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The Founding Fathers Really Wanted A National University
California Congressman Indicted On Campaign Finance Charges
Inmates Organize Nationwide Protests Over Prison Conditions
Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty, Implicates President Trump
Michael Cohen Admits To Violating Campaign Finance Laws, Tax Fraud
Trump's Proposed Emissions Rules Show The Shift In Climate Priorities
Jury Finds Paul Manafort Guilty Of Bank And Tax Fraud
State Attorneys General Want Net Neutrality Reinstated
Sen. Collins: Brett Kavanaugh Thinks Roe V. Wade Is 'Settled Law'
Greece Leaves Bailout Programs, But No End In Sight For Austerity
Nazi Living In New York Deported To Germany
Michael Cohen Reportedly Reached Plea Deal With Federal Prosecutors
Hawaii's Complicated Road To Statehood Took 40 Years
US Slaps Even More Sanctions On Russia
Trump Administration Releases Alternative To Obama-era Emissions Plan
Russia To Host War Games Of 'Unprecedented Scale'
There Are Several Good Reasons To Keep A Smallpox Treatment Ready
El Salvador Severs Ties With Taiwan To Become Allies With China
Microsoft Says It Stopped A Potential Russian-Linked Cyber Attack
More Parents Are Raising Their Kids As Gender Creative
Michigan Health Official Heading To Trial In Flint Water Case
Possible Cohen Charges Could Spell Trouble For Trump
Venezuela Issues New Currency — The Sovereign Bolivar
FBI Reportedly Investigating Hacks On Two Congressional Candidates
Trump Chastises Democrats In Speech, Praises Immigration Agents
Miami Football Team To Wear Uniforms Made With Recycled Ocean Waste
Melania Trump Will Visit Africa Reportedly Without President Trump
Trump Urges Senate Republicans To Act On Fentanyl Legislation
EU Commission Wants To Crack Down On Terrorist Posts On Social Media
Sewers Show The Unexpected Scope Of The US' Illegal Drug Problem
E-Cigarette Use Can Damage Your DNA, Study Finds
There's A Spike In Measles Cases In Europe - And In The US
Australia's PM Scraps Plan To Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions Cap
As Floodwaters Recede, Tens Of Thousands Rescued In India
175 More Former Officials Denounce Trump Pulling Security Clearances
The Debate Continues Over The Pledge Of Allegiance In Schools
Pope Francis Issues A Letter Condemning Sexual Abuse By Priests
Criminal Charges Could Be Filed Against Michael Cohen Very Soon
Brennan May Consider Legal Action After Security Clearance Stripped
US Reportedly Refuses To Negotiate Over Pastor's Release
'Crazy Rich Asians' Beats Expectations And Makes Box-Office History
Judge Says ACLU, Government Must Reach Agreement On Reunifications
Qatar Accuses Saudi Arabia Of Barring Its Citizens From The Hajj
Afghanistan's President Calls For Cease-fire With Taliban
EPA Proposal Would Roll Back Standards Meant To Curb CO2 Emissions
White House Counsel Don McGahn Is Reportedly Cooperating With Mueller
Privatization Of Afghan War Not Under Consideration, NSC Says
Youth Unemployment Is Down, But So Is Labor Force Participation
Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan Dies
CNN: Bomb That Hit Yemeni Bus Of Children Was US-Made
How #MeToo Is Changing How Men Cope With Sexual Trauma
HUD Accuses Facebook Of Discriminatory Housing Ads
New Haven, Conn. Is Struggling With A Rash Of K2 Overdoses
ESPN Won't Televise The National Anthem Before Monday Night Football
Former CIA Officials Criticize Trump For Revoking Brennan's Clearance
US Will Stop Funding Stabilization Efforts In Syria
Germany And Greece Agree On Migrant Relocation Deal
Turkey Again Refuses To Release American Pastor As Tensions Rise
Trump Might Take Away Bruce Ohr's Security Clearance. So, Who Is He?
Military Parades Are A Global Go-To Tactic To Show Off Strength
US Sanctions Myanmar Military Officials And Units
Hundreds Dead As Indian Tourist State Faces Unprecedented Flooding
New Forest Service Plan Aims To Alleviate Wildfire Problem
Don't Call It The 'LDS' Or 'Mormon' Church Anymore
AG Tells Immigration Judges To Move Through Deportation Cases Quicker
Pakistani Lawmakers Elect Imran Khan As Next Prime Minister
The President Claims Most NFL Game Money Goes To Players — It Doesn't
Yes, Taxes Help Pay For LeBron James' School, But That's Not New
Ted Cruz Claims Opponent Wants To Abolish ICE. Is That True?
Trump Cancels Previously Delayed Military Parade Amid Rising Costs
Today's Horror Films Are Hitting Too Close To Home
Retired Navy Admiral Asks Trump To Revoke His Security Clearance
Pentagon Claims China Is 'Likely' Training Military To Target The US
Trump's Military Parade Could Be Delayed Amid Rising Costs
NYU Medical School Just Gave All Its Students A Full Ride
Democrats Say They'll Sue If Kavanaugh Info Request Isn't Fulfilled
Sessions Says DOJ Will Prosecute Those With 'Undetectable' Guns
Vatican Feels 'Shame And Sorrow' Over Recent Sexual Abuse Report
Official: HHS Doesn't Have To Check On Kids Released From Its Custody
Hundreds Of Newspapers To Trump: 'We Are Not The Enemy'
For The First Time, The FDA Has Approved A Generic EpiPen Alternative
DOJ, DEA Want Drug Companies To Produce Less Opioids In 2019
Russian Satellite Maneuvers Are Making The US Nervous
FCC Chair Explains Why Agency Misled Congress On Fake Cyberattack
Senate Votes To Condemn Trump-Like Attacks On Press
Trump's Military Parade Could Cost More Than We Thought
Is Our Obsession With Filtered Selfies Triggering A Disorder?
Chinese Investigators Find Another Batch Of Defective Kids' Vaccines
The Lab: Are We Genetically Similar To Kangaroos?
How Women Impacted The Bangladeshi Student Movement For Safe Roads
US Trade Talks With China Will Continue In Late August
Some Oat-Based Breakfast Favorites May Contain Weed Killer
Why John Brennan Had (And Lost) His Security Clearance
Brennan Says Trump Is Trying To Scare His Critics Into Silence
Aretha Franklin, Queen Of Soul, Has Died At The Age Of 76
Aretha Franklin Made 'Respect' A National Anthem For Social Justice
Aretha Franklin, Queen Of Soul, Has Died At The Age Of 76
Did You Know You Can Create Your Own Micronation?
DHS Funds Development Of Program For High School Trauma Training
Up For Debate: Should We Genetically Modify Food?