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Single Fathers Are At Higher Risk For Health Concerns

"The Day Ahead" takes a look at the growing number of single fathers in the U.S. and the effect being a single parent has on their long-term health.


2:53A doctor holds an intrauterine device
Newsy / Andrew Shafer

How IUDs Became One Of Doctors' Top Contraceptive Choices

2:39Hands pull a stretchy, self healing hydrogel.
2018 KAUST

3D Printing And Stretchable Skin Gel Could Change How We Heal Wounds

0:50Honey Smacks cereal
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

CDC: Multistate Salmonella Outbreak Linked To A Kellogg's Cereal

0:53Lion in South Africa
Getty Images

Study Says Some Animals Are Becoming More Nocturnal To Avoid Humans

1:27construction in Miami
Getty Images

Coastal Real Estate Is Already Feeling The Costs Of Sea Level Rise

0:41Walgreens Pharmacy
Getty Images

Walgreens Is The Target Of A New Opioid-Related Lawsuit

1:00Apple iPhone
Getty Images

Apple May Be Making It Harder For Law Enforcement To Get iPhone Data

2:02Equipment from an AT&T mobile telephone switching office
Getty Images / John W. Adkisson

The US' National Broadband Map Could Be Further Hurt By AT&T's Merger

Getty Images

Study: Over One-Third Of Adults Take Meds Linked To Depression Risk

1:33A tractor in a field of crops
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Just 100 Nuke Detonations Could Cause Worldwide Food Shortages

2:42Karrisa Mickelson of Iowa, 11, saved and raised money to get Daisy Anguiano, who is fighting cancer, an American Girl doll.
Nebraska Medicine

An 11-Year-Old Stranger Bought $115 Doll For Girl Fighting Rare Cancer

Getty Images

The Maker Of OxyContin Is The Target Of Yet Another Lawsuit

3:01Angelia Jolie, like many women, made the decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy
Getty Images

Pop Culture Is Influencing Women's Breast Cancer Decisions


Study: US Toddlers Are Getting Too Much Sugar Too Early

2:31A farmers market worker handing an apple to a customer
Pixabay / Pexels

Doctors Are Prescribing Food As Medicine

2:04A map of Earth with ocean floor features
Reto Stöckli, NASA Earth Observatory

Making A Detailed Map Of Earth's Oceans Is Harder Than It Looks

0:58Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai.
Getty Images

Net Neutrality Rules Are Officially Coming To An End

0:48Mixed melon
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

At Least 60 People Sick After Eating Potentially Contaminated Melon

0:35Flu shot
Getty Images

CDC: The Past Flu Season Broke A Record For Pediatric Deaths

0:43Coal power plant
Getty Images

Carbon Dioxide Levels In The Atmosphere Hit Record High In 2018

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Getty Images

Facebook Automatically Set 14 Million Users' Posts To Public

1:01The "Google" logo is projected on a man's face
Getty Images

Google Won't Use AI For Weapons Or For Surveillance 'Violating Norms'

2:12A miner handles coal in West Virginia
Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Why Trump's Administration Made Coal Plants A National Security Issue

1:29The Curiosity rover
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

There's Still No Life On Mars — But The Odds Are Getting Better

0:34Bottle of opioid medication
Getty Images

The White House Is Launching Ads To Help Prevent Youth Opioid Abuse

0:51Person taking out a menthol cigarette
Getty Images

San Francisco Voters Uphold Ban On Sale Of Flavored Tobacco Products

2:05Hurricane Harvey

Hurricanes May Be Getting Slower, Making Them Even More Destructive

0:58Kilauea volcano lava
U.S. Geological Survey

Why Are The Kilauea And Fuego Volcano Eruptions So Different?

0:57A geyser erupts
U.S. Geological Survey

Why Does Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Keep Erupting?

2:15New Apple iOS 12 digital health update

Apple's Tools To Manage Screen Time Are A Step In The Right Direction