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Twitter Released An Update On Its Investigation Into The 2016 Election
Sen. Menendez Could Be Facing Another Corruption Trial
March For Life Draws Thousands To National Mall
FBI May Be Investigating A Connection Between Russia And The NRA
The Women's March Built A Movement — Here's Where It's Going Next
Cape Town Could Become The First Major City To Run Out Of Water
Schumer Meets With Trump On Funding Deal As Feds Prepare For Shutdown
Scientists Invented A Way To Control Objects Like A Jedi
Las Vegas Shooting Investigation Has Person Of Interest — But Who?
President Trump Made A Special Appearance At March For Life
SCOTUS Will Hear Objections To Trump's Travel Ban
You Can Easily Spread The Flu Just By Breathing
Former FBI Head James Comey Will Teach An Ethical Leadership Class
Drugs, Extortion And Crooked Cops: A Chicago Exoneree Tells His Story
Some People Might Have To Start Paying More For Amazon Prime
Trump Reportedly Changes His Travel Plans As Government Shutdown Looms
The US Embassy's Move To Jerusalem May Come Sooner Than Expected
What's Different About This Year's Women's March?
In Chile, Pope Francis Accused Some Sex Abuse Victims Of Slander
Trump Appointee Resigns After Discriminatory Remarks Are Uncovered
New Zealand's Prime Minister Will Take On Politics And Motherhood
How Secret Ingredients Get Cooked Into Congressional Spending Bills
House Passes Bill To Avoid Shutdown, But It Looks Grim In The Senate
To Fight Rising Generic Drug Prices, Hospitals Form New Drug Company
A Pitch Clock Is Probably Coming To MLB Whether Players Like It Or Not
SCOTUS Is Letting N.C. Keep Its Controversial Congressional Map
A Blood Test For Common Cancers Could Be In The Works
House Intelligence Committee Delays Hope Hicks Testimony
A Controversial Surveillance Bill Is Headed To President Trump
Prosecutor: Kids Held Hostage 'Didn't Know What A Police Officer Was'
France And UK Work Through Border Issues In Summit
Sebastian Gorka Has An Active Arrest Warrant Out On Him In Hungary
Trump's First-Year Report Card Has A Lot Of Red Ink
Mulvaney Asks For $0 To Fund The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Robomedic? This Drone Might've Just Saved A Life
Trump's Tweet Confuses Already Confusing Government Funding Situation
As Expected, 2017 Was One Of The Hottest Years On Record
Scott Hechinger: A Witness Of The Criminal Justice System
Where Might Companies Invest Their Repatriated Earnings?
YouTube's Cracking Down On The Latest Viral Video Challenge
HHS Created An Office For Religious Freedom, And It's Controversial
Nassar Accuses Judge Of Turning Sentencing Into A 'Media Circus'
Pope Francis Married This Lucky Couple On An Airplane
The Women's March Isn't Just For People In The US
Chicago Protesters Want A 'Clean' Deal For 'Dreamers' and TPS Holders
Haitians (And Others) Are Blocked From Getting Certain Work Visas
Tillerson Says Russia Isn't Implementing Sanctions Against North Korea
Amazon Names Finalists In US And Canada For Its New Headquarters
US Government Says Puerto Rico Has Too Much Money To Get A Loan
President Trump Insists His Border Wall Plan Has 'Never Changed'
India Tested An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
The History Of Women's Marches In The US
The National Debt Is $20 Trillion, And That's A Huge Problem
President Trump's 'Fake News Awards' Present A Tricky Ethical Question
Northern Ireland Parties Move Toward Coalition After A Year Without
Corey Lewandowski Reportedly Tight-lipped During House Testimony
Trump's Chief Of Staff: Trump's Immigration Promises 'Uninformed'
For The Love Of Ketchup
Nintendo's New Kid-Focused Project Is Made Out Of ... Cardboard?
Puerto Rico Is Still Working To Restore Power After Hurricane Maria
CHIP Debate Continues As States Say They're Running Out Of Funds
What We Can Learn From Listening To Iran's Protest Slogans
Michael Wolff's 'Fire And Fury' Could Head To Television
Bitcoin Price Dives After Regulators Raise Red Flags
The US-led Arms Export Industry Is Fueling Civilian Deaths
Tillerson: US Will Discourage International Trade With Assad's Syria
Conservatives Throw Immigration Wrench Into Shutdown Standoff
Meteorites Can Sell For A Lot — If You Can Actually Find One
Climate Threats Are Expected To Increase In 2018
Olympic Records Will Be Harder To Break As We Reach Physical Limits
Republicans Are Worried About This Democrat's Special Election Win
Britain Has Appointed A Minister To Help Tackle Loneliness
96-Year-Old Former Nazi Officer Must Serve Prison Sentence
Apple Says It's Investing $350 Billion In The US Economy
Republican Sen. Jeff Flake Openly Criticized Trump In A Senate Speech
Bannon Is Reportedly Avoiding Grand Jury Testimony — For Now
North And South Korea Will March Together At The 2018 Winter Olympics
McKayla Maroney Won't Be Fined For Speaking About Alleged Sexual Abuse
A Large Part Of California Wants To Become Its Own State
Some Lawmakers Aren't Happy With Steve Bannon's Testimony
Most Members Of The National Park System Advisory Board Just Quit
The Elements Of Obstructing Justice
North Korean Art Troupe Heading To Olympics May Cross DMZ On Foot
Members Of His Own Party Are Asking Missouri's Governor To Resign
Navy Charges 2 Commanders After Pacific Ship Crashes
Surveillance Program Clears Senate Hurdle Despite Filibuster Threats
Ex-CIA Employee Might Have Helped China Kill Or Imprison US Assets
Venezuelan Rebel Dead After Posting Videos Of Police Raid
Trump Got A Perfect Score On A Cognitive Assessment Test
CDC Confirms First 'Widespread' Flu Activity For Whole Continental US
Althea Garrison: An Unintentional Transgender Pioneer In The US
US To Nix Over Half Of First 2018 Check To Group Helping Palestinians
Pope Francis Asks For Forgiveness In Chile
EU: 'Our Hearts Are Still Open' — UK Talks Of Second Brexit Vote
The Internet Is Pushing Back Against People Who Criticized #MeToo
Nestlé Is Selling Its US Candy Brands To The Maker Of Nutella
A Judge Says Paul Manafort's Trial May Not Start Until September
Yusef Salaam — A Witness Of The Criminal Justice System
Justice Department Appeals DACA Decision To Supreme Court
Homeland Security Head Says What She Heard During Immigration Meeting