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Fracking in California

Interior Department Rescinds Obama-Era Fracking Regulations

Oil and gas industry groups welcomed the decision, but environmentalists are leery.


2:26A shopper chooses Granny Smith apples at a supermarket in China.
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Why Our Food Has Fewer Nutrients Than Ever Before

0:55Charging iPhone

Apple Just Apologized For Its Battery Controversy

1:40A visual representation of bitcoins alongside US dollars
Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

Bitcoin Took A Wild, Volatile Ride In 2017

2:25Demonstrators rally outside the Federal Communication Commission building to protest the end of net neutrality rules
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How Getting Rid Of Net Neutrality Will Change The Way You Click

1:53Atlas robot in 2015
Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

2017 Proved Clumsy Bipedal Robots Could Be A Thing Of The Past

1:17Twitter timeline

Twitter Is Too Big For The Library Of Congress To Archive

1:24Gamers play "World of Warcraft"
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'Gaming Disorder' Is Going To Be Classified As A Real Illness

0:40Haven app on phone.
Freedom of the Press Foundation

Edward Snowden's 'Haven' Turns Androids Into Portable Security Devices

0:55Migrants off the coast of Italy
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Hotter Temperatures Likely Means More Asylum Seekers For Europe

0:42iPhone 7 sits on a table
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People Are Suing Apple After It Admitted To Slowing Down Older iPhones

1:27Rocket launch

Private Space Industry's Ambitious 2018 Might Make Up For A Slow 2017

0:29Google official Eric Schmidt
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Alphabet's Eric Schmidt To Step Down As Executive Chairman

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Life Expectancy In The US Drops Again

:48Facebook video of "related articles" tool

Facebook Is Getting Rid Of Its 'Fake News' Flags

:49Artists concepts of two robotics mission ideas.

NASA Has Two Very Different Robotics Missions To Choose From

1:53Smoke coming from factory
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How Earth Science Fared During Trump's First Year In Office

0:50Apple CEO Tim Cook.
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Apple Can Thank Reddit For Discovering The Truth About iPhone Speed

1:04The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
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Alaska's Biggest Wildlife Refuge Has More Oil Than We Need Right Now

1:06Three portraits of robots that Japanese engineers created
Asano, Okada, Inaba, Sci. Robot. 2, eaaq0899

These Exercising Robots Could Help Other Bots Move More Like Humans

:38Rep. Marsha Blackburn.
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Does This Republican's Plan Do Enough To Protect The Internet?

0:42An internet ad
Coalition for Better Ads

Google Chrome Is Going To Start Blocking Obstructive Ads

0:40Scientist looking at cells
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Government Now Supports Experiments To Make Viruses More Deadly

1:14Steam and exhaust exit from the chemical company Oxea (front) and the coking plant KBS Kokereibetriebsgesellschaft Schwelgern
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Why Is Climate Change No Longer Considered A National Security Threat?

0:42A podium with the logo for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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CDC Director Says There Are 'No Banned Words'

0:38A Soyuz spacecraft's launch to the ISS Sunday

Reinforcements Heading To The International Space Station

0:56An artist's depiction of the asteroid that floated into our solar system in early October
European Southern Observatory / M. Kornmesser

How Astronomers Determined A Mysterious Asteroid Isn't A Spaceship

0:42Facebook promotes new "Snooze" feature

Facebook's New Feature Will Help You Temporarily Avoid That One Friend

1:04A NASA visualization of 2016 temperature extremes

Research Shows Climate Changes That Only Humans Could Cause

3:44A "League of Legends" player at his keyboard
Newsy Staff

Varsity Gamers: The Dream

1:33People protest for net neutrality
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What Happens Next In The Fight For Net Neutrality?