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International Space Station

What Will Happen When The International Space Station Crashes

The International Space Station is huge and orbits at nearly 5 miles a second. Eventually we'll have no choice but to crash it into Earth.


1:13Code used in the Locky ransomware that locks computers
Christiaan Colen / CC BY SA 2.0

Ransomware Is Shutting Off Essential Services Across Major US Cities

0:38Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Getty Images

Apple CEO Tim Cook Criticizes Facebook Over The Data Scandal

1:24A woman uses her cellphone in front of the U.S. Supreme Court
Getty Images

Newly Passed Act Weakens Web Privacy, Wrecks Microsoft Court Case

1:21Woman walks in front of Facebook logo
Getty Images / Sean Gallup

Facebook Users Are Suddenly Realizing How Far Data Collection Goes

0:47Facebook's new settings menu

Facebook Debuts Revamped Privacy Settings After Data Scandal

3:18Woman looks at a human brain
Getty Images

Skip The Self-help — Research Says Your Personality Is Mostly Genetic

Getty Images

FDA Sued For Delaying Review Of Nicotine Products Appealing To Kids

1:22A rendering of Tiangong-1 re-entering the atmosphere
The Aerospace Corporation

Why It's Hard To Know Where Or When China's Space Station Will Crash

0:40Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg Has Decided To Testify Before Congress, Report Says

0:59A man rides a hoverboard at the 2016 CeBIT digital technology trade fair
Getty Images / Sean Gallup

Hoverboards Cause Thousands of Injuries Annually, But Not By Exploding

0:43Facebook's 'Like' symbol
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FTC Confirms It's Investigating Facebook's Data Practices

0:41Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes For Facebook Data Scandal In Newspaper Ads

0:51Artist concept of Tiangong-1
China Manned Space Agency

Cover Your Head: China's First Space Lab Is About To Fall To Earth

0:58Facebook users
Getty Images

Facebook Reportedly Collected Some Users' Messaging And Call Histories

1:13Apple CEO Tim Cook
Getty Images

Apple's CEO Says The Tech Sector Needs More Privacy Regulation

0:53Deforestation in Brazil
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Almost Everywhere Researchers Look, Biodiversity Is In Decline

0:54President Donald Trump
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The New Federal Budget Has A Bunch Of New Money For Science Research

0:40Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

Lawmakers Ask Zuckerberg To Testify About Data Scandal

1:33The Facebook logo reflected in an eye
Getty Images

Advertising Data Is Getting Turned Into A Political Tool

1:05Example of Locky ransomware that was released in 2016
Christiaan Colen / CC BY SA 2.0

Scientists Willingly Got Hacked To Create A Map Of Ransomware Attacks

0:51Flu shot

CDC: Flu Activity Is Down, But The B Strain Virus Is Making Rounds

Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook
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Americans Suck At Naming Female Tech Leaders, Survey Finds

Getty Images

CrossFit, SoulCycle, FlyWheel: Fitness Brands Or Ready-Made Identity?

0:54Uber car
Getty Images

Police Release Footage Of Uber Crash Amid Self-Driving Car Concerns

The Earth's light sources as seen from space
NASA Earth Observatory

During Earth Hour, Consider Turning Off Idle Electronics

1:29Two men in a boat collect lost fishing nets
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Has Even More Garbage Than We Thought

0:45YouTube logo
Getty Images

YouTube Will Start Cracking Down On Some Firearm Videos

0:42Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

Zuckerberg Says He'd Testify Before Congress If It's 'Right Thing'

2:18Facebook news feed

Algorithms Pretty Much Have Us Figured Out — Just Open Your News Feed

0:54The path of Tiangong-1
The Aerospace Corportation

A Satellite Is Falling From Space, And No One Knows Where It Will Land