A planet orbiting in a two-star system.

How Hidden Stars Can Mess Up Our Search For Other Habitable Planets

NASA has now realized hidden stars may have caused it to underestimate the size of some planetary candidates it's already found.


0:58Researchers had been monitoring a big crack in the Larsen C ice shelf for more than a decade.

One Of The Biggest Icebergs Ever Has Broken Away From Antarctica

1:02People look at a computer

Microsoft Wants To Fix Rural America's Internet Issues

1:24A tower of fire ants
Georgia Tech

Fire Ants Can Build Roiling Ant Towers To Get Around

1:32Congressmen discuss net neutrality.
Getty Images

AT&T Surprises Everyone And Joins Pro-Net Neutrality 'Day Of Action'

1:20People use VR headsets
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Oculus Rift Price Drop Could Mean Tough Times Ahead For The VR Set

1:11A man and a woman walk on the street
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New Study Finds Gender Gap In Physical Activity And Obesity Rates

0:58Coast of Miami as seen from the water
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

One US Region Is Expected To Take The Brunt Of Climate Change Costs

3:06A half-organic, half-artificial brain
Newsy staff

What Will It Take To Create An Artificial Brain?

1:58Two polar bears on snowy terrain
Skeeze / CC0

Scientists Can't Agree If We're Really In A Mass Extinction

0:53Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones
Butler County Sheriff's Office

One Ohio Sheriff Says His Deputies Won't Carry Anti-Overdose Drug

1:40U.K. press reacts to Trump presidency
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The UK Press Association Wants Robots To Write The News

1:31Designs for Facebook's "Willow Campus."

Facebook And Google Campuses Are Idyllic — But At What Cost?

1:04Bear walks through Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park
Neal Herbert / CC BY 1.0

Hunter Baits Might Be A Good Chunk Of Bears' Diets

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Microsoft Lays Off Thousands To Focus On Cloud Services

1:11Vials of Priorix, Synflorix and Hexyon vaccines
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Kids In France Will Have To Get About 4 Times As Many Shots Now

1:05A shot of Mars' surface taken by Odyssey
Getty Images / NASA / Arizona State University

Mars' Toxic Surface May Prevent Humans From Living There

1:10sprinklers on a farm
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A G-20 Challenge: How Do We Get More Food From Less Water?

1:17Clothing display at a Zara store
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Rayon May Be Cheap, But The Factories That Make It Are Harmful

1:28Astronaut takes samples from an asteroid

NASA's 'DART' Program Could Prevent Asteroids From Hitting Earth

0:46A black palm cockatoo perches on a branch
Laura Wolf / CC BY 2.0

These Percussive Cockatoos March To The Beat Of Their Own Drum

1:10NASA's Juno spacecraft
NASA / JPL-Caltech

What Have We Learned In The Year Juno Has Orbited Jupiter?

1:14Drivers sit in traffic on a highway in Chicago
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Traffic Jams Are Pesky, But Scientists Say They Know How To Stop Them

0:45Tesla Model 3

The Long Wait For The Tesla Model 3 Is Almost Over

1:20Ruins in Rome, Italy
Graham H / CC0

Roman Cement Is Stronger Thanks To 2,000 Years of Seawater Exposure

1:13A model of a woolly mammoth is displayed in the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada
Flying Puffin / CC by SA 2.0

PayPal Founder Invests $100,000 To Bring Back The Woolly Mammoth

0:58President Trump shows off the executive order recreating the National Space Council.
The White House

President Trump Is Getting Serious About Exploring Space

1:18Teammates high-five during a Super League Gaming Tournament
Super League Gaming

$15 Million Investment Levels Up Esport Company 'Super League Gaming'

1:05The remains of a home smolders after a wildfire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.
Getty Images

Tennessee Drops Case Against Teens Accused Of Causing Deadly Wildfire

0:47A drone is flown recreationally in New York
Getty Images / Bruce Bennett

Seed-Bombing Drones Could Be A Speedy Solution For Reforestation

1:16Artist's impression of asteroids passing Earth

Asteroid Day Reminds Us We Haven't Found All The Nearby Space Rocks