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Genetically Engineered Food Isn't As Evil As You Think It Is
Female Med School Physicians Report High Rate Of Sexual Harassment
Melania Trump Officially Denies Being Married To Hitler
Bill To Let 9/11 Victims Sue Saudi Arabia Unanimously Passes Senate
Ben & Jerry's Shows Voting Is Sweet With 'Empower Mint' Ice Cream
Mexico's President Proposes Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage
It's About Time Twitter Updated Its Character Limit
Female Exec Says Bank Of America 'Bros Club' Cost Her Over $8 Million
The Longest Neck In The Animal Kingdom Is Thanks To A Handful Of Genes
J.K. Rowling Says Donald Trump Has Every Right To Be A Bigot
George Soros' Offshore Finances Revealed In Panama Papers
LeBron James' Lifetime Deal With Nike Might Actually Be Worth $1B
Watch Divers Explore A 1,600-Year-Old Roman Shipwreck
Actor Wendell Pierce Charged With Simple Battery
The Clothes You're Wearing Could Be Made Out Of Plastic Bottles
A Compound In Psychedelic Mushrooms Could Treat Severe Depression
A Burger King In Finland Just Added A 15-Person Sauna
Toy Sales Kept An 'Iron Man' Movie From Casting A Female Supervillain
60 Seconds Of Donald Trump Talking About Women
Nearly Half Of Heart Attack Victims Might Not Know They Had One
Planets Near Dying Stars Could Be A Good Place To Look For Alien Life
Canada's First Lady Gets Lambasted After Asking For Additional Help
John Kasich Is Still 'Undecided' About Endorsing Donald Trump
Train Engineer In Philadelphia Amtrak Crash Might've Been Distracted
President Obama Honors 13 Public Safety Officers With Medal Of Valor
If You Want To Interview The Donald, Don't Speak Spanish
Poll: Most Americans Want The Government To Pay For Health Care
The National Park Service Reminds You To Stop Messing With Wildlife
Undercover Child Predator Sting Busts 18 In Georgia
Court Rules Mississippi District Must Combine Schools To Desegregate
Donald Trump's Former Adviser Says Trump Posed As His Own Publicist
SCOTUS Punts Contraception Mandate Back To Lower Courts
Sinéad O'Connor Found After Being Reported Missing In Chicago Suburb
The First Penis Transplant In The US Is A Success
ISIS Is Recruiting More Child Soldiers, And It Wants You To Know
Basebrawl: Players Fight Over Baseball's Written (And Unwritten) Rules
Viewers Fire Back After Meteorologist Is Told To Cover Up On Live TV
NBA Jersey Ads Are Here Whether You Like It Or Not
Woman Rides To The Hospital With A Shark Still Latched On To Her Arm
NASA Data Shows Last Month Was The Hottest April On Record
Hillary Clinton: Bill Would Be In Charge Of 'Revitalizing The Economy'
Colombia Seizes 17,500 Pounds Of Cocaine In Major Drug Bust
World's Largest Plane Lands In Australia Carrying A Massive Payload
Life Lessons To Graduates As Told By Obama, Oprah And Others
Scientists Want To Synthesize The Human Genome. What Does That Mean?
Father And Son Arrested In Connection With Kidnapping And Assault
Box Office Top 3: Marvel Studios Has Made $10 Billion In 8 Years
For Some Conservatives, #NeverTrump Has Nothing To Do With Winning
Rollover Bus Crash Kills 9, Injures More Than 40 In South Texas
Changing Demographics Might Be Turning Georgia Into A Swing State
Former Ministers Say Sexual Harassment Is Rampant In French Government
Google Could Face The Biggest Antitrust Fine In EU History
Lots Of Americans Get Road Rage Where They Should Be Relaxing
Russia Isn't Happy Ukraine Won The Eurovision Song Contest
Training Device Prompts Bomb Scare At Manchester United's Stadium
Trump's Potential VP List Includes A Lot Of Former Foes
Former London Mayor Compares The European Union To Hitler
FIFA's New President Is Already Facing Corruption Allegations
This Mural Just Brought The Trump-Putin Bromance To A New Level
When Coral Reefs Die, Fish May Lose Survival Instincts
Louisiana May Soon Start Treating Most Juvenile Offenders As Juveniles
U.S. Coast Guard Combs Gulf Of Mexico For Missing Cruise Passenger
Venezuela Enters State Of Emergency As Its Economy Melts Down
Mother of Colo. Theater Shooter Speaks Out For First Time Since Trial
Man Admits To Pulling Off A Woman's Hijab On An Airplane
Missouri Lawmakers Pass Gun Rights Expansion, 'Stand Your Ground' Bill
Missing N.C. Hiker Found Tied To A Tree
Belgian Police Warn Using Facebook's Reactions May Compromise Privacy
Ransomware Makes It Easy For Cybercriminals To Take Your Money
It's Hard To Woo Someone To Run Against Donald Trump, Even Mark Cuban
Brazil's Government Is Now Led Entirely By White Guys
Why Is ISIS Freaking Out In Its 'Capital City'?
Macklemore Joins Obama's Weekly Address To Talk About Addiction
Months After Being Released From Prison, A Pitcher Makes His MLB Debut
How To Bike To Work Like A Pro Commuter
A Limo Heading To Prom Catches On Fire — Twice
Obama Tweeted A 69 Percent Stat; The Response Was Predictably Immature
Cambodia Wants Media To Call Its Leaders 'Lords' — Or Else
Lethal Injections Are Now Much Harder To Carry Out, Thanks To Pfizer
Drunk Dudes Might Have Killed One Of The Rarest Fish In The World
Rahm Emanuel Begins To Revamp Police Accountability In Chicago
Scientists Say They're One Step Closer To An HIV Vaccine
Donald Trump Has Apparently Always Been His Own Best Surrogate
Guinness' Oldest Woman On Earth Dies In New York At 116
Peter King Won't Apologize For Saying 'Japs' On MSNBC
It's Not Us, It's You: TSA Says Travelers Are To Blame For Long Lines
So, Mitochondria Aren't Actually The Powerhouse Of The Cell After All
After 10 Years, Mom Helps Apprehend Suspect In Daughter's Murder
This Watch Lets You Carry Our Solar System On Your Wrist
This Cruise Ship Is So Large, It Could House An Entire Town
Oakland Police Under Investigation For Sex Scandal Involving A Minor
Ted Cruz Is Back In Washington, And The Senate Isn't Happy To See Him
Ontario Wants To Send Anti-Vaccination Parents Back To Science Class
A Man Accidentally Bought A Stolen WWI-Era Cannon
Obama To Schools: You Might Lose Funding If You Enforce Bathroom Bans
An Origami Robot Can Retrieve Things Kids Weren't Supposed To Swallow
McDonald's Might Swap All Its Frozen Beef Patties For Fresh Ones
How Donald Trump's Trade Plan Could Punish The Poor
1,400 Pounds Of Marijuana Found Inside Coconuts At US-Mexico Border
Navy Reprimands Man In Charge Of US Sailors Detained In Iran