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Girls wakes up to an alarm clock

Study Links Lack of Sleep In Teens To Increased Risky Behavior

The less sleep teens get, the more likely they are to engage in risky behavior such as drug use, according to a new study.


2:58Dinosaur skeleton
Getty Images

Think An Asteroid Killed The Dinosaurs? Some Scientists Aren't So Sure

1:22Demonstrators rally outside the Federal Communication Commission building
Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

The DOJ's California Lawsuit Could Shape The Future Of Net Neutrality

0:47The Facebook app displayed on the home screen of an iPhone
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EU Regulators Could Slap Facebook With $1.6B Fine After Data Breach

2:40Interstate 40 in North Carolina covered in floodwater.
North Carolina Department of Transportation

What A Bird's-Eye View Can Tell Us About Flood Devastation

1:14Cars cross the golden gate bridge
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Trump Admin. Recognizes Climate Change In Debate Over Fuel Standards

1:01Media handout photo of Eli Lilly and Company's migraine preventive injection drug Emgality
Eli Lilly and Company

FDA Approves Another Migraine Drug That Might Not Cost A Lot...For Now

0:45A person holds an iPhone displaying the Facebook app logo in front of a computer screen showing the facebook login page
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Facebook Security Breach Affected 50 Million Accounts

1:07Oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill washes ashore in Alabama
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Trump Administration Relaxes Oil and Gas Production Rules

4:26Using your debit or credit card can provide a lot of information to a data broker.
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Is Your Health Profile For Sale?

1:24An endangered dusky gopher frog
John A. Tupy, Western Carolina University / USFWS / USDA

If Confirmed, Kavanaugh's First Case May Alter Endangered Species Act

10:57A Samsung and Apple smartphone are displayed on August 6, 2014 in London, England.
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Going Black-And-White On Your Phone Might Not Be A Bad Idea

1:37Two men use iPhones inside an Apple store
Getty Images / Carl Court

Big Tech Wants A Say In How New Data Protection Rules Get Made

1:23Children lay under a table at a market in the community of Immokalee, Florida.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

How Growing Up In Poverty Affects The Adult Brain

0:43Attorney General Jeff Session
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DOJ Holds Closed-Door Meeting As Tech Firms Face The Senate

0:58Pregnant woman plays with child
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Number Of Babies Born With Syphilis Reached A 20-Year High Last Year

1:00Tinder app on smartphone screen.
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Tinder Offers Women In India More Control With New 'My Move' Feature

1:01Grizzly bear
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Judge Overturns Rule That Would've Allowed Grizzly Bear Hunts

0:44Person smokes an e-cigarette in New York City in 2014
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The FDA Might Ban Online E-Cigarette Sales

0:51Google CEO Sundar Pichai
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Google's CEO Is Finally Going To Testify Before Congress

0:48Facebook on a computer screen
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Lawsuit Alleges Facebook Failed To Protect Employees From Trauma

2:29El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park
Alex Demas, U.S. Geological Survey

Climate Change Hits National Parks Harder Than Anywhere Else In The US

0:46Porsche's Mission E Cross Turismo 2018, the company's electric Cross Utility Vehicle

Porsche Drops Diesel-Powered Cars

1:23A manager of a medical marijuana dispensary fills a marijuana prescription.
Kevork Djansezian/ Getty Images

How A Mom's Pot Use May Affect Their Child's Own Use

0:51Man watching a Twitch livestream on monitor.
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Twitch Streaming Suddenly Blocked In China

2:20Man scans items in a warehouse
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Our Data Is Out There — And We Aren't Doing Much To Protect It

1:01RemoveDEBRIS net capturing space junk
University of Surrey

A Net Just Successfully Captured Space Junk

1:24United Nations flag blows in the wind in front of the UN German headquarters in 2006
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Most UN Countries Won't Meet Goal Of Cutting Premature Deaths By 2030

1:02A study published by the World Health Organization says over three million people died from alcohol consumption in 2016.
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Study: 1 In Every 20 People Died From Harmful Use Of Alcohol In 2016

0:37A discarded plastic straw lies on a beach.
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California Bans Plastic Straws In Restaurants

1:15A man holding a syringe to use for heroin.
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Study Finds US Overdose Deaths Have Been Increasing For Decades