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Chicago Wins U.S. Title In Little League World Series
Over 1,000 Businesses At Risk From Malware That Hit Target
Microsoft Makes Cloud Gaming Feasible By Predicting Future
Icelandic Volcano Alert Level Raised, Starts Erupting
March For Eric Garner Draws Thousands In NYC
Does Pete Rose Deserve A Second Chance With Baseball?
Missouri Law Could Protect Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson
NSA, GCHQ Agents Allegedly Undermining Efforts To Crack Tor
Breakfast Might Not Be The Day's Most Important Meal
Amazon To Take On Advertising Incumbent Google
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket Explodes After Liftoff
Will It Take U.S. Airstrikes In Syria To Defeat ISIS?
Wash. Residents Recovering After Massive Mudslides
Android Security Flaw Leaves Gmail Vulnerable To Hackers
Western U.S. Drought Caused Earth's Crust To Rise
Is Ukraine Being Invaded By An Aid Convoy?
Chinese Aircraft Does Barrel Roll Over U.S. Plane
Top 3 Foods: Chocolate PhD, Pumpkin Spice Returns And Pizza
Ferguson: More Online Donations For Officer Than Mike Brown
'Game Of Thrones' Creator Teases Major Character Deaths
Washington Post To Stop Using 'Redskins' In Editorials
Ice Bucket Challenge Puts Firefighters In Hospital
Hamas Reportedly Kills 18 Suspected Israeli Informants
Restaurant Receives Complaint For Church Bulletin Discount
Will Tightened Painkiller Regulations Reduce Drug Abuse?
Couple Allegedly Tries Using Dolls To Enter Maternity Ward
Paul Stoner Arrested For Pot Because Of Course He Was
T-Mobile, Sprint Battle It Out, And You Benefit
What's The Point Of Rick Perry's 'ISIS In U.S.' Warning?
Steven Sotloff: The Kidnapped Journalist No One Knew About
That Bergdahl-For-Taliban Exchange Was Illegal
Foley And Bergdahl: A Tale Of Two Captives
Search For Japan Mudslide Victims Continues
Is Apple's iMessage Really Being Overrun By Spammers?
Under Armour Offers Kevin Durant $285M Shoe Contract
Did Russia Really Find Plankton On The ISS? NASA Not So Sure
Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey Living Apart
Former TSA X-Ray Scanners Easily Tricked To Miss Weapons
SoundCloud Now Featuring Advertisements Between Tracks
Bank Of America Pays Big To DoJ, But Could Avoid Jail Time
Study Suggests Children With Autism Have Extra Synapses
Israeli Airstrikes Kill 3 Top Hamas Commanders
Russia McDonald's Crackdown: Sanitation Or Sanctions?
Will The Merchandise Make Us Hate 'Star Wars VII'?
Officer Rescues Man Whose Wheelchair Broke Down In Storm
Hundreds Of Customers Pay It Forward At Fla. Starbucks
American Ebola Patients Released: What Cured Them?
When The Tooth Fairy Hits Hard Financial Times
Lost Brain Cells To Blame For Sleep Problems Among Seniors
Examining America's Ransom Stance After The Foley Execution
Neanderthals Probably Died Out Earlier Than We Thought
Could St. Louis Cty. Prosecutor Be Impartial On Ferguson?
Drug Used To Treat 'Ebola's Cousin' Shows Promise
Terrifying City-Dwelling Spiders Are Bigger And More Fertile
Couple Charged With Theft From MH370 Passengers
What Can Eric Holder Really Do In Ferguson?
North Korea Is Apparently Worried About China
Families Can Now Ask Twitter To Remove Photos Of Deceased
Thousands Of Species Found In Lake Under Antarctic Ice
Reasons Why Teen Birth Rates Are At An All-Time Low
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge And Sports Are Deeply Connected
Common Antibiotic Could Lead To Heart-Related Death
Police Charge Harvey Home During Standoff, Rescue Hostages
Mark Wahlberg Rumored To Be In Talks For BP Oil Spill Movie
Women Soccer Players Say No To FIFA's Artificial Turf Move
Barnes & Noble, Fashion School Sued Over Backpack Design
Do More Wedding Guests Make A Happier Marriage?
Breaking Down The Buck's Value Across The U.S.
Unsustainable Elephant Poaching Killed 100K In 3 Years
Why Shanghai Subway Passengers Ran Away From Man Who Fainted
Ferguson Protests Reach Possible 'Turning Point'
Israel Targets Hamas Commander As Fighting Resumes
The Way Snapchat Plans To Make Money Off You
Foley Execution Video Going Viral Is Exactly What ISIS Wants
How Rick Perry's Indictment Could Help His Image
Video Appears To Show ISIS Execution Of U.S. Journalist
Why Ferguson Police Are Arresting Journalists
NFL Asks Musicians To Pay For Super Bowl Halftime Show Spot
Uber Introduces 'Corner Store,' Hires Ex-Obama Advisor
Ballmer Leaves Microsoft's Board, Has Advice For Nadella
Kids' Drawings At Age 4 Linked To Intelligence At Age 14
What Google Can Gain From Special Accounts For Children
American Ebola Patient Apparently Improving, Outbreak Is Not
Did Pope Francis Just Hint At Retirement Again?
YouTube Music Key: Yet Another Music Streaming Service?
101-Year-Old Working Man Has All The Advice You Need
Police In Ferguson Address Violence In Emotional Presser
Awesome New Camouflage Sheet Was Inspired By Octopus Skin
Erin Corwin's Body Recovered, Suspect Arrested
Don Pardo, Iconic Voice Of 'SNL,' Dies At 96
India Cancels Talks With Pakistan Over Kashmir Dispute
Syria's Chemical Weapons Are Gone, But Killings Continue
Manhunt Underway For Man Tied To Theft From MH370 Passengers
Chinese Hackers Steal 4.5M U.S. Hospital Patient Records
Tiny Satellites, Like The One Tossed From ISS, On The Rise
James Jeffords, Senator Who Quit GOP, Dies At Age 80
Group Pushes Kroger Grocery Stores For Stricter Gun Policy
Dollar Store Bidding War: Dollar General Offers Nearly $10B
Raising A Kid Costs $245,000 On Average
World's Major Human Rights Abusers Giddy Over Ferguson