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Judge Rules Emoluments Lawsuit Against President Trump Can Proceed
House Passes $4.5B Emergency Aid Package For The Southern Border
Robert Mueller Agrees To Testify Publicly On Russia Investigation
Illinois Governor Signs Bill Legalizing Recreational Marijuana
San Francisco To Become 1st Major US City To Ban E-Cigarettes
FTC Teams Up With Law Enforcement To Crack Down On Robocalls
NATO Urges Russia To Destroy New Missiles
Beijing's Young People Aren't Watching Hong Kong's Protests
NTSB Releases Preliminary Report On Manhattan Helicopter Crash
Judge Expands On Potential Discrimination In Census Citizenship Case
Melania Trump's Top Aide Will Be The New White House Press Secretary
CBP Acting Commissioner John Sanders Is Stepping Down
The Hustle Rundown: Amazon Skirts Federal Taxes; Walmart Investigated
FedEx Sues Trump Administration Over Export Bans
Chicago PD Release Video Footage Connected To Smollett Investigation
Trump Keeps Talking About Asylum 'Loopholes.' What Could They Be?
HIV In The Deep South: The Overlooked
HIV In The Deep South: The Big Problem
Mexico Deploys Almost 15,000 Troops To Northern Border
Iran Says Latest US Sanctions Closed 'The Path To Diplomacy'
Hundreds Of Migrant Children Removed From Texas Border Patrol Station
Washington Roundup: What To Watch For From The Supreme Court
Gorsuch Sides With Liberals In SCOTUS Decision On Gun Crime Penalties
Oklahoma Judges Approves $85M Settlement With Teva Pharmaceuticals
Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin's Mother, On Her Run For Public Office
Supreme Court Declines To Hear Challenge To Trump's Steel Tariffs
Trump Issues Order Aimed At Making Health Care Costs More Transparent
Trump Targets Top Iranian Leader In Newest Round Of Sanctions
St. Louis Judge Extends Planned Parenthood's Abortion License
Could Paper Ballots Ensure Election Security?
Does Every Pop Song Really Sound The Same?
Senators Want Social Media Giants To Disclose What Your Data's Worth
Russia Denounces New US Sanctions On Iran As 'Illegal'
SCOTUS To Hear Case Over Obamacare Payments To Insurers
Sen. Bernie Sanders Wants To Erase All Student Loan Debt
Ask The Experts: There Are No Easy Drug Price Fixes
Kim Jong-Un Reportedly Receives 'Excellent' Letter From Trump
Putin Issued Temporary Flight Ban To Georgia
HIV In The Deep South: The Stigma
Protesters Call For Czech Republic's Prime Minister To Step Down
China 'Will Not Allow' G-20 Summit To Discuss Hong Kong Protests
Pompeo Lands In Saudi Arabia To Talk 'Global Coalition' Against Iran
Joe Sestak Becomes 24th Candidate To Enter 2020 Race
Palestinian Leadership Rejects US Peace Plan
The US Has Launched A Retaliatory Cyberattack Against Iran
US To Increase Sanctions On Iran
President Trump Delays ICE Raids By Two Weeks
Illinois Governor Signs Trio Of Bills To Protect Immigrants
White House Proposes Removing Long-Term Climate Impact Reviews
Trump To Tap Army Secretary Mark Esper As Defense Secretary
California's Governor Proposes Multi-Billion Dollar Wildfire Fund
Oregon Republican Senators Flee The State To Block Climate Legislation
SCOTUS Overturns Murder Conviction Over Racial Bias In Jury Selection
Missouri Denies St. Louis Planned Parenthood Clinic Abortion License
US-Iran Crisis Leaves European Union On The Sidelines
Chinese President Xi Makes Historic State Visit To North Korea
Midwest States Brace For More Severe Storms And Flooding
A Reuse-Heavy Circular Economy Could Help Lower Plastic Pollution
Children Reportedly Held In Dangerous Conditions At Texas Border
Trump Administration Considers Freezing Federal Gas Mileage Targets
Trump Confirms He Called Off A Military Strike On Iranian Targets
UN Suspends Food Aid To Houthi-Controlled Parts Of Yemen
SCOTUS Rules Cross-Shaped War Memorial Can Remain Standing
Thousands Of Protesters Return To Hong Kong Streets
House Judiciary Committee Releases Hope Hicks Testimony Transcript
Federal Prosecutors Say Roger Stone Violated His Gag Order
House Committees Question Origin Of Proposed Fuel Emissions Rollback
Slack Goes Public, But Not In A Traditional Way
Booker Proposes Clemency For Thousands Of Nonviolent Drug Offenders
Bill Could Refund Millions In Taxes To Same-Sex Couples
US Confirms Iran Shot Down An American Military Drone
Drone Shootdown Raises US-Iran Mistrust Even Higher
What Happens If The Entertainment Industry Leaves Georgia?
Trump Highlights The Economy During Campaign Kickoff Speech
New Jersey Passes Rideshare Safety Bill After College Student's Death
Gillibrand Makes Big Error In Criticizing Trump On Bump Stocks
China's Xi Jinping Visits North Korea With Eye On A Shared Rival: U.S.
UK Conservatives Narrow Down Prime Minister Candidates To 2
Federal Judge Cites New Evidence In Reconsideration Of Census Ruling
Dozens Of Police Officers Investigated Over Facebook Posts
The Hustle Rundown: Genius Catches Google Red-Handed; Sotheby's Sells
Disney Is Giving 'Endgame' Another Chance To Dethrone 'Avatar'
Southwest Pilots Union Seeks Reimbursements From Boeing
White House Threatens Furloughs, Layoffs If Federal Agency Isn't Cut
Nonprofits Worry As More Signs Suggest Americans Are Giving Less
Senate Votes To Block Saudi Arms Deal
New Zealand Launches Plan To Buy Back Now-Illegal Firearms
Malaysian PM Denounces Findings Of MH17 Investigation
Chinese President Xi Jinping Makes Historic Trip To North Korea
Hicks Refuses To Answer Congress' Questions On Trump Administration
Mexico Becomes First Country To Approve Trade Deal With US And Canada
Our Affinity For Fairness Is Not Unique To Humans
YouTube Reportedly Considering Moving Children's Content Off Its Site
Study Finds Vaccine Confidence Is Lower In High-Income Countries
Dream Jobs: Food Stylist
Record-High 70 Million People Are Displaced Around The World, UN Says
Airline Experts Say More Needs To Be Done Before 737 MAX Should Fly
US Goes Public With Evidence Iran Is Behind Tanker Attacks
EPA Ends Obama's Clean Power Plan, Letting States Set Emissions Goals
Congressional Panel Considers Legislation Over Slavery Reparations