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Mother Teresa To Be Named A Saint In The Roman Catholic Church
Virginia Schools Close Over Islam Homework Assignment
Amy Poehler, Tina Fey Use 'Star Wars' To Tell People To See 'Sisters'
Poll Says US Race Relations Are At Their Lowest In Decades
New Orleans Votes To Move Confederate-Era Monuments
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US Commandos Accidentally Show Up In Libya, Immediately Leave
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Suspected Supplier Of Guns In San Bernardino Shooting Has Been Charged
Calif. Wants Porn Stars To Lead By Example ... On Condoms, At Least
The 2016 Oscar Nominations Prove We Love Nostalgia ... And 'Star Wars'
'70s Rockers Lead 2016 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Class
You Can Soon Fly Commercial To Cuba, But You Still Can't Be A Tourist
Libya's UN-Brokered Unity Deal Could Fragment The Country Even More
How Donald Trump's Political Campaign Hurt His Business Career
Extraterrestrial Life May Be Only 14 Light Years Away
With Latest Investment, Toyota Gets Serious About Self-Driving Cars
David's Bridal Applauded For Using Plus-Size Model In Its Ads
Could Spotify's New Feature Have DJs Going The Way Of The Dodo?
What's Up With Brazil's Short-Lived Ban On WhatsApp?
How Warren Buffett Created Hillary Clinton's Tax Plan For Millionaires
Apple Names Jeff Williams New COO
Hated 'Pharma Bro' Who Spiked HIV Drug Price Arrested On Fraud Charges
How To Nail Those Viral Dances At Your Holiday Party
Man Who Bought Guns Used In San Bernardino Shooting Faces Charges
Japan Upholds Law That Married Couples Must Have The Same Surname
Obama's Defense Secretary Also Used Personal Email On The Job
Study: As Many As 90 Percent Of Cancer Cases Are Caused By Lifestyle
Sepp Blatter To Attend FIFA Ethics Committee Hearing; Platini To Skip
Travelers Are Happier With Airports Than They Used To Be, Survey Says
Will Ferrell's Hip New Santa Claus Is Actually The Worst
Trader Joe's Recalls Triple Ginger Brew Due To 'Bursting' Bottles
Teenager Punches Spanish Prime Minister: A Political Metaphor
Escape Reality With Virtual Reality This Holiday Season
San Bernardino Shooters Didn't Post About Jihad Online Despite Reports
Surprise! Norway Is Ranked The Best Country To Live In, Again
Congress Pleases Pot Proponents — Partially
Malala Yousafzai Is The Latest To Bash Trump's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric
Controversial Cybersecurity Act Slipped Into 'Omnibus' Budget Bill
'Netflix Socks' Know When You Are Sleeping
Research Trials Lack Diversity, And That Could Cause Big Problems
N.J. Man Says Atlantic City Restaurant Served Him Toxic Beer
Can Larry Wilmore Top These Jokes From Past Correspondents' Dinners?
Like 'Dying A Hundred Deaths A Day': A Glimpse Inside Syrian Prisons
Christian College Suspends Hijab-Wearing Professor Over Islam Comments
Mistrial Declared For First Officer Tried In Freddie Gray Death
Test Your 'Star Wars' Trivia: The Making Of 'The Force Awakens'
Malware, Trojans And Viruses: What's The Difference, Anyway?
China Wants Countries To Make Their Own Internet Rules
Lamar Odom, 'Jurassic Park,' Paris: What Was 2015's Top Google Search?
Google Might Spin Self-Driving Car Project Into A Standalone Company
Chris Christie Takes Some Heat For 'Sexist' Debate Slip-Up
J. Law Will Make You Feel Better About Being Single
Kerry Washington's Mansion Isn't Scandalous, But It Sure Is Pretty
Facebook Creates Business Ratings Service To Rival Yelp, Angie's List
Carpet-Bombing ISIS, As Explained By Ted Cruz
West Point Announces Its First Female Commandant Of Cadets
How Will The Fed's Rate Hike Affect Your Loans, Savings, Credit Debt?
Flint, Michigan, Declares State Of Emergency Over Lead In Water
Saturn's Moons Align To Form Bullseye In Orbit
US Soccer Forward Abby Wambach Plays Her Final Game
Photographer Includes Bride's Late Daughter In Heartbreaking Photos
'Affluenza Teen' Ethan Couch Missing, Says Probation Officer
John Krasinski And Jimmy Kimmel's Epic Holiday Prank War Continues
Fiorina Falsely Says Generals Were Ousted For Disagreeing With Obama
Here's A Mashup Of Donald Trump Being Booed During The GOP Debate
Rubio And Paul Spar Over NSA Snooping Program
Donald Trump Wants To Close 'Areas' Of The Internet. Wait, What?
Hideo Kojima Leaves Konami, Opens His Own Studio
How 'Weak' Is The US Military?
True Love Might Fix The Panda Mating Crisis
Algae May Be To Blame For Memory Loss In Sea Lions
How Not To Win The Youth Vote, With Mike Huckabee
The Long, Strange Tradition Of Bizarre 'Star Wars' Merchandising
Massachusetts Teenager Found Guilty Of Killing High School Teacher
Suspect Arrested In UK Over VTech Data Breach
Does J. Lo's New Show Have A Shot At Success?
Doughnut-Licking And Divorce: The Biggest Celebrity Scandals Of 2015
UN Nuclear Agency Ends Iran Probe
A Canadian Company Is Literally Selling Breaths Of Fresh Air In China
Americans Haven't Been This Afraid Of Terrorism In A Decade
Teen Cancer Survivor Becomes Honorary Navy SEAL
Mayor And Councilor Injured In City Hall Brawl In Birmingham, Alabama
Netflix Thinks It Can Make High-Quality Video Less Of A Bandwidth Hog
If You Can Read This, You Don't Have The 'Star Wars' Spoiler-Blocker
'Supergirl': The Cat's Out Of The Bag
Lucasfilm Exec Says 'The Force' Helped Bring This 'Star Wars' To Life