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Father Of Abuse Survivors Tries To Attack Larry Nassar In Court
University Sues Former Football Player Who Sued The School
Dozens Of Migrants Are Feared To Have Drowned Off The Libyan Coast
India's Government Plans To Give Millions Of People Free Health Care
CIA Director Mike Pompeo Defends His Meeting With Russian Spy Chiefs
A Sign From The Stars? No, But A Sign Astrology Has Scientific Roots
Report: Olympic Committee Knew Of Sexual Abuse Claims Against Nassar
The White House Brings Back Petitions Site, Promises To Answer Them
Officials: Syria Might Be Making New Chemical Weapons
Canada Just Changed Its National Anthem To Be Gender Neutral
Cape Town Further Restricts Water Usage As Supply Runs Low
How A Fitness Tracker Subverted The World's Most Powerful Militaries
Mitt Romney Floats Utah Senate Race Announcement Soon
White House: Trump Is OK With Controversial FBI Memo Release
What Weed Could Do For Tax Revenues
Being Congress Committee Chair Doesn't Seem As Great As It Used To Be
Trump Says Republicans Need To Compromise On Immigration Reform
A California Lawsuit Wants Coffee Shops To Warn About Cancer
Polar Bears Are Swimming Themselves To Death As Sea Ice Melts
Pelosi Wants Nunes Off House Intelligence Committee
One Suspect Is In Custody After A School Shooting In Los Angeles
Trump's State Of The Union Wasn't The Most Watched In History
Poland's Senate Approves Controversial 'Holocaust Complicity' Bill
Who Would Trump's Wall Allegedly Prevent From Crossing The Border?
Olympic Doping Bans Overturned For 28 Russian Athletes
College Goes Conservative? Trump Could Be Shifting Campus Politics
San Francisco Is Tossing Out Thousands Of Marijuana Convictions
Report: Trump Asked Rod Rosenstein If He Was 'On My Team'
Michigan State University's Board Has Picked An Interim President
The Legal Battle Between Dr. Luke And Kesha Isn't Over Yet
The Winter Olympics Have Been Slowly Melting
Federal Reserve Says It Won't Raise Interest Rates In 2018 Just Yet
Pork Barrel Spending In Congress Isn't A Thing Of The Past
US Rep. Trey Gowdy Says He Won't Run For Re-election
From N. Korea To Capitol Hill: Defector Ji Seong-ho's Harrowing Story
Trump Is Keeping Guantanamo Open: Here's What You Should Know
State Of The Union Shows Lawmakers Still Far Apart On Infrastructure
CDC Director Resigns Amid Reports She Bought Tobacco Company Stock
Trump Overheard Saying He's In Favor Of Releasing Controversial Memo
What Democrats Have To Say About The State Of The Union
Trump's State Of The Union Address Hit North Korea Hard
President Trump Signs Order To Keep Guantanamo Bay Open
Unsurprisingly, Immigration Was The Centerpiece Of Trump's Speech
Trump Says His Tax Cut Is The Biggest. That's Not True
The First Lady Arrived At The State Of The Union Without The President
'Serial Stowaway' Caught Again, Second Time In A Month
Fact Check: Trump Says 'Almost 100 Percent' Of Land Freed From ISIS
Trump's State Of The Union Is Far From The First To Be Boycotted
President Trump's Lawyers Say Mueller Can't Interview Him Just Yet
Online Petition Aims To Extend SNAP Benefits To Cover Pet Food
Inspector General Investigating McCabe's Role In 2016 Email Release
White House Names Designated Survivor For State Of The Union
Vice Ousted A Top Official Following A Sexual Harassment Investigation
Oversight Group Says DOD Censored Info On War In Afghanistan
Military Official: US Could Destroy N. Korean Nuclear Infrastructure
Worker Who Sent False Hawaii Missile Alert Fired, Agency Head Resigns
RNC Reportedly Set On Finance Chair Pick To Replace Steve Wynn
The State Of The US Military After Trump's First Year In Office
A New Device May Slow The Debilitating Effects Of Alzheimer's
Kenya Opposition Leader Just Swore Himself In As 'People's President'
Safety Board Wants FAA To Update Emergency Guidelines After Incidents
Arizona Republican Wants Police To Arrest 'Any Illegal Aliens' At SOTU
Francis Greenburger — A Witness Of The Criminal Justice System
Former 'Glee' Star Mark Salling Found Dead
Indian Govt. Report Suggests Sons There Often Preferred To Daughters
TSA Found A Record Number Of Guns In Carry-Ons Last Year
Texas Governor Wants An Investigation Into Karolyi Ranch Allegations
Employee Who Issued False Missile Alert In Hawaii Believed It Was Real
Bill Gates Reveals His Father Has Alzheimer's
Mnuchin Assures Senators New Russia Sanctions Are Forthcoming
Experts Want Facebook To End Its Messaging App For Kids
House Speaker Paul Ryan Says The FBI Needs A 'Cleanse'
Volkswagen Suspends Executive Over Diesel Fume Tests On Monkeys
US Humane Society CEO Reportedly Accused Of Sexual Misconduct
Astronauts Could One Day Eat Their Own Poop In Space ... Kind Of
3 Major Companies Team Up To Improve Employee Health Care
Putin Isn't Too Happy With The US Treasury List
Here's Who Made The Guest List For The State Of The Union
Elon Musk May Not Be Able To Sell His Flamethrowers In California
Dems Weren't Always Pro-immigration — Just Ask The Jordan Commission
US Treasury Released Its List Of Wealthy Russians Overnight
Trump To Focus On 'Building A Proud America' During His First SOTU
Trump Administration Says New Russian Sanctions Aren't Needed Yet
Birds And Mammals Might Have The Best Shot At Surviving Climate Change
House Passes Bill To Help Protect Young Athletes From Sexual Abuse
US Senate Rejects Bill Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks
Trump Administration Lifts Temporary Ban On Refugees From 11 Countries
FEMA Is Ending Food And Water Aid To Puerto Rico
House Intelligence Committee Votes To Release Controversial Memo
White House Official Talks To Newsy About State Of The Union Address
Ajit Pai, FCC Members Say Government Wireless Networks Won't Happen
North Korea Cancels Joint Olympic Performance With South Korea
Ticket Typo Welcomes Guests To Trump's 'State Of The Uniom' Address
The FBI's No. 3 Official Will Reportedly Take Over McCabe's Position
Secret Service: Beware Of 'Jackpotting' Crimes At ATMs
Cleveland Indians Announce They'll Retire Chief Wahoo Logo
White House Says It Didn't Tell FBI Deputy Director To Step Down Early
Reports: German Automakers Exposed Humans And Monkeys To Car Exhaust
How 'New' Do You Have To Be To Get A Grammy Nod For Best New Artist?
Very Few Women Were Part Of Creating US Chart-Topping Songs