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'The Last Jedi' Celebrates NYE By Passing $1B At The Box Office
​United Nations Secretary-General Calls For Unity In New Year
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Responds To Deadly Protests
Dayslong Anti-Government Protest In Iran Is Largest In Nearly A Decade
S. Korea Seizes Second Ship Suspected Of Transporting Oil To N. Korea
Sheriff Says Colorado Shooting Was An 'Ambush-Type' Attack On Officers
Trump Touts His 2017 Deregulation Efforts, But Experts Are Skeptical
Interior Department Rescinds Obama-Era Fracking Regulations
Thousands Rally Both For And Against Iranian Government
Activist Erica Garner Dies At 27
100 Days After Hurricane Maria, About Half Of Puerto Rico Has Power
DOJ Might Continue To Fight For Trump's Transgender Military Ban
State Dept. Releases Huma Abedin Emails From Clinton Investigation
Wichita Police Say 'Swatting' Prank Led To Man's Fatal Shooting
Trump Fires HIV/AIDS Advisory Council With No Explanation
GOP Tax Reform Could Cost Banks Billions — At First
South Korea Has Seized A Ship It Says Gave Oil To The North
Trump Says No DACA Deal Without A Border Wall
Las Vegas Will Have Snipers Watching Over Its New Year's Eve Party
American Girl's Newest Doll Is NASA-Approved
Hackers Took Over D.C. Police Cameras Before Trump's Inauguration
A Child Playing With A Stove Started The Deadly Bronx Apartment Fire
Why Our Food Has Fewer Nutrients Than Ever Before
'Dr. Phil' Accused Of Endangering The Health Of Guests With Addictions
'The Dick Van Dyke Show' Star Rose Marie Dies At 94
New York Is Heightening Counterterrorism Efforts For New Year's Eve
Apple Just Apologized For Its Battery Controversy
Liberia's Election Marks Major Milestone For The Country
Claire's Is Testing Some Of Its Makeup Products For Asbestos
Italy Might Be In For A Pretty Contentious Election Next Year
Trump Criticizes Vanity Fair For Apologizing Over Its Clinton Video
Trump Hits Out At China For 'Allowing' North Korean Oil Smuggling
The Free Press: What's At Stake?
Bitcoin Took A Wild, Volatile Ride In 2017
'Steve Jobs' Is ... An Italian Fashion Brand?
Alabama Certified Doug Jones As The Winner Of Its Special Election
The US Says Visa Services Will Resume In Turkey After Dispute
Apple Is Now Making CEO Tim Cook Fly Private
The EPA Has To Update Its Rules On Lead Paint — And Fast
More Than 40 Dead After Explosions In Afghanistan's Capital
Roy Moore Is Trying To Block Alabama's Special Election Result
After A Terrible Summer, The 2017 Box Office Still Set To Surpass $11B
A Timeline Of 2017's Sexual Misconduct Allegations
New York City Is Set To Record Its Lowest Crime Levels Since The 1950s
IRS Says You'll Need 2017 Paperwork To Keep 2017 Tax Benefits
Justice Department Has Major 'Systemic' Issues With Sexual Harassment
What We Know About North Korea's Missile Experts Sanctioned By The US
The 500 Richest People In The World Gained $1 Trillion This Year
Congress Looks To Take Down 'Pay For Slay' Program
Putin Critic Alexei Navalny Is Organizing A Day Of Protests
The Government Could Pay You To Move Off The Beach
2017 Won't Bring An End To Russian Investigations
Rick Perry And His Forgotten Department
Amending China's Constitution May Grant Xi Jinping Even More Power
The Tax Cuts And Jobs Act, Explained
How Getting Rid Of Net Neutrality Will Change The Way You Click
Trump Could Get An Israeli Train Station Named After Him
Getting Birth Control Over The Counter Has A Sticking Point
Why Germany Sometimes Has To Pay People To Use Power
10 Injured In Explosion At St. Petersburg Grocery Store
Individuals Scrambling Before New Tax Law Goes Into Effect
2017 Proved Clumsy Bipedal Robots Could Be A Thing Of The Past
Russia Accuses The US Of Supporting ISIS — Again
Obama Cautions Leaders Against Divisive Social Media Use
Doctor's Dilemma: Confronting Racist Patients
A Singer Filed A Sexual Assault Complaint Against Corey Lewandowski
The US Aims Sanctions At North Korea's Missile Makers
How Trickle-down Economics Would Work
Twitter Is Too Big For The Library Of Congress To Archive
Drawing After Controversial Virginia Race Delayed
Report: North Korean Soldier Who Defected South Has Anthrax Immunity
'Gaming Disorder' Is Going To Be Classified As A Real Illness
Retail Just Saw Its Best Holiday Season Since 2011
Trump's Voter Fraud Commission Clears Legal Challenge
Cities Sue Pentagon Over Failure To Report Crimes To FBI Gun Database
Expression Of Depression
Peru's Ousted President Alberto Fujimori Is Asking For Forgiveness
Lawyers For Drug Kingpin 'El Chapo' Want His Trial Postponed
Saudi Arabia's Chess Tournament Is Already Filled With Controversy
The Oldest Tree On The White House Grounds Is Being Removed
Israel Says More Countries May Move Their Embassies To Jerusalem
South Korea Warns UN Sanctions Won't Keep North From Testing Missiles
Shanghai Sets Population Limit Because Of 'Big City Disease'
The Trump Administration May Relax Some Offshore Drilling Safety Rules
Kremlin To Investigate Whether Telling Voters Not To Vote Is Illegal
US Announces Major $285 Million Cut To UN Budget
'Star Wars' Topped The Christmas Box Office — Again
China Says Exercise 'Restraint' With North Korea
Russia Won't Let Prominent Putin Critic Run For President After All
The Queen's Annual Christmas Message Pays Tribute To UK Tragedies
Lorde Cancels Concert In Israel After Requests By Activists
Vietnam Is Bracing For Deadly Typhoon Tembin
Pope Francis' Christmas Address Urges Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Guatemala Is Also Moving Its Israel Embassy To Jerusalem
DHS Calls Targeting Of Pennsylvania Officers An Act Of Terror
Top Miss America Leaders Resign Amid Email Scandal
Federal Judge Partially Lifts Travel Restriction On Refugees
One Of Putin's Toughest Critics Has Been Nominated To Run Against Him
North Korea Calls Sanctions 'An Act Of War'
'Zero Chance Of Survival' For Dozens Trapped In Philippine Mall Fire