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Norman Bridwell, Creator of 'Clifford' Books, Dies at 86
Is Putin To Blame For Russia's Economic Collapse?
U.S. Will Bid For 2024 Summer Olympics
How The U.S. Fights ISIS From The Sea
Sony Hackers Threaten Theaters Screening 'The Interview'
Tech Companies Make Holiday Shopping Easier Than Ever
Chinese Manufacturers Make Gains In Smartphone Market
Rough Month, Journalists: 'Teen Millionaire' Story Was Fake
What You Should Know About The Pakistani Taliban
Feeling Young Might Mean A Longer Life Span
Jeb Bush Is (Kind Of) In For 2016
An 8-Year-Old Boy Raises $1M For His Best Friend
Judy Blume's New Novel For Adults Centers On Real Tragedies
Domestication Might've Been Bad For Horses
At Least 126 Dead In Taliban Attack On Pakistan School
2016 Olympic Waters Feature 'Super Bacteria' Researchers Say
Skype's New Feature Translates Calls Instantly
Public Support For Guns Made Vote For Surgeon General Risky
Cosby's Wife Speaks Out, Compares Allegations To UVA Rape
Why 'Culture' Is Merriam-Webster's Word Of The Year
Body Of Penn. Shooting Suspect Bradley Stone Found
Senate Confirms Surgeon General, Despite NRA Push
U.S. Marine Charged With Murder Of Woman In Philippines
Why The St. Louis Rams Moving To Los Angeles Makes Sense
Amazon UK Glitch Prices Items At A Penny, Costing Businesses
Australia's Terror Problem: A Timeline
Uber Slammed For Hiking Prices During Sydney Crisis
2 Hostages, Gunman Dead After Sydney Hostage Siege
PetSmart Bought For $8.7B Amid Declining Sales
Is There Any Hope For The Northern White Rhino?
Cleveland Cops Upset With Browns' Player's Protest T-Shirt
Sony's Angry Letter, And How The Press Treats Stolen Data
Kobe Bryant Passes Michael Jordan On All-Time Scoring List
Gunman Holds Up Sydney Cafe, Takes Hostages
North Korea Broadcasts U.S. Citizen's Anti-American Rant
Box Office Top 3: 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' Exiled By Critics
Tornado Season Set To Be Mildest On Record
Hamas Military Parade Has Israel Scrambling Jets
How Congress Rolled Back Wall St. Reforms — In 3 Easy Steps
Japan's Election Isn't All About Abenomics
Despite Bad Press, Uber Pulls In More Investments
Richard Branson Scraps Deep-Sea Exploration Plans
Sony Hackers Planning 'Christmas Gift' Information Dump
Iran Suspected In Recent Casino Cyberattack
U.N. Climate Conference Ends In Disappointment
Auburn Player Killed In Off-Campus Shooting Police Say
Peru Climate Change Summit Pits Rich Nations Vs. Poor
Millions March NYC Time Lapse Shows Scale Of Protest
Pirate Bay Closure Had Little Effect On Digital Piracy
Google Gets Serious About Cardboard
Congress Blocks D.C. Pot Legalization
Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend
'Justice For All': Many Young Protesters Want A New Strategy
U.S. Economic Recovery Not Equal For All
What To Know About The New HPV Vaccine
NYPD Union Doesn't Want Bill De Blasio At Police Funerals
Pro-ISIS Twitter Account Owner Arrested In India
Email Leak Details Hollywood's Alleged Google Smear Campaign
Russia Poised To Retaliate As Congress Readies Sanctions
DOJ Won't Prosecute NYT Reporter For Not Revealing Sources
Peterson's Appeal Denied, NFL Suspension Upheld
Ebola Outbreak Forces Sierra Leone To Cancel Christmas
Victims' Condtions In Oregon High School Shooting Released
Guys Are Idiots, According To Sarcastic Study
Federal Judge Restricts St. Louis Police's Use Of Tear Gas
'Blackfish' Fallout Not Only Factor In SeaWorld CEO Ousting
Ex-NFL Player Darren Sharper Indicted On Rape Charges In La.
Google Shuts Down Russian Office Amid Internet Crackdown
Tamir Rice Autopsy Released, Death Ruled A Homicide
Thanks For Watching: Talking 'Homeland,' 'Black Mirror'
Is 'Feel Full' Supplement The Future Of Weight Loss?
Apple-1 Sold By Steve Jobs Himself Sells For $365,000
Delta Airlines To Offer Five Seat Classes
1795 Time Capsule Buried By Paul Revere Unearthed In Boston
Facebook Eyes One-Click Emotions, But No 'Dislike' Button
Microsoft Brings Windows Phone Apps To iOS, Android
DOJ Report Sheds New Light On Campus Sexual Assault
House Averts Shutdown, Passes Spending Bill
Navy Can't Praise Its Laser Weapon Enough
Breast Cancer Radiation Treatments Might Be Taking Too Long
Poor Sperm Quality Linked To Various Medical Conditions
Brennan Says Value Of Info From CIA Detainees 'Unknowable'
Iowa Driver's License App Brings Us Closer To Digital Wallet
Airline Profits Are About To Surge, But Will Airfare Fall?
Sony Exec, Producer Apologize For Offensive Obama Emails
More Than 5 Trillion Pieces Of Plastic In The World's Oceans
Glucose, Fructose Compared In Study On Overeating
Prenatal Exposure To Common Chemicals Might Lower Child's IQ
Why The L.A. Dodgers Are Making So Many Moves
Microsoft Becomes Latest 'Bitcoin Believer'
Golden Globes: TV Surprised Us, The Best Actress Race Didn't
Scientists Discover Oldest Horned Dinosaur Of North America
Spain's 'Google Tax' Forces Shutdown Of Google News Spain
Sony Reportedly Fights Hack With Denial Of Service
Drug-Resistant Bugs Could Lead To 10M Deaths By 2050
Sarah Koenig Confirms She Doesn't Know How 'Serial' Will End
Hong Kong Police Move In After Protesters Hold Final Rally
Dick Cheney Has No Regrets
U.N. Says 3,400 Migrants Died Crossing Mediterranean In 2014
NFL Enacts New Conduct Policy Without NFLPA Input