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Kim Jong-Un Invites South Korea's President To Summit Meeting
Another White House Official Resigns Following Abuse Allegations
Puerto Rico Gets $16 Billion In Federal Aid
Justice Department's No. 3 Is Reportedly Stepping Down
Some Women Become 'Collateral Damage' In The #MeToo Movement
John Kelly Denied Reports He Offered To Resign Amid Scrutiny
What Happens When Newspapers Leave Their Iconic Buildings?
L.L. Bean Kicks Its Lifetime Return Policy
White House Reneges On Trump's Promise To Release Democrats' Memo
Up For Debate: Should We Genetically Modify Food?
Ky. County Residents Are Skeptical About Govt. Help For 18-Year Crisis
Think Diamonds Only Come From Nature? Now They Can Come From A Lab
What's In The Budget Deal Congress Passed To Reopen The Government?
YouTube Is Temporarily Suspending Ads On Logan Paul's Videos
Uber Just Settled Its Legal Battle With Waymo
New Budget Deal Includes Billions In Funding To Fight Opioid Crisis
North And South Korea Were Unified At The Olympics Opening Ceremony
Amazon Is Reportedly Launching Its Own Delivery Service For Businesses
Things Got Awkward Between North Korea And The US At The Olympics
Mattis: DACA Troops Aren't At Risk Of Deportation
Your Meat Isn't Fake, It's Designer: A Newer, Cooler Era Of Meatless
Trump Signs Budget Deal To Reopen The Government
Government Runs Out Of Cash, Shuts Down For The Second Time In 2018
Seattle Is Clearing Convictions For Misdemeanor Pot Possession
Sen. Rand Paul's Opposition To Funding Bill Will Cause Shutdown
The US Really Doesn't Have A Lot Of Options In Syria
LAPD Submits 3 Abuse Cases Against Harvey Weinstein To DA's Office
White House Admits Fault In Rob Porter Domestic Abuse Case
As A Former NFL Player Fights Dementia — His Wife Fights The League
South Korean President Moon To Meet With Kim Jong-un's Sister
Why One County Has Avoided Drinking Its Water For 18 Years
The Me Too Movement Is Taking Center Stage At New York Fashion Week
Bermuda Repeals Same-Sex Marriage Less Than A Year After Legalizing It
Paul Ryan Says, 'We Want A DACA Solution'
Amazon Now Offers 2-Hour Whole Foods Delivery In Select Cities
Some In This Small Kentucky County Live Without Running Water
International Criminal Court Is Looking Into Duterte's 'War On Drugs'
George W. Bush: There's 'Pretty Clear Evidence' Of Russian Meddling
Kentucky Locals Blame Town's Officials For Ongoing Water Crisis
A Decades-Old Water Crisis In Kentucky Comes To A Head
Figure Skater, Pence Seem To Set Aside Differences Before The Olympics
Here's Where Lawmakers Are As The Shutdown Deadline Approaches
Sold In America (Trailer)
Sexual Assault Reports Nearly Doubled At West Point Military Academy
North Korea Closed The Door On Talks With The US At The Olympics
US-Led Coalition Kills Estimated 100 Syrian Regime Fighters
Grinding Gears: The Wheels That Must Turn to Get New Cars On The Road
FBI: No Evidence Border Patrol Agent's Death Was A Homicide
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Says He's Headed 'Home'
Russia May Have Been Involved In An Attack On US Forces In Syria
Obamacare Numbers Remain Strong Despite Shorter Enrollment Window
Israeli Police To Recommend Corruption Indictment For PM Netanyahu
Judge: Baker Can Refuse To Create Wedding Cakes For Same-Sex Couples
US Attacks Pro-Assad Forces In Syria, Escalating Tensions
DHS Official: Russian Government Penetrated US Voter Systems In 2016
Not A Fan Of D.C. Drama? Meet 'America's Cabinet'
Mike Pence: US Will Impose 'Toughest' Sanctions On North Korea
Study Finds Rise In Suicides In Months After Robin Williams' Death
Senators Agree On 2-Year Government Spending Deal
Why Nancy Pelosi Gave A Marathon Speech On The House Floor
After Falcon Heavy, What's Next For SpaceX?
Kim Jong-un Sends Sister South For An Olympics 'Charm Offensive'
Germany Has A Government Again — If The Voters Approve It
This Gerber Baby Might Lessen The Stigma Surrounding Down Syndrome
Not Everyone Wants 'Game Of Thrones' Creators Spearheading 'Star Wars'
The Weird 2018 Winter Olympics Logo Is More Than A Box And A Star
A Top White House Staffer Resigns After Abuse Accusations
Colts GM Says The Team Will Be Just Fine Without Josh McDaniels
A Change Of Diet Could Slow The Spread Of A Deadly Breast Cancer
When The Olympics End, Some Host Cities Are Left With Empty Facilities
Nancy Pelosi Is Giving A Marathon Speech On The House Floor
The Number Of Norovirus Infections At The Winter Olympics Is Growing
Why Officials Are Pushing For Sleep Apnea Testing For Train Engineers
Sessions Suggests Connection Between Marijuana And Opioid Addiction
Undiagnosed Sleep Apnea Is To Blame For 2 Train Crashes In NY Area
No, Robots Aren't From the Future — They Go Back To The 1700s
Rescuers Searching For Dozens Of People After Taiwan Earthquake
How Much Would A Military Parade Really Cost?
UN Pleads With Syria To End Airstrikes And Allow Humanitarian Aid
Former RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn Resigns As Head Of Wynn Resorts
At Trump's Direction, The Pentagon Is Brainstorming A Military Parade
Macedonia Is Up For A Name Change To End Its Rift With Greece
House Passes Short-Term Spending Bill, But It's A Hard Sell In Senate
Dow Jones Regains Some Losses, Closes Up More Than 500 Points
SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Launch Was Impressive Despite Years Of Delays
Who Should Pay For Immigrant Kids' Lawyers In Deportation Cases?
A Shutdown Can Stall All Federal Science — Starting With Lab Rats
House Passes Bill That Would Make Lawmakers Pay Their Own Settlements
Drones Are Quickly Becoming Newest Members Of Police, Security Forces
Meet 'Soohorang': Pyeongchang's Mascot For The 2018 Winter Olympics
Aswad Thomas — A Witness Of The Criminal Justice System
Trump: 'I'd Love' Another Government Shutdown Over Immigration
FEMA Contractor Didn't Deliver Almost 30 Million Meals To Puerto Rico
Some Philadelphia Eagles Players Say They'd Skip A White House Visit
John Kelly Doubts President Trump Will Extend The DACA Deadline
Queen Elizabeth Has Now Spent 66 Years On The British Throne
Maldives President Declares State Of Emergency As Crisis Worsens
6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Topples Buildings In Taiwan
Rapists Can Still Seek Parental Rights In These States
A Tsunami Warning Issued On The East Coast Was Just A Test