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Ireland Plans To Offer Free Abortions
Study Finds US Overdose Deaths Have Been Increasing For Decades
Foreign Hackers Targeted Senators' Personal Gmail Accounts
Life Insurance Company Offers Lower Rates In Exchange For Health Data
HHS Plans To Divert Health Program Funding To House Detained Children
This Claim About Rep. Chabot's Record Could Use Some Context
Was Puerto Rico's Power Grid Really 'Dead' Before Maria?
Michael Cohen Has Reportedly Spoken With Mueller Probe Several Times
Russian Efforts In Macedonia Latest Attempt To Influence Balkans
Google Says Third-Party Apps Can Still Access Gmail User Data
Retired Judge To Review New York Catholic Church's Sex Abuse Policies
Does American-Style Democracy Work In The Middle East?
Christine Blasey Ford Is Willing To Testify Next Week, But Not Monday
Report: Germany Approved Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia Despite Ban
UK Regulators Hit Equifax With A Fine That Isn't As Big As You'd Think
Where We Will — And Won't — See Trump This Campaign Season
Spanish Official Says Trump Told Him To Build A Wall On The Sahara
Jason Van Dyke Faces Murder In A City That Rarely Convicts Its Police
Mark Cuban To Donate $10M After Report On Mavericks Organization
World Anti-Doping Agency Lifts Ban On Russia
Undercover Reporters Find Ticketmaster Colluding With Scalpers
Florence Risks Worse Pollution Than Previous Hurricanes
More Detroit Schools Test Positive For Copper, Lead In Drinking Water
Girls Are Better Readers and Writers Than Boys, Study Says
Another Landslide Hits The Philippines
3 Victims Killed In Workplace Shooting At Rite Aid Warehouse
Puerto Rico's Governor Is Making A Case For Statehood
Over $200,000 Raised For Christine Blasey Ford's Security Costs
Senate Showdown: Meet The Players From Texas
UN Report Says Cocaine Production In Colombia At All Time High
Up For Debate: Is Social Media Good For Democracy?
Scientists Use Elephant Tusk DNA In Hopes Of Catching Ivory Smugglers
Embattled Lawmaker Confirms He's Running For Re-election In New York
Japanese PM Shinzo Abe Wins Party Election In Landslide Victory
Third Inter-Korean Summit Ends With Highly Symbolic Mountain Visit
Catholic Bishops Conference Gives Plans To Fight Abuse In The Church
Sen. Grassley Sets Friday Deadline For Kavanaugh Accuser To Respond
Astronomers Discover Planet Where Vulcan From 'Star Trek' Would Be
Senate Passes Bill That Would Modernize Music Rules In The Digital Age
United Nations Warns Of Looming Famine In Yemen
Study Links Air Pollution To Higher Risk Of Dementia
Delta Raises Checked Bag Fee, Matching Competitors
No, Anderson Cooper Didn't Fake Floodwater Depths
By Next Year, Almost Half Of All Cellphone Calls May Be Scams
North And South Korea Are Making Progress On Everything But Nukes
Trump Visits Storm-Damaged Areas In The Carolinas
Former Prime Minister Of Pakistan Has Been Freed From Prison
Reports: The Army May Still Be Looking To Expel Immigrant Recruits
The EU Wants To Know If Amazon Uses Third-Party Data To Its Advantage
Sen. Grassley Trying To Convince Kavanaugh Accuser To Testify
The Complicated History Of The Captain Marvel(s)
Orioles Make History With Braille Uniform
Former Malaysian PM Arrested, Faces Even More Charges In 1MDB Scandal
Can President Trump Control The Justice Department?
Number Of People Living In Extreme Poverty Hits New Low
Trump To Hill TV: 'I Don't Have An Attorney General'
Trump Administration Rolls Back Another Climate Rule
After Florence, Long Clean Up Now Begins in New Bern
Ireland Officially Overturns Abortion Ban
Report: Trump Admin. Lost Track of Almost 1,500 Migrant Children
Los Angeles On Track To Ban The Sale Of Fur
FDA Warns Of 'Disturbingly Sharp Rise' In E-Cigarette Use Among Teens
UN Report Calls Myanmar Human Rights Violations 'Gravest Crimes'
Poland Offers Unique Incentive For Permanent US Military Base
Lawsuit Filed Against Columbia Gas After Explosions In Massachusetts
North Korea Vows To Close Key Missile Test Site
Kavanaugh Accuser Wants FBI To Investigate Allegations
Brooklyn Diocese Agrees To Pay $27.5 Million Sexual Abuse Settlement
'Dark Money' Groups Will Now Have To Reveal Their Donors
Florence's Death Toll Rises As Floods Threaten Carolinas
ACLU Accuses Facebook Of Allowing Gender-Biased Job Postings
Credit Card Companies Agree To Class-Action Settlement Over Swipe Fees
Checking Your Phone All The Time? Going Grayscale Might Fix That
Tesla Faces Justice Department Investigation Over Musk's Tweets
Senate Passes Spending Bill With No Border Wall Funding
How Rising Seas Made Florence's Flooding Worse
The Complicated Blame Game Surrounding A Russian Plane Crash
More Senators On The Fence After Abuse Allegations Against Kavanaugh
Space Force Estimated To Cost $13 Billion Over 5 Years
Many Foster Kids Get Psychiatric Meds Without Proper Plan, Follow-Up
Georgia To Keep Using Electronic Voting Machines In Midterms
Social Media Can Help And Hurt In Florence's Aftermath
EU Opens Investigation Into Possible Auto Emissions Collusion
The Lab: Here's Why We Respond To Mean People ... And Robots
Right To Privacy Leads South African Court To Legalize Marijuana
Argentina's Former President Indicted — Yet Again
Julie Chen Leaves 'The Talk' After Husband Steps Down As CEO Of CBS
Facebook Rolls Out New Political Campaign Security Feature
China Retaliates Against The US With More Tariffs
Apple Watch And AirPods Dodge New Tariffs
Amazon And Netflix Make History At The 2018 Emmy Awards
US Air Force Says It Wants To Increase Personnel Numbers 24% By 2030
Flynn Could Finally Be Sentenced For Lying To Investigators
Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill Tackling Opioid Crisis
Trump Orders DOJ To Declassify Multiple Russia Documents
Senate Committee To Hold Hearing Over Kavanaugh Assault Allegations
Trump Announces New Tariffs On $200 Billion In Chinese Goods
State Department Slashes Number Of Refugees Allowed Into The US
Machines Will Handle More Workplace Tasks Than People By 2025
Brett Kavanaugh Accusations Echo A Previous High-Profile SCOTUS Saga