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Humanitarian Aid Passes Into Venezuela
Mueller Doesn't Call For Specific Sentencing Action In Manafort Memo
US, China Extend Trade Negotiations As Both Sides Signal Progress
Trump Is Sending 1,000 More Troops To The Southern Border
Virginia Republicans Plan Hearing For Fairfax Accusers
President Trump Announces New Nominee For UN Ambassador
WSJ: Several Apps Are Sharing Sensitive Data with Facebook
International Watchdog Says Iran Is Still Complying With Nuclear Deal
Democrats Demand Barr Release Full Mueller Report To Public
New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft Charged With Soliciting Sex
HHS Finalizes Rule That Would Cut Some Funds From Planned Parenthood
Foreign Aid Could Ignite A Crisis At Venezuelan Border
Trump Meets With China's Vice Premier As Tariff Deadline Approaches
The Catholic Church Sex Abuse Investigation Redefining New York Law
Doctors In Sudan Are Key To The Current Protests
R. Kelly Charged With Multiple Counts Of Sexual Abuse
The End Of The Mueller Probe May Be The Beginning Of A Legal Fight
Should The US Grant Temporary Protections To Venezuelan Immigrants?
Trump Administration Ends Talks With California Over Fuel Standards
Father Of Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS Sues Trump Administration
House Dems Introduce Measure To Stop Trump's Emergency Declaration
FDA Plans To Update Sunscreen Regulations
SpaceX Launches First Privately Funded Lunar Mission
White House Says It Will Keep 200 Troops In Syria
UK Says Key Trade Deals Won't Be Ready By Brexit Day
Former Trump Campaign Chairman To Be Sentenced For Fraud
Always Listening: Privacy In The Era Of Alexa And Smart Toilets
Move Towards National Popular Vote Gains Momentum
IRS Analyst Charged With Leaking Michael Cohen's Bank Records
Google Didn't Notify Users Its Nest Alarm System Has A Microphone
Oregon On Track To Impose State-Wide Rent Control Law
Oakland Teachers Strike For Pay Raise, Better Work Conditions
This Is Why You're Hearing So Much About Alfonso CuarĂ³n's Film 'Roma'
With ISIS On Backfoot, Focus Is Now On Foreigners Who Joined Group
Actor Jussie Smollett Posts Bond After Judge Sets Bail At $100,000
More Than 1 Million Californians Don't Have Safe Drinking Water
President Trump's Claim About Uncontrolled Chain Migration Is Wrong
North Carolina Election Board Orders A New 9th District Election
Judge Expands Roger Stone's Gag Order After Instagram Post
Trump, Kim Summit To Focus On Four Priorities
Meet the 20-Year-Old Woman On Her Second Pacemaker
Report Says The Number Of Hate Groups Across The US Is Rising
Federal Agencies Subpoena Johnson & Johnson Over Baby Powder Safety
Jason Rezaian On How The US Treated Jamal Khashoggi's Murder
Judge Delays Michael Cohen's Prison Surrender Date
Florida Gov. Proposes Importing Cheaper Prescription Drugs From Canada
Biopics Are Pretty Formulaic, And 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Is No Exception
Mike Pompeo Rules Out Senate Run In Kansas
Virginia Gov. Backs Out Of Event After Students Ask Him Not To Go
'A Star Is Born': A Film Remade For Every Generation Since 1937
Pope Francis Calls For 'Concrete' Actions Against Sex Abuse
NYC Admits To Filing False FEMA Claims After Superstorm Sandy
Multi-Building Fire Kills Dozens In Bangladesh
Up For Debate: Should We Bring Extinct Creatures Back To Life?
Debunking The Link Between Refund Checks And Total Taxes Paid
Washington Post Lawsuit Puts Libel Law Into Focus
Coast Guard Lieutenant Was Allegedly Planning Mass Killing
Report Says Migrant Families Still Being Separated At US-Mexico Border
The Contentious Business Of Holding ICE Prisoners In County Jails
What Can Other Cities Learn From Amazon And New York City's Breakup?
3 British Lawmakers Have Quit The Conservative Party Over Brexit
CNN: DOJ Is Preparing For Possible Release Of Mueller Report
The Lasting Impacts And Goals Of Teaching Black History
Swiss Bank Gets Hit With $5B Penalty For Tax Evasion Scheme
Report: White House Panel Will Study Climate Change, National Security
CTE Was First Identified In 1928. It's Only Now Being Understood.
Border Wall Emergency Could Make Things Worse For Endangered Species
What's Herd Immunity, And Why Does It Matter?
Ethics Watchdog Says Wilbur Ross Inaccurately Reported Stock Holdings
Government Admits Some Private Groups Can Access Terrorist Watch List
Southwest Cancels Hundreds Of Flights Over An 'Operational Emergency'
Maryland AG Says State Could Lose $513M In Military Funding For Wall
For Presidents, One Brain Region Helps Campaign, One Helps Govern
First Mammal Confirmed Extinct Due To Climate Change
SCOTUS Rules Ban On Excessive Fines Applies To States
Microsoft Says Hackers Targeted European Organizations
Federal Government May Have To Enforce Stricter Vaccine Laws
Nicholas Sandmann Files Defamation Lawsuit Against The Washington Post
Putin Threatens To Target US If Missiles Are Launched In Europe
Oregon May Drop Voting Age To 16
US Pushes To End Global Criminalization Of Homosexuality
Minimum-Wage Workers In Illinois Are Getting A Raise
Govt. Canceling Federal Funds For California's High-Speed Rail Grants
Trump To Nominate Jeffrey Rosen As Deputy Attorney General
'Not A Catholic Problem': A Survivor Of Sex Abuse Speaks Out
Why 'The Carlton' And The 'Milly Rock' Can't Legally Be Copyrighted
Trump Calls Report He Tried To Interfere In Investigation 'Fake News'
West Virginia Teachers Will Continue To Strike Wednesday
Bernie Sanders Faces New Hurdles in 2020
Kashmir Attack Could Spark Armed Conflict Between India And Pakistan
NYT: Vatican Has Covert Rules For Priests Who Have Fathered Children
Washington Roundup: Focus On Congress After Emergency Declaration
How Facebook's Fake News Fight Helped Circulate Vaccine Misinformation
President Trump Moves Closer To Creating A US Space Force
Maduro Says Russia Has Sent 300 Tons Of Humanitarian Aid To Venezuela
Elizabeth Warren Proposes Sweeping Universal Child Care Program
US Lawmakers Want To Question Facebook About Closed Group Privacy
EU Parliament Committee Encourages Start Of US Trade Negotiations
House To Investigate Push To Sell Nuclear Power Tech To Saudi Arabia
FAA Investigates Southwest Airlines For Baggage Weight Miscalculations