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Clinton's Return To Politics Aims To Grow Grassroots Organizations
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US Could Make It Harder For North Korea To Fund Its Nuclear Program
A Federal Court Ruling Changes The Game In Georgia's 6th District
Long Road Ahead Even After House Passes American Health Care Act
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San Bernardino Victims' Families Accuse Tech Giants Of Enabling ISIS
Trump Signs 'Religious Liberty' Order, ACLU Calls It Discriminatory
North Korea Blasts China's 'Reckless Remarks' In A Rare Commentary
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Comey Stands By October Clinton Decision But Feels 'Mildly Nauseous'
More Violence In Venezuela After President Calls For New Constitution
President Trump Is Confident That Israel And Palestine Will Find Peace
US Press Freedom Ranking Just Dropped, Despite 'Strong Track Record'
Mount Everest Might Be Even More Dangerous This Year
A New Way To Detect Pain In Newborns
Oscar Mayer Is Taking Some Stuff Out Of Its Hot Dogs
Filter-Feeding Plankton Clean Carbon Out Of The Oceans
This Airline's Economy Class Is About To Get More Cramped
Apple Has A Record Amount Of Money In The Bank
Jane Goodall Said This After Ivanka Trump Used Her Quote
Equality Act Gets Historic Amount Of Congressional Support
This Bill Could Change Overtime Rules For Workers
Trump Calls Putin To Talk About Ending The War In Syria
Archdiocese Cuts Ties With Girl Scouts Over 'Troubling Trends'
Baton Rouge Police Avoid Federal Charges For Alton Sterling's Death
Did Congress Start Funding Trump's Wall? Depends Who You Ask
Trump Pushes For Second Health Care Vote Without The Votes In Congress
Clinton Takes The Blame For Election Loss, Then Blames Comey, Russians
CNN And The Trump Campaign Are Sparring Over 'Fake News' Ad
New Constitution Or New Leader? Venezuela's Struggle For Its Future
This Team's Controversial Draft Pick Prompts Calls For A Boycott
AP Report Highlights School Violence Tracking Flaws
Lawmakers Didn't Pull Any Punches When Criticizing Airline Reps
Ex-Officer Who Shot Walter Scott Pleads Guilty To Civil Rights Charge
Texas Officer Fired After He Shot And Killed An Unarmed 15-Year-Old
Protecting The First Family Is Getting Really Expensive
Trump Says The US 'Needs A Good Shutdown'
Trump Creates Council To 'Modernize' How The Government Uses Tech
Airbnb And San Francisco Are Finally On Speaking Terms Again
An American Missile Defense System Is Now Working In South Korea
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Trump Administration Cuts 2 Of Michelle Obama's Signature Programs
A Group The US Calls Terrorists Wants To Soften Its Image
Fox News Has Lost Another Key Player
Trump Argues A Certain President Could Have Prevented The Civil War
New York City Will Soon Offer Free Preschool For 3-Year-Olds
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