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My first president

Voting in a presidential election for the first time is a big deal. It's a sign of adulthood and a chance to influence the future of the country. That's what makes "My First President" special.

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reader stories

I turned 18 years old in 1972. My oldest brother was home from Vietnam, we were in a deep recession, there was gas rationing. It was Nixon vs. McGovern, and I voted for the first time. I voted for George McGovern. Richard Nixon was the president. Gerald Ford [became] vice president. Nixon resigned in 1974. They were very tenuous times.

Patsy Rauch, Viewer

My first president was Barack Obama in 2008. I actively canvassed for him and believed fully that the Democratic Party was truly progressive. It was a beautiful time in my life, filled with teenage naivety. Now looking back, I'm not sure I would still have voted for him knowing what I know now. I feel as though he has done things as president that I can't stand for, for instance pushing hard for the TPP. Now, as I am much more informed, I am strongly advocating for Jill Stein. I think it is so important for this new generation of voters to be informed of ALL the candidates in this election and not just the two mainstream choices.

Andrue Goins, Musician in Virginia

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