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Congress Passes Bills To Curb Opioid Abuse –– Without Any New Funding
Close To 90,000 Gallons Of Crude Oil Spilled Into The Gulf Of Mexico
Amber Alert Ends After 9-Year-Old Carlie Trent Is Found Safe
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People's #ShareYourSize Campaign Ends Up Being Anything But Positive
Female WWII Pilots Win Battle To Be Buried At Arlington National
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Eating More Fruit When You're Young Could Lower Breast Cancer Risk
The Catholic Church's Boys Club Could Open Its Doors To Women
Elizabeth Warren Remains A Popular VP Pick — Even For Joe Biden
Despite Zika Threat, Summer Olympics Expected To Go On As Planned
Euthanasia's Popularity Rises Among Netherlands' Psychiatric Patients
The University Gender Gap You Might Not Expect
Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff Suspended, Will Face Impeachment
Zimmerman To Auction Gun Used To Shoot Trayvon Martin
Julian Castro On Becoming Clinton's VP: 'That's Not Going To Happen'
A Seattle Raccoon Left 39,000 People In The Dark
Italy Becomes Final EU Nation To Recognize Same-Sex Civil Unions
Trump: Banning Muslim Immigration Is 'Just A Suggestion'
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Detroit School Supply Vendor Pleads Guilty To Corruption
Planned Parenthood Shooter Found Unfit To Stand Trial
Google Will Stop Hosting 'Deceptive' Payday Loan Advertisements
Authorities Say Fertilizer Plant Explosion Was A 'Criminal Act'
Turns Out, Airports Don't Actually Like The TSA, Either
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Queen Elizabeth Says Chinese Officials Were 'Very Rude' During Visit
Trump Is Winning Primaries But Struggling To Get The GOP's Support
New Method Could Catch Alzheimer's 15 Years Before Symptoms Appear
Navy SEAL Student Dies After Training Exercise
SC Man Accused Of Killing, Burning And Burying 2 Men Is Granted Bail
New Study Shows The Solomon Islands Are Being Swallowed By The Ocean
NASA Telescope Finds More Than 1,000 Planets — Still No Aliens
3 People Dead After Multiple Stabbings In Massachusetts
Bernie Sanders Wins West Virginia But Still Has A Long Way To Go
What Is Healthy Food? The FDA Is Still Trying To Figure It Out
The Citadel Rejects Changing Dress Code For Muslim Student's Hijab
Emma Watson Is Named In The Panama Papers, But She's Staying Cool
Lawsuit Says Flint Mayor Tried To Divert Charity Donations To Her PAC
There's Now A Dating Site For Americans Who Need A Trump Escape Plan
Ben Carson Will Play Ambassador Between Donald Trump And Paul Ryan
Biofuels In One Easy Step: Just Add Modified E. Coli
The Largest Mammal In North America Was Just Named A National Symbol
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Obama Will Become The First Sitting US President To Visit Hiroshima
London's Muslim Mayor Doesn't Want To Be The Exception To Trump's Rule
Possible Terrorist Attack At German Train Station Leaves 1 Dead
Recently Engaged Man Is Killed While Planning A Wedding In New Orleans
2 Dead After Multiple Tornadoes Touch Down In Oklahoma
New Study Warns Swaddling Babies Could Lead To Increased Risk Of SIDS
Ozzy Osbourne Speaks Out After Split From Sharon: 'I Have Been Sober'
'Trump Of The East' Becomes The Philippines' New President
ACLU Sues Mississippi Over LGBT Legislation
Ex-Facebook Workers Say Your 'Trending' Section Is Biased