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Brazil Election Authority: Bolsonaro, Da Silva Headed To Runoff
Ukraine Presses On With Counteroffensive While Russia Uses Drones
'Bros' Joins A Wave Of Diversity, Representation At The Box Office
Hurricane Ian Ravaged Family Fishing Business Just Before Crab Season
Brazil Holds Historic Election With Lula Against Bolsonaro
Feds Vow Major Aid For Hurricane Ian Victims Amid Rescues
Chinese Billionaire Richard Liu Settles U.S. Rape Allegation
125 Die As Tear Gas Triggers Chaos At Indonesia Soccer Match
One Florida Captain Rode Out Hurricane Ian On His Houseboat
Russia Withdraws Troops After Ukraine Encircles Key City
Supreme Court Poised To Keep Marching To Right In New Term
Trump At Center Of Oath Keepers Novel Defense In Jan. 6 Case
North Korea Conducts 4th Round Of Missile Tests In 1 Week
Russia Accused Of 'Kidnapping' Head Of Ukraine Nuclear Plant
Worst Brazil Forest Fires In A Decade, Yet Election Silence
Dozens Dead From Ian, One Of Strongest, Costliest U.S. Storms
Election '22: What Matters: Tackling Crime In Milwaukee
Election '22: What Matters: Baltimore's Mayor On Combating Crime
5 Years Later, The Las Vegas Mass Shooting Still Shapes Public Events
Tua Tagovailoa's Brain Injury Reignites NFL Concussion Safety Debate
Florida Airports Reopen, But Flights Will Be Affected For Weeks
Sarasota County Working To Get Power And Water Restored For Residents
Sanibel Island, A Popular Tourist Destination, Devastated By Hurricane
Why Is Pumpkin Spice Season So Popular?
U.S. Hits Russia With New Sanctions Over Ukraine, Tensions Soar
Congress Passes Funding Bill To Avert Government Shutdown
Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson Makes Supreme Court Debut In Ceremony
Putin Formally Annexes Ukrainian Territories As Kyiv Seeks NATO Entry
San Francisco Fed Reserve CEO: High Inflation Makes Economy Fragile
Suicide Bomber Strikes Kabul Education Center, Killing 19 People
Trevor Noah Is Leaving 'The Daily Show' After 7 Years
Finding Hope Through A Different Approach To Mental Health Care
Inflation Hits Record 10% In 19 Countries Using The Euro
Over 2 Million People Experiencing Power Outages From Hurricane Ian
Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall Again, This Time In South Carolina
Redistricting Changed The Face Of A Massachusetts Town's Politics
Court's Voting Rights Act Ruling Could Affect Communities Of Color
Newsy Tonight Presents: Faces Of The War
Pres. Biden: 'Our Country Hurts' After Hurricane Ian Slams Florida
Hurricane Ian Impacting Hospitals And Health Care In Florida
Wall Street Drops Back To Lowest Since 2020 As Fear Returns
U.S. Long-Term Mortgage Rates Increase For 6th Straight Week
Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko: Russian War Is Ukrainian 'Genocide'
North Korea Fires Missiles After Harris Visits DMZ, South Korea
Russia Prepares To Annex 4 Occupied Regions Of Ukraine
'Gangsta's Paradise' Rapper Coolio Dies At Age 59
People Trapped, 2.5M Without Power As Ian Drenches Florida
Cuba Begins To Turn On Lights After Hurricane Ian Blacks Out Island
Yankees Star Judge Blasts 61st Home Run, Ties American League Record
New York City Scientists Are Exploring History Through Tree Rings
Record Methane Leak Flows From Damaged Baltic Sea Pipelines
How Mercenaries, Wagner Group Are Shaping Ukraine Invasion
More Than 1.5 Million Floridians Without Power Due To Hurricane Ian
Ian Swamps Southwest Florida, Trapping People In Homes
Disney World Is Closing Its Gates Due To Hurricane Ian
What's Changed Since Tampa's Last Big Hurricane 100 Years Ago
Lawsuit Says Woman Gave Birth Alone On Maryland Jail Floor
Why Do Languages Have Gendered Words?
Millions Of Americans Will Save On Medicare Fees Next Year
Russia Poised To Annex Occupied Areas Of Ukraine After Sham Vote
Forbes: 400 Richest Americans Less Wealthy In 2022 Due To Inflation
Government Announcing More Student Loan Forgiveness Details In October
Libertarian Group Sues To Block Biden's Student Debt Forgiveness Plan
Teen Killed, 4 Others Wounded In Shooting After Football Scrimmage
Jan. 6 Panel Delays Hearing As Hurricane Ian Nears Florida
Vice President Harris Seeks Computer Chip Partners In Japan Meetings
EU Says Blasts Preceded Baltic Pipeline Leaks; Sabotage Suspected
Cuba In The Dark After Hurricane Ian Knocks Out Power Grid
Woman Hit By Train While Left Handcuffed In Police Car
Ian Nearly Category 5 Hurricane As It Nears Florida
New York City Races To House Thousands Of Newly Arrived Migrants
More Asian Americans Are Purchasing Guns
How 'Gen Z Slang' Connects To Black Culture Appropriation
Some Florida Transplants Are Preparing For Their First Hurricane
Holocaust Survivors And Their Descendants Share Generational Trauma
Hurricane Ian Strikes Cuba, Florida Braces For Winds, Floods
Recession Worries Loom As Wall Street Falls Deeper Into Bear Market
How Can We Prepare For Deadly Floods?
AP Source: Funding Bill Includes More Than $12B For Ukraine
Kentucky Man Who Shot Classmates In 1997 Denied Parole
Teen Interest In Long-Lasting Birth Control Soars After Roe
Musk, Twitter CEO Delay Questioning Ahead Of October Trial
V.P. Harris Focuses Asia Trip On Security, Adds Tour To Korea DMZ
President Biden's Strategy To End U.S. Hunger Includes More Benefits
Atlanta Braves Visit White House To Celebrate 2021 World Series Win
Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall In Cuba; Florida Braces For Damage
NASA Successfully Crashes Spacecraft Into Asteroid
Volcanic Eruption Forms Baby Island In Pacific Ocean
Japanese Former Leader Abe Shinzo Honored At Divisive State Funeral
Why Is It Taking So Long For NASA To Launch Artemis I?
Descendants Of Holocaust Survivors Meet In Washington, D.C.
Bail Reform Is Picking Up Across Counties Nationwide
Vulnerable Tampa Bay Braces For Storm Not Seen In A Century
Prosecutors In Oath Keepers Trial Aim To Prove Jan. 6 Premeditation
Italy Shifts To The Right As Voters Reward Giorgia Meloni's Party
Understanding Mood’s Role In Mental Health
Why Is The FBI Accused Of Politicization?
Bills Would Curtail Objections At Future Jan. 6 Vote Counts
Pfizer Seeks To Expand Omicron Booster To 5- To 11-year-olds
Putin Grants Russian Citizenship To NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden