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Here's Why The US Rejected The UN's Resolution On LGBTQ Rights
White House Is Putting Finishing Touches On Legal Defense Fund
The US Supreme Court Begins A Busy Term
Yahoo: All 3 Billion Accounts Affected By 2013 Hack
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Equifax's CEO Knew A Breach Took Place Over A Month Before The Public
Palestinian Authority Members Start Reconciliation With Hamas In Gaza
Opioid Crisis Can Be Fought With Decriminalization, Says Task Force
Expect A Rise In Gun Sales After Deadly Shooting In Las Vegas
Monarch Airlines Folds As European Airlines Continue To Struggle
Congress Let A Health Insurance Program Expire That Covers 9M Kids
Mass Shootings Far More Common In US Than Anywhere Else In The World
Climate Change Will Create More Refugees And Mass Migration
Las Vegas Shooting Renews Calls For New Gun Laws From Congress
This Immigrant Is Fighting Chicago Police Over Alleged Gang List Error
FEMA Administrator Defends Puerto Rican Relief Efforts In Bold Claim
American Scientists Win Nobel Prize For 'Biological Clock' Research
At Least 58 Dead, 500 Injured After Las Vegas Concert Shooting
Cruise's 'American Made' Is A Critical Hit, While 'Flatliners' Is DOA
It's Incredibly Difficult To Persuade Voters In General Elections
Report Says Captain, Owner At Fault For Fatal Ship Sinking In 2015
Catalonia Overwhelmingly Votes To Separate From Spain
Interpol Adds Palestine As Member 'State' Against Israel's Wishes
O.J. Simpson Released From Prison After 9 Years
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Trump Plans Next Move To 'Confront The North Korean Threat'
The Party That Propelled The UK Toward Brexit Has A New Leader
HHS Secretary Price Resigns After Travel Scandal
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Uber Threatens To Hitch A Ride Out Of Quebec
Decision To Take Pandas Off The Endangered List May Have Come Too Soon
Iraqi Kurds Overwhelmingly Support Independence In Referendum
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The Acting Head Of The DEA Is Planning To Step Down
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President Trump Will Visit Puerto Rico Sooner Than Most Expected
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