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North Korea Tests Missile As Trump Meets With Japan's Prime Minister
Yale University Will Rename Calhoun College, Remove Slavery Connection
Melissa McCarthy Outdoes Herself In Second Week As Sean Spicer
A German Comedian Can't Read His Dirty Poem Thanks To An 1800s Law
Swedish Doctor And Stats Superstar Hans Rosling Dies At 68
Thousands Of Animal Abuse Records Are No Longer Easily Accessible
Alec Baldwin's Photo Trumps The President's In Foreign Newspaper
Syrian President Says Some Refugees Are Terrorists But Offers No Proof
Why College Basketball Players Never Wear Digits 6 Through 9
Now That He's Out Of The White House, Joe Biden Will Go Back To School
Russia Might Be Thinking About Returning Snowden To The US As A 'Gift'
Mexican Government Warns Nationals Of 'New Reality' In US
After Losing Court Battle, Trump Hints At A New Immigration Order
Trump's First Weeks Prioritize Energy Over Environment
Flynn Denied Discussing Sanctions With Russia. New Reports Say He Did
Top Obama Financial Regulator To Step Down; Trump To Pick Replacement
During Prime Minister's Visit, Trump Commits To Defending Japan
How To Solve The Nuclear Waste Problem: Put It Back To Work
Shia LaBeouf's Anti-Trump Art Installation Has Been Shut Down
India's Growing Economy Leaves Behind Infrastructure And Education
The Newest Price Tag For Trump's US-Mexico Border Project
France Struck Down A Ban On Consulting 'Terrorist Websites'
Arby's Says It Had A Major Data Breach
Archaeologists May Have Just Found Another Dead Sea Scrolls Cave
Beyoncé And Adele Will Duel For Top Diva At The Grammys
Kellyanne Conway Uses White House Role To Tout Ivanka Trump Products
Trump Told The Chinese President He'd Honor The 'One China' Policy
Senate Confirms Tom Price As Secretary Of Health And Human Services
Trump's Weekend In Florida Might Not Be Ethical
Court That Ruled Against Trump Could Face Breakup
Trump Needs A Solicitor General, And His First Pick Just Bailed On Him
Unable To Block Him, Democrats Want Labor Nominee Puzder To Withdraw
Trump Administration Delays Listing Bee Species As Endangered
Feds Investigate Pre-Inauguration D.C. Hack
House Democrat Weighs Opposition And Obstruction Against Trump
Ariz. Mother Deported As Trump Cracks Down On Illegal Immigration
Appeals Court Enforces Suspension Of Trump's Travel Ban
Top US Commander In Afghanistan Wants Thousands More Troops Deployed
GOP Rep. Says Macedonia 'Is Not A Country.' Macedonia Isn't Thrilled.
Want To Fight Smog? Try Covering A Building In Plants
Law And Executive Orders: Trump Aims To Reduce Crime
If You're Good At NBA Video Games, You Could Sign With The NBA
Atlanta Gets Ready To Move A 6-Ton Civil War Painting
This Company Turns Air Pollution Into Ink
When It Comes To Sexy Dancing, Science Says It's All In The Hips
These Democratic Senators Took Up Reading Coretta Scott King's Letter
Accidentally Discovered Gel Might Help Bees Pollinate Plants
US Pauses Vetting Refugees On Australia's Nauru Island
The World's Largest Refugee Camp Will Stay Open
Sean Spicer Cited An Attack By Foreign Nationals That Never Happened
Yemen Wants The US To 'Reassess' Deadly Raid
SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch Criticizes Trump's Twitter Tirade Against Judge
Trump Tweets Nordstrom Treated Ivanka 'So Unfairly'
Senate Confirms Attorney General Nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions
IQ2 Debate: Should We Give President Trump A Chance?
Breaking Down Betsy DeVos' Ideas For US Schools
North Carolina Court Pauses Law That Weakened The Governor's Power
Chance The Rapper Is Making Grammy History As An I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T
Trump Says He Hasn't Gotten Any Calls On DAPL And Keystone XL
James Corden And Ellen DeGeneres Go Head-To-Head In Musical Game
Intel Will Invest $7B To Complete Arizona Plant
Tulsi Gabbard Still Hasn't Been Fully Transparent About Syria Visit
Before The Boat: Life In An African Slave Castle
This Burger Is Eco-Friendly — But With The Taste You Know
Military May Have To Pay Rent To Perform Duties At Trump Tower
Qatar Is Shelling Out Hundreds Of Millions A Week For The World Cup
House Republicans Put 2 Federal Departments On The Chopping Block
What Melting Arctic Ice Sheets Could Do To The World's Ocean Currents
Solar Has A Bright Future — But Something Could Cloud It
#ShePersisted: The Senate Accidentally Empowered Warren's Supporters
Check Out The Trailer For 'Bill Nye Saves The World'
How Trump's Sleep Schedule Stacks Up To Other Presidents'
John Oliver Talks To Stephen Colbert About Being On A Green Card
'Orange Is The New Black' Just Dropped Its Season 5 Premiere Date
Aid Groups Can Have An Ugly Side Among Co-workers: Sexual Assault
Senate Silences Elizabeth Warren For Reading Coretta Scott King Letter
Dozens Are Injured After Tornadoes Tear Through New Orleans
Russia Lightens Punishments For Some Domestic Violence Offenses
Twitter Takes Steps To Subdue Online Trolls
After Hearing, Appeals Court To Decide Whether Travel Ban Stays Frozen
Trump Jokes He Could 'Destroy Career' Of Texas State Senator
Two Patriots Players Plan To Boycott Meeting With President Trump
Homeland Security Secretary Takes Blame For Travel Ban Roll-Out
Army Corps Of Engineers Greenlights Dakota Access Pipeline
Syrian Government Reportedly Holds Secret Prison Hangings Of Civilians
Here's Some Perspective On Just How Long Elizabeth II Has Been Queen
Those 2016 Slang Terms You've Used Are Official Words Now
Pence Makes Historic Vote To OK Betsy DeVos For Education Secretary
The Search For Tom Brady's Missing Jersey Just Got Way More Intense
Watch Hydras Regrow Their Entire Bodies
Former President Obama Is Living His Best Life Without Us
As A Star Slowly Dies, The Rotten Egg Nebula Is Born
The Kellyanne Conway 'Bowling Green Massacre' Fiasco Continues
Dog Food Recalled Due To Possible Euthanasia Drug Contamination
Trump Falsely Says Media Covers Up Terrorism Attacks
Vizio Had Smart TVs Spy On Their Owners To Sell The Data
Senate Democrats Are Making A Last-Ditch Effort To Reject Betsy DeVos
French Presidential Hopeful Admits He Shouldn't Have Hired His Wife
Romanians Continue To Protest, Seek Government Resignations Next
Japan's First Attempt To Clean Up Space Didn't Go So Well