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Trump Campaign, Republicans File Suit In Nevada To Stop Vote Count
President Trump Casts His Ballot In-Person In Florida
NASA Says Samples Collected From Asteroid Are Leaking Into Space
More Than One Million People Could Lose Power in CA to Prevent Fires
Texas Cannot Limit Ballot Boxes To One Per County, Appeals Court Rules
Waukegan Police Officer Fired Following Fatal Traffic Stop Shooting
Census Count Falls Short In Areas That Need It Most
Astrazeneca Resumes Phase 3 Coronavirus Vaccine Trial
More Medical Abuse Allegations Surface At Immigration Detention Center
U.S.: Russian Hackers Target State, Local Networks As Election Nears
Medical Experts Talk Distribution Of Possible COVID Vaccine
Case Continues Against One of Highest-Ranking Military Officers
We're REALLY Stressed Right Now, According To A New Report
U.S. Issues Security Alert To Americans In Turkey
USPS Receives 523M Pieces Of Election Mail
Why Nigerians Are Taking To The Streets In Protests
Mortgage Rates Fall To Another Record Low
Daily Coronavirus Cases Doubling in Europe
Trump Administration Joins 30 Countries With Anti-Abortion Declaration
Walmart Files Pre-emptive Lawsuit Against U.S. Government
Colorado Wildfire Season Could Slow With Colder Temperatures
Court Rules Ridesharing Companies Must Classify Drivers As Employees
Backup Poll Workers Still Needed In Key States
2020 Political Fundraising Is Setting Records, Thanks To Small Donors
Vote Smarter 2020: Why Do Some States Vote Earlier Than Others?
President Trump And Joe Biden Face Off In Final Debate
Turned Off By President Trump, Arizona Conservatives Vote For Biden
FDA Approves Remdesivir As A COVID-19 Treatment
Pres. Trump Posts '60 Minutes' Interview Early, Tangles With Stahl
NYC To Ease COVID-19 Restrictions In Parts of Queens, Brooklyn
Senate Republicans Subpoena Facebook, Twitter Over Content Moderation
CDC: Frequent, Brief Contacts Can Fan Spread Of Coronavirus
Iran, Russia Deny Taking Voter Information To Influence U.S. Election
Immigration Dominated 2016 Election But Neglected In 2020 Contest
Why On-Campus Polling Locations Matter For College Students
Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Amy Coney Barrett Nomination
Ghislaine Maxwell's Deposition Transcript Unsealed
Judge Drops 3rd Degree Murder Charge In George Floyd Case
U.S. Jobless Claims Fell To 787,000 Last Week
Republicans Advance Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court Nomination
Former CIA Officers See Signs of Russia In Hunter Biden Laptop Story
Amazon Invests $100M In Mexico Facilities
U.S. Expects To Have Enough Vaccines For The Vulnerable By End Of 2020
Streaming Service Quibi Shuts Down After Just 6 Months
AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Participant Dies
Protesters Killed By Nigerian Authorities
4 States See Record Increases In Daily COVID Deaths
Iran, Russia Accused Of Election Interference
Hopi Tribe Races To Expand Access To Clean Running Water
Thailand's Government Cancels Emergency Decree To Calm Protests
Vote Smarter 2020: What Is A Provisional Ballot?
10 More Bodies Found In Search For Tulsa Massacre Victims
As Coronavirus Cases Climb, Schools Weigh Cost Of In-Person Class
Polls Show Democrats Leading in Traditionally Red Arizona
White House Denies Reports McConnell Warned Against Relief Deal
In Break From Tradition, Pope Endorses Same-Sex Civil Unions
On Screen And Off, Women Are Reshaping Political Documentaries
Yes To The Bless: Year One As A Millennial Nun
W.H.O. Numbers Show Cases Of The Flu Are Low So Far
60 Thousand New Cases; 933 New Deaths In U.S.
Here's How Both Presidential Candidates Hope To Win Over Black Voters
NY Times Reports Pres. Trump Had Pursued Projects In China
Pope Francis Endorses Civil Unions For Same-Sex Couples
Vanessa Guillen's Death Designated 'In The Line Of Duty'
OxyContin Maker To Plead Guilty To Federal Criminal Charges
U.S. Trying To Reunite 545 Families Separated At Mexico Border
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Mobilizes Voters
Witnesses Report Soldiers Firing At Nigerian Protesters
Washington County Expecting Up To 90% Voter Turnout
Court Rules North Carolina Can Continue Counting Absentee Ballots
Amy Coney Barrett Submits Responses For Next Week
Officer Involved In Breonna Taylor Shooting: 'It's Not A Race Thing'
President Trump Reportedly Walks Out On '60 Minutes' Interview
Environmental Groups Suing DHS Over Tear Gas Use In Protests
Boat's Owners Blamed For Fire That Killed 34 People in 2019
Vote Smarter 2020: When Do States Start Counting Mail-In Ballots?
Fewer Americans Are Interested In Getting COVID-19 Vaccine
President Trump And Joe Biden Views On Climate Change
After Louisville Police Shooting Deaths, Cases Quietly Closed
UK To Infect Healthy People For Vaccine Study
Hundreds Of Rural Counties Are In COVID Testing Deserts
Early Voting Begins In Battleground State Of Wisconsin
Counted On: Behind The Scenes With A County Electoral Board
Google Sued By Department of Justice Over Search Engine
COVID-19 Surges in U.S. With More Than 58,000 New Cases Reported
CDC Recommends Mask Wearing For All Public, Commercial Transportation
Study Finds Severe COVID-19 Patients Make For Best Plasma Donations
Pentagon's Inspector General to Audit DOD's CARES Act Spending
Jacinda Ardern's Historic Election Victory Cements Her Global Stardom
AMC To Reopen Movie Theaters Across Country, Starting In New York
What Most Voters Get Wrong About 'The Other Side'
Justice Department Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google
Moderna Eyes December For U.S. Permission For Vaccine Use
Trump Administration Sued Over New Visa Rules For Skilled Workers
7.5 Magnitude Earthquake Prompts Tsunami Warning For Alaska
UAE Sends First Official Delegation To Israel
Mics Will Be Muted In Last Presidential Debate Rule Change
Argentina Reaches 1M Coronavirus Cases
U.S. Border Closures Will Continue Into November
Orionid Meteor Shower Should Be Visible From Anywhere On Earth