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Missouri Governor Admits To Extramarital Affair Before He Took Office
South Korea Is Considering A Law That Would Ban Cryptocurrency Trading
How Somalia's Turbulent History Made Way For Al-Shabab
Another Automaker Is In The Hot Seat Over Alleged Emissions Cheating
Trump Expected To Continue Sanctions Relief For Iran
House Immigration Bill Addresses DACA And A Border Wall
Pastor Confesses To 'Sexual Incident,' Gets Standing Ovation
California Mudslides Kill 15, Injure Nearly 30 And Trap Hundreds
CEOs Of Major Companies Tell Congress To Protect 'Dreamers'
Canadian, Mexican Currencies Dip Amid Fears US Will Leave NAFTA
After Florida Exemption From Offshore Drilling, Others Want One, Too
Here's How YouTube Is Punishing Logan Paul
Groups Plan Rally In Support Of Teacher Arrested During Meeting
ICE Conducts Nationwide Immigration Raids At 7-Eleven Stores
Federal Minimum Wage Is Still Stagnant Despite State, City Increases
Disagreement Over Paris Deal Re-emerges During US-Norway Talk
Yankee Stadium Is Extending Its Nets After A Foul Ball Hit A Young Fan
Ethiopia Bans International Adoptions, Citing Concerns Of Abuse
California's Devastating Mudslides Are A Product Of Historic Wildfires
Myanmar Military Leader Takes Responsibility For Deaths Of 10 Rohingya
Virginia Democrat Concedes Election Decided By Random Drawing
Trump's News Conference With Norway's PM Touched On Russia
Chris Hurst Sworn Into Office 2 Years After Girlfriend Died On Live TV
After 'Fire And Fury,' The President Is Talking About Libel Laws Again
The Flu Nearly Reached Epidemic Levels This Season
Vice President Pence To Lead US Winter Olympics Delegation
Danica Roem Was Just Sworn Into Virginia's State House
Vermont Is Really Close To Legalizing Marijuana
New York City Is Suing Major Oil Companies Over Climate Change
Lawmakers May Support #MeToo, Wear Black During State Of The Union
James Franco Faces Backlash for Golden Globes 'Time's Up' Pin
State Department Is Changing How It Does Travel Advisories
South Korean President Says Trump Helped Make North Korea Talks Happen
Another Lawmaker From California Isn't Seeking Re-election
Electric Car Batteries Are About To Charge Faster And Last Longer
Democrats Didn't Pull Any Punches On Trump In Russian Meddling Report
Supreme Court To Hear Arguments In Ohio Voter Purge Case
At Least 15 Dead After Southern California Mudslides
Trump Calls Courts 'Broken And Unfair' After DACA Ruling
Congressional Democrats Warn Of Russian Meddling Across The Globe
Understaffed VA Ordered To Expand Mental Health Services For Veterans
Trump's Personal Lawyer Files Lawsuits Over Russia Dossier
A US Firm Could Be Paid $70 Million If It Finds MH370
The Unabomber Case Launched A New Science Using Only Words
Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump Administration From Ending DACA
North Carolina Must Redraw Its Congressional Map After Gerrymandering
YouTube Considering 'Further Consequences' Over Logan Paul Video
Trump Administration Won't Allow Offshore Drilling Near Florida
Teacher Booted From Meeting, Arrested After Asking About Boss' Raise
Mudslides And Flooding Kill 13 In Southern California
Ecuador Wants Help Moving Julian Assange Out Of Its London Embassy
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has Hired Clerks To Last Through 2020
Fusion GPS Transcript: FBI Had Insider In Trump's Campaign
Israel To Approve More Than 1,200 New West Bank Housing Units
Judge Approves $5 Million Bail Deal For Rick Gates
Trump, Bipartisan Lawmakers Discuss Immigration Reform
Scientists Say Too Many Sea Turtles Are Born Female — Here's Why
Kodak Is Jumping Into The Cryptocurrency Frenzy
Trump And Congress Kick Off Tricky DACA Negotiations
Fusion GPS Transcript Heightens Tensions Between Dems And GOP
The White House Doesn't Think Oprah Is Running For President
Corruption Allegations Against Netanyahu Back In The Spotlight
Steve Bannon Leaves Breitbart News
Sens. Kamala Harris And Cory Booker Join Senate Judiciary Committee
SpaceX Says Its Rocket Performed As Planned Amid Lost Satellite Rumors
Benjamin Netanyahu's Son Ignites Controversy In Audio Recording
'The Why' Celebrates 100 Episodes
Democrats Release Senate Testimony By Fusion GPS Founder
Commission Shuts Down Rick Perry's Proposal To Prop Up Coal, Nuclear
States Are Introducing Their Own Net Neutrality Protections
Despite Reforms Across US, Police Shootings Persist In High Numbers
What To Know About SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket Before It Launches
Alex Azar Questioned During Confirmation Hearing
Venida Browder — A Witness Of The Criminal Justice System
Tareaphe Richards — A Witness Of The Criminal Justice System
China Is Putting Facial Recognition Tech On Millions Of Public Cameras
Erica Garner — A Witness Of The Criminal Justice System
After The Wildfires, SoCal Now Faces Deadly Mudslides And Flooding
CBS Names Replacement For Charlie Rose
Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Running For US Senate
Iran's Leaders Can't Agree On What Started Anti-Government Protests
Senate Finally Holding Hearing On 'Sonic Attacks' In Cuba
Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos Is Now The Richest Person On Earth
Iran Lawmaker Now Says 3,700 People Were Arrested During Protests
'The Shape Of Water' Leads The 2018 BAFTA Film Nominations
After Wildfires, Rain Forces Southern California Residents To Evacuate
What Law Are Democrats Using To Try To Force A Net Neutrality Vote?
North And South Korea Agree To Hold Military Talks
Poverty Is One Factor In Radicalization, Not The Only Factor
McCaskill Paves The Way For A Vote To Reinstate Net Neutrality Rules
North Korea Agrees To Send A Delegation To The Winter Olympics
SpaceX Might Have Lost A Super-Secret US Government Satellite
How Recy Taylor's Attack Rallied Civil Rights Activists
Fired Employee Alleges Google Discriminates Against White Men
Former Cleveland Mayor Registers To Run For Ohio Governor
Trump Signs Order To Expand Broadband Connection In Rural Areas
Another House Republican Won't Seek Re-election In 2018
Judge Dismisses Case Involving Armed Standoff With Federal Agents
HTC Debuts Shinier, More Expensive VR Headset
Mitt Romney Was Reportedly Treated For Prostate Cancer Over The Summer