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Ukrainian Orthodox Leaders Announce Church's Independence
UK Government Has No Plans For Second Brexit Referendum
At Least 8 People Died As 'Yellow Vest' Protests In France Continue
Regulators Say PG&E Falsified Data For Years After Criminal Conviction
Secretary Of The Interior Ryan Zinke Submits His Resignation
The Cost Of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia Investigation
Starbucks Plans To Offer Coffee Delivery Across The US
Mueller Responds To Flynn's Claims About FBI Misconduct
The First Transgender Contestant Competes In Miss Universe
China Buys US Soybeans For First Time Since Trade War Began
7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Died While In Border Patrol Custody
Michigan Gov. Signs Bills Changing Minimum Wage, Sick Leave Laws
Trump Picks OMB Director Mick Mulvaney To Be Acting Chief Of Staff
Local Ingredients Are Key To Chef José Andrés' Disaster Relief Meals
Massive General Motors Layoff Won't Be As Bad As Originally Thought
Facebook Bug Gave App Developers Access to Some Users' Photos
Lawmakers Pitch Cybersecurity Policy After Massive Hacks
Congress Has Legalized Hemp. What Does That Mean For CBD?
Wisconsin's Gov. Signs Bills Limiting Power Of His Successor
Court Decides Employers Can't Deny Women Birth Control Coverage
Cohen Says Trump Is Still Lying And Mueller Has Proof
DOJ Watchdog Says Software Bug To Blame For Missing FBI Texts
Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl To Resign At The End Of The Year
US Migrant Shelters Are Almost At Capacity
China's Going To Temporarily Reduce Tariffs On US Auto Imports
Education Department To Cancel $150M In Federal Student Loan Debts
CDC Traces Romaine E. Coli Outbreak To California Farm
DOJ Asks SCOTUS To Block Injunctions Against Transgender Military Ban
Trump's Inaugural Committee Reportedly Under Federal Investigation
Strasbourg Shooter Has Been Killed By French Authorities
Bolton: Rescheduled Trump-Putin Meeting Not Happening Anytime Soon
ICE Arrested 170 Undocumented Immigrants Trying To Claim Detained Kids
US House Declares 'Genocide' Is Occurring In Myanmar
Senate Votes To Blame Crown Prince For Khashoggi's Death
How Porches Are More Than Just A Backdrop in 'To Kill A Mockingbird'
President Trump Pushes Criminal Justice Reform Vote
Ex-Pharmacy Staff Convicted In Deadly 2012 Meningitis Outbreak Case
National Enquirer Admits To Suppressing Story To Protect Trump
FCC Mulls Ending Rule That Bars Major TV Networks From Merging
Bill Overhauling How Congress Deals With Sexual Harassment Passes
Doctors Say US Diplomats In Cuba Did Experience Inner-Ear Damage
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Announces 2019 Inductees
Pompeo Asks UN Security Council To Stop Iran Missile Tests
Artificial Christmas Trees Vs. The Real Deal: Is One Really Better?
Virgin Galactic Successfully Tests Commercial Spacecraft
Russian National Maria Butina Pleads Guilty To Conspiracy
A $1 Billion Apple Campus Is Coming To Austin, Texas
At Least 9 People Are Dead After High-Speed Train Collision In Turkey
Yemen Warring Parties Agree To A Partial Cease-fire
The Decline In Millennial Entrepreneurs Threatens The Economy
Up For Debate: Has Silicon Valley Lost Its Soul?
Pelosi Strikes Deal To Secure Enough Votes For House Speaker
Theresa May To Ask EU Leaders To Commit To Temporary Irish Backstop
Boy Scouts Of America Could Be Heading For Bankruptcy
Senate To Vote To End Military Support For Saudi-Coalition In Yemen
Coalition Of Detroit-Area Water Agencies Sue State Over New Lead Rules
McConnell Agrees to Give First Step Act A Vote Despite Some Pushback
Michigan Protesters Gather At The State Capitol Over Lame-Duck Bills
Senate Moves To Block Policy That Lets Nonprofits Hide Major Donors
Bipartisan Agreement Reached On Sexual Harassment Bill
Rules Changes In House Work Toward Bipartisanship
House Sends Farm Bill To President Trump's Desk
Spain To Increase Minimum Wage Starting Next Year
Assange Appeals New Embassy 'House Rules'
Oscar Bait Vs. Blockbusters: A Showdown For The 2019 Oscars
The UK Prime Minister's Job Is Only As Stable As Parliament's Support
As Juno Nears Middle of Jupiter Mission, NASA Shares Newest Findings
Soldiers From Both Koreas Cross DMZ For Historic Inspections
UK Prime Minister Theresa May Survives No-Confidence Vote
Genetic Breast Cancer Testing Guidelines May Lead To Missed Cases
Why Are Thousands Of Migrants Stuck In Tijuana?
PG&E Discloses Worker Saw Fire Minutes Before Deadly Wildfire Began
North Carolina GOP Chairman Says Another Election May Be Necessary
Daily Dose: Carded For Caffeine? Some May Try It.
Joe Arpaio Sues Three Media Outlets For Defamation
'Cinderella,' 'Brokeback Mountain' Added To National Film Registry
Pope Francis Removes 2 Cardinals Involved In Sex Abuse Scandals
Federal Judge Sentences Michael Cohen To 36 Months In Prison
'Sesame Street' To Feature Character Who Is Homeless
Fentanyl Surpasses Heroin As Most Common Drug In Overdose Deaths
CBS News Settles Lawsuit Over Charlie Rose Allegations
Manhunt Underway In France For Strasbourg Shooting Suspect
Gina Haspel Set To Brief House Leaders On Khashoggi Death
Trump Administration Asks SCOTUS To Lift Block On Asylum Rule
Michael Flynn's Lawyers Ask Judge To Spare Him From Prison
Marriott Hotel Chain Data Breach Connected To Chinese Hackers
Fewer Confirmed Dead And Injured Following Shooting In France
Michael Cohen To Be Sentenced In New York Federal Court
Canadian Court Releases Huawei CFO On Bail
US Gun Death Rate Hit 20-Year High In 2017
Partisanship And Budget Reforms Created A Cycle Of Shutdown Threats
Manafort's Lawyers Address Lying Allegations In Court Tuesday
Has President Trump Changed the Allure of Being Chief of Staff?
The EU Isn't Budging On Its Brexit Deal With Theresa May
Google CEO Defends Company's Privacy Practices Before House Lawmakers
Trump Threatens To Shut Down Government Over Border Wall Funding
This Tribute Remembers Women Human Rights Defenders
Why Obamacare Enrollment Has Dropped
House Oversight Report Says Massive Equifax Breach Was Preventable
EPA Proposes Rollback Of Parts Of Clean Water Act