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A Greenland Glacier Is Gaining Ice, But Scientists Aren't Optimistic
Trump Says DOJ And FBI Will Review Jussie Smollett's Case
A Bill To Let Weed Businesses Use Banks Is One Step Closer to Passing
Plaintiff In Roundup Weed Killer Cancer Trial Awarded $80M In Damages
Appeals Court Reinstates Some Wisconsin Lame-Duck Laws
Passengers Stranded As Wow Air Abruptly Ceases Operations
House Committee Requests President Trump's Financial Records
UK Criticizes Huawei For Failing To Fix Security Flaws
US Border Agents Reassigned To Tackle 'Unprecedented' Border Crisis
Judge Rules To Void Medicaid Work Requirements In 2 States
Report: Trump Said Puerto Rico Aid Was 'Way Out Of Proportion'
Does Trump Want To 'Slash' Health Care To Pay For Tax Cuts?
No, Third-Grade Test Scores Aren't Used To Predict Prison Populations
White Supremacy Is A Global Issue That Needs A Global Response
Saying The Mueller Report 'Exonerated' Trump May Be Premature
UK Lawmakers Approve New Brexit Date
What Congress Is Doing To Ensure Boeing Max 8 Models Are Safe To Fly
Man Pleads Guilty To Kidnapping, Murder Charges In Wisconsin
Socialism Is Trending — Here's What It Really Means
Boeing Just Unveiled Its 737 MAX Fix — Here's How It Works
20 Million Strong: Stories Of Unsung Asian American Heroes
For Mass Shooting Survivors, Talking Is Critical For Mental Health
FDA Mammography Rule Proposal Would Alert Women To Breast Cancer Risk
Charlottesville Car Attacker Pleads Guilty To Hate Crime Charges
Venezuela Chaos Tests Ties Between Putin And Maduro
Senate Debates 'Extreme Risk' Gun Confiscation Laws
Facebook Is Banning White Supremacist And White Nationalist Content
Cholera Confirmed In Cyclone Ravaged Southern Africa
European Parliament Approves Ban On Some Single-Use Plastics
British PM Theresa May Says She'll Step Down If Her Brexit Deal Passes
Democratic Candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Releases 2018 Tax Return
NY County Bans Unvaccinated Kids From Public Due To Measles Outbreak
Bipartisan Legislation Could Give Dreamers A Path To Citizenship
India Becomes The Fourth Country To Test Anti-Satellite Weapons
EU Gets A Step Closer To Scrapping Daylight Saving Time
Russia Defends Decision To Send Troops To Help Support Nicolás Maduro
House Democrats Slam Proposed Education Department Budget Cuts
Senate Aviation Committee Holds First Hearing Since Deadly Crash
Redacted Mueller Report To Be Released In Coming Weeks
Military's Transgender Policy Likely To Go Into Effect As Planned
Federal Watchdog Probes Possible 'Interference' In Puerto Rico Aid
Trump Administration Pushes NASA To Put Astronauts On The Moon Sooner
George Papadopoulos On 'Deep State' Plot Against Him, Pardon
George Papadopoulos On His Plea Deal, What He Knew Of Russian Hacks
EU Citizens Living In UK Could Lose Some Rights After Brexit
Green New Deal Fails In The Senate After 'Show Vote'
Trump Nominates Jeffrey Rosen As Deputy Attorney General
6 Murder Trials: Curtis Flowers' Story Shows The Power Of Prosecutors
Gun Rights Group Plans To Continue Court Fight Over Bump Stock Ban
Dream Jobs: Personal Organizer
Chicago Mayor, Police Respond To Jussie Smollett's Dropped Charges
New Study Says Trump's Tariffs Cost Americans $1.4 Billion Per Month
OxyContin Maker And Oklahoma Reach $270M Settlement In Opioid Lawsuit
Elected Officials Denounce Anti-Semitism At AIPAC Conference
Venezuelan Millennials Feel Isolated By Emigration Crisis
US-Israel History Laid Groundwork For Trump’s Pro-Israel Policies
US To Expand Policy That Bans Aid Recipients From Promoting Abortion
Conor McGregor Reportedly Being Investigated For Sexual Assault
House Vote To Override Trump Emergency Declaration Veto Fails
George Papadopoulos On A Pardon And Why He Tried To Contact Russia
Netanyahu Says Israel Will Keep Battling Hamas Amid Rumors Of A Truce
Venezuela Faces Yet Another Blackout
Advocates Hopeful Supreme Court Ready To Take On Gerrymandering
Why White Nationalist, Supremacist Content Is So Easy To Find Online
George Papadopoulos Tells Newsy About Frustration Of His Guilty Plea
European Parliament Approves Controversial Copyright Reforms
NASA Scraps Its First All-Female Spacewalk Over Spacesuit Issue
Justice Department Says Obamacare As A Whole Should Be Struck Down
Washington Roundup: Why McConnell Wants To Vote On The Green New Deal
Pension, Private Townhouse, Healthcare: The Post-Presidency Is Awesome
Education Department Reportedly Opens College Admissions Investigation
McConnell Blocks Resolution To Make Mueller's Report Public
Pentagon Authorizes $1B Transfer To Start Building New Border Fencing
UK Parliament Takes Control Of Brexit Process
Michael Avenatti Charged In 2 Separate Cases
Republicans Call For House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff To Resign
Officials Investigating After Norwegian Cruise Ship Evacuation
Apple Jumps Into Streaming, Gaming, Banking And Hollywood
How 2020 Dems Are Talking About The Mueller Report
Duke University To Pay Out Millions In Falsified Research Settlement
New Jersey Lawmakers Cancel Vote On Legalizing Recreational Marijuana
Trump Officially Recognizes Golan Heights As Part Of Israel
Physician Groups Push For Taxes, More Regulations on Sugary Drinks
Deadly Ebola Outbreak In The Congo Surpasses 1,000 Cases
Israeli Military Blames Hamas For Rocket Attack That Injured 7
Russian Officials Comment On Mueller Report Findings
Supreme Court Takes Another Look At Partisan Gerrymandering
The Mueller Report Is Done. What Happens Next?
Death Toll In Southern Africa Continues To Rise After Cyclone Idai
Ardern Announces Top-Level Inquiry Into Christchurch Attacks
Report: FAA Tentatively Approves Boeing's 737 MAX Software Changes
How Much Money From The NCAA's March Madness Goes To The Players?
Democrats Demand Mueller's Full Report Be Released To The Public
Jordan Peele's "Us" Breaks Box Office Records During Debut Weekend
Attorney General Barr Releases Summary Of Mueller Report
Jared Kushner Cooperating With House Judiciary Committee Probe
Hundreds Of Passengers Rescued From Stranded Cruise Ship
Two US Service Members Killed In Afghanistan Identified
Kamala Harris Pitches Federal Investment To Raise Teachers' Pay
600 Cities, Counties And Native American Tribes Sue Purdue Pharma