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Hillary Clinton Refutes Ties To Big Oil, But She Has Connections
The CIA Accidentally Left Explosive Material On A School Bus
'Space Archaeology' Helped Find What May Be A Buried Viking Outpost
‘Unbound Delegates' Could Decide The GOP Presidential Nomination
Conservative Group Says Disney Has 'Declared War' On Religious Freedom
Andrew W.K.'s Political Party Will Always Party Hard — For America
Former Student Says Baylor Admin Ignored Sexual Assault Claims
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Turned On A Large Underground Ice Wall
Toddler Dies After Routine Trip To The Dentist
Brain Freeze: Concussions In The NFL May Be Linked To Cold Weather
John Kasich Implies Trevor Noah's Going Easy On Donald Trump
Zaha Hadid, World-Famous Architect, Dies At 65
A Soccer Team Was Photographed In Blackface For A Surprising Reason
Few Have Driven The Tesla Model 3, But Everyone Still Wants It
Greyhound Station Shooting Leaves Virginia Trooper, Suspect Dead
'Duck Dynasty' Star Willie Robertson Joins Fox News, Starts A Podcast
Fight On Or Give Up? It Comes Down To 1 Brain Circuit
This Rumored Beyoncé Album Better Not Be An April Fools' Day Joke
Paris Attacks Suspect Salah Abdeslam Is OK'd For Extradition To France
No Precedent? No Problem: The FBI Will Help Police Unlock More iPhones
The Military May Have Self-Flying Jets Before Autonomous Land Vehicles
Donald Trump's Historically Bad Standing With Women In 1 Chart
Pittsburgh News Anchor Fired After Making Racially Charged Comments
USWNT Players' Complaint Exposes Pro Soccer's Massive Gender Wage Gap
French Labor Protests Shut Down Eiffel Tower
This 11-Year-Old's Lemonade Just Got Her A Deal With Whole Foods
Yes, The IRS Is Auditing Trump
Sonic's CEO Says If Minimum Wages Rise, Menu Prices Might, Too
Archaeologists Rally To Help Formerly ISIS-Controlled Syrian City
State Department: Unattractive? You Might Get Robbed On Spring Break
FIFA Responds To Damning Report About Working Conditions In Qatar
McDonald's Bets Big On Asia, Plans To Add 1,500 Restaurants By 2021
At Least 14 Dead After Overpass Collapses In India
UFC 200 Will Feature McGregor Vs. Diaz 2, But What About Rousey?
'Hamilton' Casting Call Causes More Legal Questions Than Outrage
Obama Commutes 61 Prison Sentences To Catch Up On Reform Backlog
Sorry, Florida. Yale Thinks The Ivy Is Just Fine Where It Is
FDA Changes Label On Abortion Pill, Increasing Options For Women
Sanders' Name Might Be Missing From Ballot Because Of DC Democrats
Sea Levels Could Rise Twice As Fast By The End Of The Century
Trump Walks Back Abortion 'Punishment' Comments After Criticism
Voodoo Priest Offers To Help The Injury-Plagued Pelicans
What's The US Still Doing With All These Nukes?
Whoopi Goldberg Fights Period Pain With New Cannabis Products
Minneapolis Officers Will Not Be Charged In Jamar Clark Shooting Death
Humanity's Hobbit-Like Ancestor Is Way Older Than We Thought
After All The Arguing, French President Nixes Constitutional Amendment
A Third Of Republicans Surveyed Don't Want Muslims In The US Military
How Glenn Beck's Defamation Suit Could Damage Ted Cruz's Campaign
Wanna Own A Castle ... And A Village? Pony Up $8.3M, And It's Yours
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Massive HGTV Dream Home Comes With Massive Tax Burden
Second Breakfast Isn't Just For Hobbits; It Cuts Kids' Risk Of Obesity
Trump, Cruz And Kasich Back Away From Their RNC Loyalty Pledges
Australian University Says British Colonists 'Invaded' Country
Police Say Teenager Was Groped And Pepper-Sprayed Outside Trump Rally
North Carolina's 'Anti-LGBTQ' Bill Has A Growing List Of Opposers
Mississippi Could Legalize Firing Squads For Death Row Inmates
Volkswagen Faces More Legal Trouble From Clean Diesel Scandal
NFL Disputes Article Claiming It Ignored Concussion Issues
Former Canadian Politician, 6 Others Killed In Plane Crash
Brace Yourself For Changes On Instagram
Detroit Principals Accused Of Taking Bribes From School Supplier
The FBI/Apple Encryption Case Could Have Had A Happier Ending
Patty Duke, Actress Who Played Helen Keller, Dies At 69
A Split Supreme Court Leaves America In Legal Limbo
'Deadpool' Has Conquered The World But Not North America
Premature Births Linked To Air Pollution Cost The US $4.3B A Year
Susan Sarandon Says She Might Not Vote For Clinton If Sanders Loses
A Boy's Love Of Disney Was The Key To New Autism Therapy
Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Is Charged With Misdemeanor Battery
Singer Kehlani Hospitalized After She 'Wanted To Leave This Earth'
North Korea Launches A Missile During US-South Korea Military Drills
Homeless Man Asking Cafe Owner For Money Gets Something Better: A Job
Will Richard Branson Sell His Airline Company Virgin America?
EgyptAir Plane Hijacker Arrested After Hourslong Standoff
Who Will Be The Democratic Nominee For Vice President?
Wristy Business: An Explanation Of Obama's Awkward Handshake
The FBI Is Dropping The San Bernardino iPhone Court Case
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#BernieMadeMeWhite: A Look At Who Is Really Supporting Sanders
Ex-Lawyer For 'DC Madam' Threatens To Release Escort Records
Doctors Can Now Diagnose Concussions With Just A Blood Test
NBC's Andrea Mitchell Rails Against Donald Trump's Foreign Policy
Armed Man At US Capitol Shot By Police
Japan May Have Lost Its Black Hole Telescope
Fidel Castro's Open Letter To 'Brother Obama' Is Far From Welcoming
North Carolina Is Sued Over 'Anti-LGBTQ' Law
Twenty88: Actual Big Sean And Jhené Aiko Project Or April Fools' Joke?
Georgia Governor Says He Will Veto 'Religious Liberty' Bill
Magnetic Pulses Could Be A Key In Treating Anorexia
The Dream Of A Donald Trump, Derek Jeter Ticket Is Dead
Bernie Sanders Slams Hillary Clinton's $353K Event With George Clooney
Syracuse, A No. 10 Seed, Somehow Makes It To The Final Four