Russian Lawyer
Tardigrades Might Be The Sole Survivors Of The Apocalypse
Travel Ban: Judge Rules Grandparents Count As A 'Bona Fide' Relation
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How This Company Plans To Mine The Moon's Resources By 2020
Speaker Paul Ryan Plans To 'Modernize' House Dress Code
After 27 Years, Kermit The Frog Is Getting A New Voice Actor
This Study Says Video Games Might Take Young Men Out Of The Workforce
Analysis: Trump Budget's Debt Estimate Is Off By Trillions Of Dollars
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Facebook's Most Recent Controversy: Banning Legal Pot Shop Pages
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The Senate GOP Has Released A Revised Health Care Bill
Finding The Brain Circuits That Turn Mice Into Winners
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How Do Isaac Asimov's Laws Of Robotics Hold Up 75 Years Later?
Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo Dies At 61
When It Comes To 2017 Emmy Nominations, Two Shows Are Big Winners
The Trump Administration Will Reportedly Recertify Iran's Nuclear Deal
Activists Show Nations The Dollar Cost Of Allowing Child Marriages
A Republican Suggests Cutting Food Stamps To Fund The Border 'Wall'
Our Sun Is Nothing Special — But That's A Good Thing
Ravens Have The Rare Ability To Plan Ahead — Almost Like Humans
United's Got A New Plan For Overbooked Flights
More Than 400 Charged In Historic US Health Care Fraud Takedown
Hackers Targeted A Bunch Of Trump Properties — Again
Millions of Verizon Customer Records Were Exposed Online
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The Newest, Up-Close Photos Of Jupiter's Great Red Spot
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LeBron James' Pizza Joint Is The Fastest-Growing Fast-Food Chain Ever
Democrat Files To Impeach President Trump, But Don’t Hold Your Breath
China Just Put Its First Foreign Military Base Here
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Babies Are Cute — But They Might Not Be Environmentally Friendly
Science Puts A GIF Inside Live Bacteria
Trump's Pick To Lead FBI Tells Congress He'll Be Independent Of Trump
An All-Black African Team Is Trying To Make A First In Cycling
Attorney General Sessions Wants D.A.R.E. To Make A Comeback
Former Brazilian President Gets 10 Years In Prison For Corruption
Right-Wing Outlets Say A New Study May Invalidate Climate Policies
That Spotify Playlist You're Listening To Might Feature 'Fake Artists'
Sen. Graham Seems Really Ticked About Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting
Nevada Legalized Recreational Weed But Was Way Short On Distributors
The City Of Manchester Is Making Ariana Grande An Honorary Citizen
There's Now A New Path To Sainthood In The Catholic Church
How Hidden Stars Can Mess Up Our Search For Other Habitable Planets
Trump Jr. Now Says He Would've Handled That Russia Meeting Differently
One Of The Biggest Icebergs Ever Has Broken Away From Antarctica
Trump's Twitter Use Prompted A New Lawsuit Against Him
The Vatican Says Gluten-Free Communion Wafers Don't Count
D.C. Reacts To Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia Emails
Bookies Give Odds For What Will Happen In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7