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St. Louis Archdiocese Urges Catholics Not To Support Girl Scouts
Campus Carry Law Has Faculty In Texas Calling For Curriculum Changes
New App Splits Up Dinner Bill Based On Wage Inequality
Little Afghan Boy Finally Gets A Real Lionel Messi Jersey
Man Legally Changes His Name To Bacon Double Cheeseburger
New U.S. Law Ends Imports Involving Enslaved Workers
ISIS Threatens Twitter, Facebook CEOs Over Anti-Terrorism Efforts
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Pancreatic Cancer Isn't One Disease, It's Four Different Ones
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California Office Quarantined After Mystery Powder Found In Envelope
1 Deputy Killed, 2 Others Injured While Serving Eviction Notice
Iowa Bill Could Let Children Handle Handguns
A New Virginia Bill Would Keep All Police Names Secret
Living With Cancer Might Be Better Than Trying To Cure It
Cameron Gives Corbyn Some Fashion Tips, Courtesy Of His Mom
Johnson & Johnson Loses Suit Over Claim Baby Powder May Cause Cancer
Fighting Fire With Satire: Meet The Group Taking On ISIS With Cartoons
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Former California State Senator Gets 5 Years For Taking Bribes
CDC Says Half Of Gay Black Men Will Get HIV Over Their Lifetime
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Hillary Clinton Lands Major Endorsement From Senate Minority Leader
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Syria's Besieged Towns Remind Some Of A Conflict In The '90s
Tornadoes And Strong Winds Tear Through Gulf States
Donald Trump Just Got His First Congressional Endorsement
NY Mayor Proposes Government-Funded Injection Site For Heroin Users
This Boston Dynamics Robot Stands Up To Human Torment
Facebook Now Lets Users Be Angry, Sad And Surprised With 'Reactions'
Nate Diaz Accepts Short-Notice UFC 196 Bout Against Conor McGregor
Uber Has Launched A Motorcycle-Hailing Service In Bangkok
Donald Trump Scores Third Straight Win At Nevada Republican Caucuses
Ex-NY Times Reporter Sarah Kershaw Found Dead In Dominican Republic
Gorgeous New Milky Way Image Maps Our Galaxy's Dust
Donald Trump Projected To Win The Nevada Caucus
Study Shows HPV Infection Rates Are Plummeting Thanks To Vaccines
GOP Nevada Caucus Marked By High Turnout, Confusion
Diego D'Ambrosio: Hair Stylist For Senators, Diplomats And Presidents
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Ramón Castro, Fidel's Older Brother, Dies At 91
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Members Of Polygamist Community Charged With Food Stamp Fraud
This GOP Race Could Create A Contested Convention
Egyptian Toddler Sentenced To Life In Prison
Facebook Is Mapping Every Building To Bring The Internet To Everyone
CDC Investigates New Cases Of Sexually Transmitted Zika Virus In US
Kesha's Case Sheds Light On Financial Abuse In Relationships
Power Station Collapse In England Kills At Least One
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More iPhones Are At Stake In The Apple, FBI Case
When You Buy A Home, How Important Is Your Credit Score?
UN Bans Passenger Planes From Carrying Lithium-Ion Batteries As Cargo
Miami Marlins' New Manager Outlaws Facial Hair On His Players
Plastic Found In Mars Candy Bars; Europe-Wide Recall Issued
Obama's Plan To Close Gitmo Includes Moving Prisoners To US Soil
5 Dead After Shooting At Phoenix Home That Was On Fire
Home Explodes West Of Seattle, Blast Felt Miles Away
WABC Anchor Liz Cho Pulled Over For Using Cell Phone, Arrested
Americans Say These Countries Are The U.S.’s Greatest Enemies
European Cities Rank Highest In Quality Of Life And Personal Safety
Donald Trump Says He Would 'Like To Punch' Protester At Campaign Rally
NASA Says A Fireball Crashed Into The Atlantic, But No One Noticed
President Obama Asks Congress For $1.9B To Combat The Zika Virus
Is Bernie Sanders' Window To Secure The Nomination Closing?
Starbucks Changed Its Rewards Program And Customers Are Steamed
Sen. Claire McCaskill Says She Has Been Diagnosed With Breast Cancer
Along With #HollywoodSoWhite, Study Finds #HollywoodSoMaleAndStraight
Joe Biden Has Also Changed His Mind On Election Year SCOTUS Nominees
Facebook Wants To Pump Up Your 'Happy Birthday' Posts
Thanks To MasterCard, You'll Soon Be Able To Buy Stuff With Your Face
'The Charlie Sheen Effect' Sparks Greater Interest In HIV Prevention
India's Solution To Population Growth: Sterilizing Women
Bob Dole Endorses Marco Rubio For President
Rent Vs. Buy: The American Dream Doesn't Have To Be A Nightmare
US And Russia Agree To Cease-Fire Deal In Syria
CDC Says It Miscalculated Cancer Risk For Lumber Liquidators' Products
This Year's Most Popular Dog Breeds List Looks A Lot Like Last Year's
A Job At Charles Schwab Could Depend On A Messed-Up Breakfast Order
Peacocks Die At Chinese Zoo After Being Roughly Handled For Selfies
Rattlesnake Island: Mass. Officials Are Planning A Snake Colony
Sandy Hook Victims' Families Take Gunmaker To Court