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Former Trump Official Criticizes President For Blocking Transition
Thousands At 'Million MAGA March,' Unmasked And Talking Election Fraud
Oregon, New Mexico Order Business Closures Amid Worsening Pandemic
Martha McSally Concedes Defeat To Mark Kelly In Arizona Senate Race
NASA Delays SpaceX Crew Launch Due To Weather Concerns
Airports Bombed In Ethiopia's Tigray Region Amid Fears Of Civil War
President-elect Biden Names Transgender Veteran To DOD Transition Team
President Gives First COVID Updates Since Before Election
Explaining The 'COVID-Proof' Animation Renaissance
Fact-Checking A Trump Election Lawsuit In Pennsylvania
Typhoon Kills At Least 42 In Philippines
Suspects In Ahmaud Arbery Murder Case Denied Bond
Hand Tally Begins In Georgia
New York Coronavirus Restrictions Take Effect Friday
U.S. Reports Record 153,496 New Cases In One Day
Residents Of New York COVID Hot Spot React To Severe Restrictions
Businesses Brace For New COVID Lockdowns
Holiday Travel Expected To Fall At Least 10% Amid COVID Resurgence
Calif. Governor Under Pressure To Name Latino To Harris' Senate Seat
COVID Cancels Ivy League Seasons, Postpones More College Football
Republicans Push For President-Elect Biden To Get Intel Briefings
Dueling Protests Expected in Washington, D.C. On Saturday
New York Is Still Counting Mail-In Ballots
Biden Campaign Asks For $30M In Fundraising Help
Arizona Judge Hears Trump Campaign Lawsuit
Pres. Trump Repeats Baseless Voter Fraud Claims
Small Gatherings Are Driving The Coronavirus' Spread
Chicago Issues Stay-At-Home Advisory Over COVID-19
Fact Vs. Friction: What We Know About USPS Worker's Fraud Claims
Appeals Court Rules In Harvard's Favor In Racial Bias Lawsuit
Father, Son Accused Of Killing Ahmaud Arbery Seek Bond
U.S. Job Market Shows A Sign Of Hope
Fauci: Wear Masks, Social Distance To Avoid National Lockdown
Weight Loss Surgeries Up During Pandemic
Helicopter Crash Kills 8 Peacekeepers In Egypt
Appeals Court: Harvard Doesn't Discriminate Against Asian Applicants
Tropical Storm Eta Hits Florida For Second Time
CDC Advises Staying Home This Thanksgiving
Several College Football Games Are Canceled This Week
Trump Team Soliciting Funds For Legal Fights
Weekly Claims Inch Lower As Rising COVID-19 Cases Loom Over Recovery
Ticketmaster Working On Vaccine Verification Plan For Concerts
Facebook, Google Extend Political Ad Bans
President-elect Joe Biden Taps Ron Klain As Chief Of Staff
Hong Kong's Pro-Democracy Lawmakers Resign
Jeffrey Toobin Fired By The New Yorker
Insurance Industry Could Lose $8B In Wildfires
Deadline Arrives For TikTok's U.S. Sale
Arizona Attorney General Rejects Voter Fraud Claims
UPS Ends Ban On Natural Hairstyles, Beards
Democrats Will Retain Majority In House
Some Republican Governors Criticize Presidential Transition Delay
Explosion In Saudi Arabia Injures 3 During WW I Memorial
President Makes First Official Appearance Since Election Was Called
Experts Advise, Don't Gather In Groups
NY Governor Orders Restaurants, Bars and Gyms To Close At 10 P.M.
Fact Vs. Friction: Could GOP Electors Impact Presidential Results?
Can A Shakeup At The Pentagon Negatively Impact National Security?
World Leaders Call Biden, Vow COVID And Climate Change Collaboration
What Were Audiences Watching When They Weren't Watching The Election?
Migrant Women Deported After Alleging Abuse In Detention Center
Dr. Fauci Impressed By Pfizer Vaccine But Still Work To Do
How Will The Biden Administration Shape America's Workforce?
Georgia To Recount Presidential Ballots By Hand
Hospitalizations Soar Across the U.S. Ahead Of Thanksgiving
Will Entrepreneurs Find Lasting Success In COVID-Inspired Innovation?
Chaotic Transition Leaves Pres.-Elect Biden Without Intel Briefings
Pompeo: U.S. Will Have Smooth Transition To Next President
President-elect Joe Biden Pledges To "Get Right To Work"
Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Lawmakers To Resign
U.S. Hits Record Number Of Virus Hospitalizations
Veterans Get Free Lifetime Access To National Parks
Eta Could Hit Florida Again
Postal Worker Walks Back Ballot Tampering Claim
Indianapolis Officer Not Indicted In Dreasjon Reed's Death
Republican Lawmakers Refuse To Accept Biden Win
Some GOP Congressional Candidates Allege Fraud Cost Them Election
Supreme Court Justices Seem Unlikely To Strike Down Obamacare
President Obama Met With President Trump 4 Years Ago Today
Defense Spending Under Pres.-Elect Biden: What Will It Look Like?
President Trump To Lose Twitter Protections After Leaving White House
Officials Begin Counting Mail-In Ballots In Alaska
What Can We Do To Reduce Waste?
FDA Grants Emergency Authorization To Eli Lilly's COVID Treatment
Former FBI Director Testifies On Russian Interference In 2016 Election
Ex-QAnon Follower: 'This Is How You Get Good People To Do Bad Things'
Attorney General Authorizes Probes Into Alleged Voting Irregularities
Supreme Court Seems Favorable To Keeping Parts Of Obamacare
Football Celebration Forces COVID Testing for Notre Dame Students
Health Experts Advise Caution This Thanksgiving
Biden's Team Explores Legal Action Over Delay in Transition Funding
Vatican Report Blames Pope John Paul II, Others For McCarrick's Rise
The Affordable Care Act, Once Again, Has Its Day In Court
EU Files Antitrust Charges Against Amazon
Eta Churning In Gulf Of Mexico
U.S. Clears First Emergency Use Of A COVID Antibody Drug
Attorney General Authorizes Investigation Of Voting Fraud Allegations
President Trump Fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper
White House Transition Funding Stalled
Small Group Of GOP Lawmakers Accept Election Results