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Officer Fatally Shot During Routine Traffic Stop, Suspect Later Killed
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Tornadoes Put Alabama, Missouri On Top Of Most Dangerous Weather List
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Victims' Families Sue Russia And Vladimir Putin Over MH17 Crash
LeBron James Flopped, And The Internet Mercilessly Trolled Him For It
Prince Might Have Died Hours Before He Was Found
2 Horses Die At Pimlico Before The Preakness Stakes
Women Whose Public Kiss Led To Legal Trouble Agree To $80K Settlement
Congress Votes To Ban Confederate Flags From Most National Cemeteries
US Officials Say Taliban Leader Likely Killed In Drone Strike
Sanders Backs Progressive Challenging Debbie Wasserman Schultz
'Oriental' and 'Negro' Will No Longer Appear In US Federal Law
After You Die, What Happens To Your Digital Life?
Venezuela's Food Shortage Drains Its Beer And Coca-Cola Supply
Rio Is Bringing The Rubber: Olympic Athletes, Staff Get 450K Condoms
Researchers Found Man-Eating African Crocodiles In Florida
The Brother Of A Brussels Bomber Will Compete In The Olympics
The Navy Just Got The Keys To The Most 'Advanced' Ship It's Ever Had
Another Political Model Predicts Hillary Clinton Beats Donald Trump
Mars Hasn't Been This Close To Earth In Over A Decade
Alan Young, Who Played Mister Ed's Sidekick, Dies At 96
Photos Believed To Be EgyptAir Flight 804 Wreckage Are Released
Don't Expect To Hear Much From President Obama After He Leaves Office
Oklahoma Governor Vetoes The Bill That Would've Made Abortion A Felony
George Zimmerman Says He Got $250K For Gun That Shot Trayvon Martin
Aren't A Few Acts Missing From The Bad Boy Reunion Tour?
Uber Driver Accused Of Kalamazoo Shootings Disrupts Court Hearing
Armed Man Near White House Shot And Injured By Secret Service
Dirty Money: The Cash In Your Pocket Probably Has Poop On It
Nutrition Labels On Junk Food Will Finally Make More Sense
Puerto Ricans Are US Citizens, But Many Americans Didn't Know That
Start Talking About Ariana Grande's Fight For Equality — Not Her Hair
It Looks Like Zika Numbers Have Tripled In The US In One Week
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How Gluing Pedestrians To Cars Could (Sort Of) Make Them Safer
John Berry, The Man Who Gave The Beastie Boys Their Name, Has Died
Egypt's Military Says EgyptAir Flight Debris Has Been Found At Sea
Kesha Is Back On For The Billboard Music Awards
Florence And The Economic Machine: Keeping Italy's Elite Wealthy
San Francisco Police Chief Resigns After Another Fatal Police Shooting
Why Grammar Matters: Texas GOP's Error Implies Most Texans Are Gay
Father And Son Arrested After Girl Says She Was Chained Up For A Year
The People's Elbow: Justin Trudeau Apologizes For Jostling Politician
Pornhub Has A Video Game To Help You Track Sexercise
The US Could Make Billions From Pot If It Follows Colorado's Lead
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Poll: Most Native Americans Are OK With The Washington Redskins' Name
Recovered Debris Not From EgyptAir Flight MS804, Search Still Ongoing
Uber Unleashes Its Self-Driving Car On Pittsburgh
Mars Didn't Just Have Oceans; It Might've Even Had Giant Tsunamis
Theranos Corrects 2 Years' Worth Of Flawed Blood Test Results
This Domestic Violence PSA Has Powerful (If Misleading) Message
Legendary CBS Journalist Morley Safer Dies At Age 84
Oklahoma Student Wins Fight To Wear Moccasins To Graduation
School Board Ditches 'Unhealthy Competition' Of Valedictorian Titles
What It's Like To Be An Anarchist In The Birthplace Of Democracy
Why China Is Reassuring Africa It Isn't Selling Human Meat
NAACP Sues Michigan Officials For Negligence In Flint Water Crisis
'Superbugs' Could Kill 10 Million People A Year By 2050
The 2012 LinkedIn Data Breach Was Much Bigger Than Originally Thought
On His Deathbed, Former Republican Senator Apologizes For Donald Trump
No One Is Sure What Happened To Missing EgyptAir Flight MS804
EgyptAir Flight Disappears From Radar With 69 People On Board
The Mets' AA Affiliate Has Some Odd Choices For Its New Name
House Advances Aid Plan For Debt-Stricken Puerto Rico
New Poll Proves Polls This Early Are Mostly Unhelpful
Teacher Becomes Internet Hero After Unusual Homework Assignment
Trump's List Of SCOTUS Nominees Includes One Loud Twitter Critic
Time Warner's Sluggish Speed Could Get A Boost After Sale To Charter
Fewer Coaching Jobs In Women's Sports Are Going To Women
White House Promises Nothing Shady Went Down In Jack Ma Meeting
Signs Of ADHD Might Not Appear Until Adulthood
N.C. Hiker Tied To A Tree Was Assaulted, Officials Say
Mariah Carey Throwing Shade At Jennifer Lopez: A History
Former Gov. Bashes Trump's Controversial Comments With One Of His Own
New York Could Become The First State To Ban Declawing
Nokia Just Got Its Best Shot At Making A Comeback
Actress Robin Wright Pulled A Claire Underwood To Get Equal Pay
Tourists Trashed This Thai Island, So The Government Shut It Down
'Tetris' Is Headed To The Big Screen As An $80M Sci-Fi Thriller
As Menswear Sales Grow, So Does Pricey Custom Tailoring
George Zimmerman Is Now Criticizing Trayvon Martin's Parents
Is This Really The End Of Donald Trump's Feud With Megyn Kelly?
Hillary Clinton's Camp Is Going After Donald Trump's Tax Returns
2 Years After Her Kidnapping, A Chibok Schoolgirl Has Returned Home
This 15-Carat Rare Pink Diamond Sold For $31.5 Million