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Our Sun Is Nothing Special — But That's A Good Thing
Ravens Have The Rare Ability To Plan Ahead — Almost Like Humans
United's Got A New Plan For Overbooked Flights
More Than 400 Charged In Historic US Health Care Fraud Takedown
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China Just Put Its First Foreign Military Base Here
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Babies Are Cute — But They Might Not Be Environmentally Friendly
Science Puts A GIF Inside Live Bacteria
Trump's Pick To Lead FBI Tells Congress He'll Be Independent Of Trump
An All-Black African Team Is Trying To Make A First In Cycling
Attorney General Sessions Wants D.A.R.E. To Make A Comeback
Former Brazilian President Gets 10 Years In Prison For Corruption
Right-Wing Outlets Say A New Study May Invalidate Climate Policies
That Spotify Playlist You're Listening To Might Feature 'Fake Artists'
Sen. Graham Seems Really Ticked About Trump Jr.'s Russia Meeting
Nevada Legalized Recreational Weed But Was Way Short On Distributors
The City Of Manchester Is Making Ariana Grande An Honorary Citizen
There's Now A New Path To Sainthood In The Catholic Church
How Hidden Stars Can Mess Up Our Search For Other Habitable Planets
Trump Jr. Now Says He Would've Handled That Russia Meeting Differently
One Of The Biggest Icebergs Ever Has Broken Away From Antarctica
Trump's Twitter Use Prompted A New Lawsuit Against Him
The Vatican Says Gluten-Free Communion Wafers Don't Count
D.C. Reacts To Donald Trump Jr.'s Russia Emails
Bookies Give Odds For What Will Happen In 'Game Of Thrones' Season 7
Microsoft Wants To Fix Rural America's Internet Issues
Seattle Just Created A New Tax — But Only For Its Richest Residents
Hail To The Rock? Dwayne Johnson Gets Backing For Potential Campaign
The FBI Isn't Getting Its New HQ Any Time Soon
Fire Ants Can Build Roiling Ant Towers To Get Around
Qatar Signs Anti-Terror Funding Agreement With US Amid Blockade
The Russian Sanctions That Led To Trump Jr.'s Kremlin-Tied Meeting
Incarcerated Women Are Still Being Shackled During Childbirth
Los Angeles Will Host The Olympics — We're Just Not Sure When
AT&T Surprises Everyone And Joins Pro-Net Neutrality 'Day Of Action'
The Revised Senate Health Care Bill Has A Release Date
Will Newspapers Be Allowed To Take On Google And Facebook?
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Doctors Without Borders Just Created The Ultimate Rescue Unit
China Wants Other Countries To Help Out With North Korea
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Donald Trump Jr. Releases Email Thread About Russian Lawyer Meeting
Facebook Wants To Build A Village In Silicon Valley
Syrian Watchdog Says ISIS Leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Is Dead
Conflicting Stories On If Kremlin Was Involved In Trump Jr.'s Meeting
Majority Of Republicans Turn Against Colleges In New Survey
At Least 16 Dead After Military Plane Crashes In Mississippi
Oculus Rift Price Drop Could Mean Tough Times Ahead For The VR Set
Sen. Warner Wants Trump Jr.'s Account Of Meeting With Russian Lawyer
Trump's Voter Fraud Commission Temporarily Halts Call For Voter Rolls
Sweden Is The Best Country In The World If You're An Immigrant
Trump: Clintons Wouldn't Be Criticized If Chelsea Filled In At G-20
New Study Finds Gender Gap In Physical Activity And Obesity Rates
It Might Soon Get Easier To Sue Banks And Credit Card Companies
One US Region Is Expected To Take The Brunt Of Climate Change Costs
Mosul's Next Battle: Rebuilding A Ruined City
What Will It Take To Create An Artificial Brain?
The CDC Says The Way Movies Are Rated Could Affect Teen Smoking
Scientists Can't Agree If We're Really In A Mass Extinction
Congress Returns From Break To A Daunting To-Do List
Some Of Comey's Memos On Trump Might Have Classified Information
Trump Proposed A US-Russia Cyber Unit; Top Republicans Ridiculed It
Island That Bans Female Visitors Is Now A UNESCO World Heritage Site
Donald Trump Jr. Changes His Story About Meeting With Russian Lawyer
Marvel Studios Delivers A $117M Debut And A More Authentic Spider-Man
Turkey's Three-Week 'March For Justice' Protest Ends In Istanbul
Trump And World Leaders Agree On Something: Women Entrepreneurs
Chicago To Class Of 2020: Have A Grad Plan, Or We Keep Your Diploma
One Ohio Sheriff Says His Deputies Won't Carry Anti-Overdose Drug
Cabinet Member Under Fire For Possible Illegal Use Of Campaign Funds
President Trump Says It's Time To Work 'Constructively' With Russia
Iraq's Prime Minister Says Iraqi Forces Have Liberated Mosul From ISIS
The UK Press Association Wants Robots To Write The News
The US Air Force Sent Bombers To The Korean Peninsula
When It Comes To Climate Change, It's Just The G-19
Ivanka Trump Raises Eyebrows For Filling In At A G-20 Meeting
UN Members Sign Nuclear Prohibition Treaty — With Notable Exceptions