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Trump's Son-In-Law, Ex-Adviser Met With Russian Envoy Amid Transition
Worried About Russia, Sweden Brings Back Its Military Draft
Boeing Prepares To Cut Hundreds More Jobs
Attorney General Sessions To Step Away From Trump-Russia Investigation
FBI Not Giving All Info To Committee Probing Russia, Member Says
PayPal Accused Of Covertly Redirecting Charitable Donations
Wild Animals Are Figuring Out City Life
Countries Pledge Millions To Cut Losses From 'Gag Rule' On Abortion
Child Labor Helps Fuel Smartphones. This Phone Could Change That.
Humans Drastically Change The Environment — And We Always Have
This Artist Covers Up Hateful Tattoos For Free
A French Presidential Candidate Could Now Be Prosecuted
Our New Interior Department Secretary Showed Up To Work On A Horse
Yahoo's CEO Is Giving Up Millions Because Of That Huge Security Breach
Attorney General Faces Perjury Questions Over Talks With Russia
DHS Only Has $20M For Border 'Wall' — It's Supposed To Cost $21.6B
Stephen Colbert's 'Hey White People' Segment Is Back
Sessions Under Fire For Not Disclosing Meeting With Russian Ambassador
Accountants Responsible For Oscars Snafu Won't Be Coming Back
7 Baltimore Police Officers Indicted For Conspiracy, Racketeering
Texas Could Let Doctors Mislead Patients To Try To Decrease Abortions
New Trump Policy Targets Immigrant Crime (Which Is Relatively Rare)
Mobile Ordering And Delivery Are Coming To McDonald's In The US
White House Won't Punish Kellyanne Conway For 'Free Commercial'
US Says Russia Bombed Syrian Fighters. Russia Says That Never Happened
UK Brexit Plans Briefly Blocked In Parliament
This Route To Safety For Refugees Is Full Of Abuses
'Beauty And The Beast' To Include Disney's First Gay Character
Is Oprah Considering Running For President?
Chicago Just Set A Pretty Surprising Meteorological Record
For The Third Time, Trump Delays A Revision To The Travel Ban
Coachella Lost Beyoncé, But This Diva Is Taking Her Spot
Why Scientists Made A Liquid That Doesn't Splash
Scientists Dig Up Earth's Oldest Fossil
New Facebook Live Tools Help Prevent Suicide
Lego's 'Women Of NASA' Set Celebrates Rad Women In STEM
Trump's Budget Cuts Could Affect Embassies And Diplomats
A Surprise To No One: Public Pools Really Are Filled With Pee
Why Former And Current Smokers Should Eat More Fruits And Vegetables
New 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2' Trailer Reveals Peter Quill's Dad
Uber's CEO Is Apologizing ... Again
Barack And Michelle Obama Both Have New Book Deals
Trump Quietly Overturns Obama-Era Rule On Gun Control
Trump Calls Obamacare A 'Disaster,' But It's More Popular Than Ever
There's No Good Way To Respond To A President's Congressional Address
YouTube Is Jumping Into The Streaming TV Game
Putting Trump's Military Spending (And Cuts To The Arts) In Context
Betsy DeVos Backpedals After Saying HBCUs Were School Choice Pioneers
Canadians Protest Opening Of Trump Tower In Vancouver
Sessions' DOJ To Limit Civil Rights Cases Against Police
Why Some Female Lawmakers Decided To Wear White For Trump's Address
Students Are Learning About Black History And Recycling — Through Art
Trump Takes Aim At EPA Water Regulations With New Executive Order
Clumsy Military Sniper Wounds Two During French President's Speech
A Grant Is Finding And Funding Muslims To Tell Humanizing Stories
BPA Isn't Totally Healthy But Neither Are The Alternatives
Benvenuto! Starbucks Plans To Open In A Country Where Coffee Is Life
'Biggest Loser' Host Bob Harper Is Recovering From A Heart Attack
Trump May Give Historically Black Colleges Opportunities Obama Didn't
DNA Proves Chicken From These Fast-Food Places Isn't All Chicken
Jon Stewart Offers Media Some Relationship Advice: In Short, Do Better
A 10-Year-Old National Spelling Competition In An Unlikely Place
China Is Starting A Controversial Orca Breeding Program
Jimmy Kimmel Describes His Memorable Experience As Oscars Host
At Least 3 Dead In Southern California Plane Crash
The House Probe Into Trump And Russia Is Already Splintering
DHS: We'll Only Deport Immigrants With Criminal Enterprise Connections
Wendy's To Join McDonald's And Panera In Adding Self-Service Kiosks
Mexico Threatens To Walk If US Even Suggests Tariffs In NAFTA Talks
'Any Questions?' Bill Gates Just Spoofed Tom Hanks' SNL Character
Justice Department Flips Stance In 6-Year Voter Rights Case
Trump's Budget Plan: More For Defense, Less For Almost Everything Else
Meet April The Giraffe: The Internet's Latest Weird Obsession
People Are Buying Private SpaceX Trips Around The Moon
Jewish Community Centers Receive Another Wave Of Bomb Threats
Gaza's Residents Struggle To Get Out — Even For Cancer Treatment
In Obvious News: Social Media Sharing Is All About Your Social Cred
Lightning Isn't The Big Cause Of Wildfires — Humans Are
George W. Bush Praises The Media As 'Indispensable To Democracy'
French Historian Says He Was Detained By US Customs For 10 Hours
President Trump's Pick For Navy Secretary Just Fell Through
The Oscars 'In Memoriam' Included A Picture Of A Woman Who Isn't Dead
Why The Oscars Red Carpet Was Full Of Blue
Check Out The Oscars Edition Of 'Mean Tweets'
This Guy Finally Won An Oscar After 21 Nominations
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Someone Has Taken The Blame For That Oscars Best Picture Fiasco
Not Fake News: 'Moonlight' Won Best Picture At The Oscars
The Political Statement Stars Made On The Oscars Red Carpet
Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' Takes Critics And The Box Office By Storm
Democrats And Republicans Want Russia Probe — Without Jeff Sessions
Who's This Swedish 'National Security Advisor' On Fox News?
Trump Is Skipping The White House Correspondents' Dinner
New Polls Show Protesters Aren't Alone In Support Of Obamacare
Melania Trump Is Putting On The Ritz At The White House
Actor Bill Paxton Died After Complications From Surgery
Police Say Drunken Driver Crashed Into New Orleans' Mardi Gras Crowd
5 Years After His Death, Trayvon Martin's Parents Speak Out
Why US Forests Growing Farther Apart Is Bad News
Preemie Hippo Fiona Had A Scare, But Now She's Playing In The Pool