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Syrian Regime Says It Has Regained Control Of Aleppo
Trump Decides If Obama's White House Petitioning Site Lives Or Dies
The Cybersecurity Stakes Just Keep Getting Bigger
Obama Ends Muslim And Arab Registry Program Before Trump Can Revive It
The Future Is Here, And It's Filled With Robots Taking Jobs
Not Even Uber Can Get Away With Driving Without A Permit
Boeing CEO Says Air Force One Costs Will Be Under $4 Billion
The UN Will Investigate War Crimes In The Syrian Civil War
Hong Kong Really Wants To Get Rid Of Its Ivory Trade
Kellyanne Conway: Counselor To The President
All Louisiana State Troopers Will Soon Wear Body Cameras
Trump Taps Investor Carl Icahn As Special Adviser
People Really Don't Want Clinton To Run Again In 2020
The Senate Is Fighting Against 'Monopoly Business' From Drug Companies
North Carolina's 'Bathroom Bill' Is Staying On The Books — For Now
Texas To Planned Parenthood: 'Final Notice' Of Medicaid Funding Cut
An Italian Supervolcano Might Be Ready To Blow — But Maybe Not
The Hijab Is A Form Of Expression, Not Oppression
Trump's Cabinet Faces More Conflict-Of-Interest Scrutiny Than He Does
GQ 'Honors' 2016's Least Influential People With Tongue-In-Cheek List
Is Your Driver's License Real Enough For The TSA?
Here's What A New NAFTA Could Look Like
Wasn't The US Supposed To Launch Astronauts Again In 2017?
German Authorities Name Suspect In Christmas Market Crash
The Scientific Reason Static Electricity Is Worse In Winter
The 'Ziggy Stardust' Snake Is One Of Many Newly Discovered Species
How Genocide In South Sudan Could Be Prevented
Living With Your Parents? You And Nearly 40 Percent Of US Millennials
Death Sentences And Executions In The US Are The Lowest In Decades
Explosion At Fireworks Market Kills At Least 29 In Mexico
Obama Blocks Offshore Drilling In Atlantic And Arctic Oceans
The UN Puts Pressure On Philippines To Investigate President Duterte
Russia, Turkey Move Forward Together After Ambassador's Assassination
Gov. Walker Asks Trump For More Say In Federal Refugee Policy
Four More People Charged In Flint Water Crisis
FBI Releases The Warrant That Rekindled Clinton's Email Troubles
Meet The First Native American To Receive An Electoral College Vote
Tupac Will Be The First Solo Rapper In Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
Pregnancy Alters A Woman's Brain — But In A Good Way
About 2,000 Homes In Cuba Will Soon Have Internet Access
Stop Trying To Make Michelle Obama Run For President
The Search For Missing Flight MH370 Might Have Been In The Wrong Area
Trump's Cabinet Might Not Be Good For Climate Change
Some Syrian Kids In Lebanon Work More Hours Than Americans
Families Of 3 Orlando Shooting Victims Are Suing These Tech Giants
Syrian Girl Who Tweeted Through Civil War Safely Evacuated
IMF Head Lagarde Won't Lose Her Job Over Criminal Conviction
President-Elect Trump Clinches Electoral College
Obama Grants Clemency To The Largest Group Ever
North Carolina Likely To Repeal 'Bathroom Bill'
This Robot Can Turn Thoughts Into Actions — With Mind Control
Female Physicians May Provide Better Care Than Their Male Counterparts
Russian Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated
We Need To Get Over Comparing Our Income To What Our Parents Made
Berlin Police Release Man Detained In Deadly Christmas Market Crash
FIFA Fines Teams For Honoring WWI's Fallen Soldiers
Trump Nominates Vincent Viola To Serve As Army Secretary
18 Years Post-Impeachment, Bill Clinton Is As Popular As Ever
National Geographic Cover Features A Transgender Person For First Time
Many US States Are Passing Laws To Keep Body Cam Footage Private
'Best By,' 'Use By' And 'Sell By' Dates May Get A Lot Less Confusing
Famous For Being Famous: Zsa Zsa Gabor Dies At Age 99
Trump Administration Continues Questioning Russian Hacking Reports
'Rogue One' Manages Huge $155M Debut But Is Still Behind Episode VII
Trying To Stop The Opioid Epidemic Is An Uphill Battle
Is A Sub-2-Hour Marathon Possible? Nike And Adidas Think So
Electors Likely Won't Change Election Outcome
Senate Recess Could Be Good News For Exxon Mobil (And Russia)
Polls Confirm What You Already Knew: Trump's An Agent Of Change
New Deal Means Civilians Can Start Evacuating Aleppo – Again
The US And China Seem To Have Resolved That Drone Dispute
Deep-Sea Fishing Ban Aims To Give Coral A Surviving Chance
Colorado's $4.5M Plan To Save Mule Deer Involves Killing Predators
Doctor Credited With Creating The Heimlich Maneuver Dies At 96
How Major League Baseball Could Help Make E-Sports More Relevant
U. Of Minnesota Football's Boycott Ends; 10 Players Still Suspended
Trump's Businesses Made An Unprecedented $12.5M Off His Campaign
Trump Picks A Member Of The 'Shutdown Caucus' As His Budget Director
$25 Million: That's Now The Reward For Info On ISIS' Leader
German Police: ISIS Inspired Child To Try To Bomb Christmas Market
Electors Won't Be Briefed On Russian Hacking
Minnesota Threatening Bowl Boycott Over 10 Suspended Players
Why Inclusive Toys Are About More Than Play Time
Are These Students Being Racist Or Just Unsportsmanlike?
Video Of Children In Aleppo Causes Turkish Presenters To Break Down
China Took A US Underwater Glider, And Now The US Wants It Back
FBI Backs CIA Assessment Of Russia's Election Meddling
More Schools Come Forward In 'WakeyLeaks' College Football Scandal
Kerry Slams Syrian Regime For 'Savage Brutality Against Civilians'
This Afghan Female Rapper Still Throws Down After Threats
Obama Says He'll Act After Russia's Alleged Election Hacking
Why California Could 'Launch Its Own Damn Satellite'
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says He Has Proof Obama's Birth Certificate Is Fake
We Could Someday Slow Aging If This Study Is On The Right Track
Nintendo's First Mobile Game 'Super Mario Run' Looks Like A Hit
Remembering Those We Lost In 2016
Facebook's Plan To Fight Fake News Relies On Real Journalists
Bernie Sanders Doesn't Have High Hopes For Some Of Trump's Cabinet
Trainees At Federal Facility Practiced With Deadly Strand Of Ricin
Trump's Cabinet Picks Are Wealthier Than The Bottom Third Of Americans